Authorities Directed To Clean 11 Tributaries Of Nullah Lai Before Monsoon Rains

Authorities directed to clean 11 tributaries of Nullah Lai before monsoon rains

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 20th Jun, 2021 ) :The authorities concerned have been directed to complete all arrangements for cleaning 11 tributaries of Nullah Lai before beginning of expected monsoon rains is to be started from last week of this month, according to Meteorological Department. month.

According to a Commissioner Office spokesperson, the Commissioner directed the officers to complete the task as soon as possible as there was always a threat of flood in low-lying areas which needs to be minimized by clearing the garbage heaps so that flow of water could be improved in Nullah Lai and its main tributaries.

He directed the Rawalpindi Waste Management Company (RWMC) and WASA officers to pay special attention to other vulnerable areas including Ratta Amral, Katariyaan, Dhoke Najju, Tipu Road, Gawalmandi, Zai ul Haq Colony and other areas.

He also instructed RWMC to clear garbage heaps from all areas of the city as well as the solid waste dumped in Nullahs which not only increases flood threat but causes environmental hazards as well.

Moreover, he said, Municipal Corporation and WASA would be held accountable for any kind of encroachment at the banks of the tributaries.

Syed Gulzar Hussain Shah said that through disaster management training, the administration could curtail the level of damages in natural disasters by adopting necessary safety measures so there is a dire need to spread awareness among masses in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Chief Officer, Metropolitan Corporation, Rawalpindi had directed the encroachers to remove all types of encroachments from banks of Nullah Lai and adjoining areas on their own and move to safer places.

The instructions issued to the encroachers through notices that heavy rains during the monsoon season increase the risk of urban flooding and could cause severe damage to lives and properties. The encroachers had also been warned that administration would not be responsible for any financial or loss of life during rains. Action would also be taken against the violators if they do not remove illegal structures.