Begum Perveen Sarwar Spearheading Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign In Punjab

Begum Perveen Sarwar spearheading Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign in Punjab

Begum Perveen Sarwar, wife of Punjab Governor, is spearheading the "Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign" across Punjab

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Oct, 2021 ) :Begum Perveen Sarwar, wife of Punjab Governor, is spearheading the "Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign" across Punjab.

Breast Cancer Awareness Seminars are being conducted in educational institutes especially colleges and universities to raise awareness among young women regarding the prevention, detection and treatment of Breast Cancer.

An event regarding breast cancer awareness will be held at Governor House.

Talking to the media here on Tuesday, Begum Perveen Sarwar, who is also President of Punjab Girls Guides Association Punjab, said that Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign has been launched across Punjab including Lahore. In this regard, awareness seminars have been organized at Government Degree College, Islampura, Lahore, Government Degree College, Choona Mandi, Government Degree College, Shahkot and many other educational institutions.

The seminars were also attended by gynecologists who provided information to young female students about breast cancer and teach them five-minute self-examination that can play a crucial role in timely diagnosis, adding that these seminars are very helpful in removing the taboo about breast cancer. There should be no shame in talking about a disease that claims over 40,000 deaths every year in the country.

Begum Perveen Sarwar said that Pakistan has the highest breast cancer rate in Pakistan. The only way to reduce the prevalence of this disease is mass awareness. Women should be informed that cancer can be treated and the survival rate increases if it is timely diagnosed. "We are teaching five-minute self-examination to young female students so that they share this message with their mothers, sisters and friends," she added.

Appreciating the role of Girl Guides in awareness campaigns, she said, "Being President of Punjab Girl Guides, I am pleased to see the commendable role Girl Guides play in creating awareness that can save many precious lives." Talking about the inadequate facilities in rural areas for women health, Begum Perveen Sarwar said that it was very important to extend awareness regarding breast cancer in rural areas.

Sarwar Foundation organizes free medical camps regularly particularly in backward areas where lady doctors provide counseling to rural women, she mentioned and asserted, "Our aim is to reduce breast cancer incidences in Pakistan and save women from this disease." She further said that all women should make a pledge to takeout five minutes for themselves and do a self-examination every month.