Desecration Of Holy Quran In Norway: Omar Dabba Decides Not To Plead Guilty


Desecration of Holy Quran in Norway: Omar Dabba decides not to plead guilty

Omar Dabba, hero of millions of Muslims across the world describes the whole scene and the role of local police, openly saying that they stopped desecration of Holy Quran in Norway.

LAHORE: (Urdu Point/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Nov 23rd, 2019) In a fresh example of courage and bravery against Islamophobia in Norway, hero of millions of Muslims across the world Omar Dabba has decided not to plead guilty for his attempt to stop burning of Holy Quran, and stand determined to take it to the court.

According to exclusive information available with Pakistan Point, Hero of Muslim world Omar Dabba has said that he would stand for what he had done to protect the honor and respect of Holy Quran. He described the whole scene and how it happned and what they (he and other Muslims) did there in Norwegian languge on his Facebook account.

“I feel a strong need to share my thoughts and experience about what happened at Øvre Torv, Kristiansand on Saturday Nov 16. But I knew that for me it was necessary for the time to pass before I shared my thoughts . I don’t want to write anything in affect. Everything I say and everything I write I can stand for. It’s important to me,” wrote great hero Omar Dabba on his facebook page soon after the shocking incident in Kristiansand.

Dabba is chef at a Syrian Restaurant was fined by the local police for interrupting the anti-Islam rally. A video showing Omar Dabba making attempt to stop burning of Holy Quran went viral on social media. The social media hailed his bravery and courage.

“Dabba has decided not to plead guilty and will take the case to court,” said Omar Dabba.

On his Facebook page, he wrote: “Some thoughts are easy to write down while others are much more difficult. Difficult because there is so much more; difficult because there are many people involved with their thoughts and their feelings,”.

Omar also came down hard upon the role of media saying that “ Most of you would know about SIAN’s (Stop Islamization of Norway) demonstration at Øvre Torv on Saturday. And most people have probably also know how the media has portrayed what happened. For me and for many others, Muslims and non-Muslims, it is incredibly important to reveal the whole truth. And I will try to do that now,”. Omar Dabba also thanked everyone who stood beside him.

“First of all, thank you to everyone who showed up to show that we should not have hate and racism in our city! Thanks to all who chose to spend their time this Saturday to support us as the message was aimed. Thank you for all the love and support you showed us,”.

While referring to the tragic incident and the failure of the local police to stop the campaign of islam phobia, he said: “If the police had done as they would and respecting the ban on open fire, then this situation would not have escalated.

If the police had stopped Thorsen the moment they understood that he was actually going to burn the Qur'an, then we would not have had to do what we did.

He criticized the Norwegian police saying that “the police had time, lots of time. But they chose not to intervene. They chose to let SIAN break the law. They chose to wait for a response from us before intervening,”. In his message to his fans and followers on Facebook, he said “ I wish this post could make it possible to reproduce the beats it happened to create. An obvious consequence, after all, is that many are getting the impression that we are violent people. After all, all videos do show us running straight on Thorsen. Yes, we are kicking him. And I do not plan to apologize or explain that in any way. The video shows that we are reacting violently. But that doesn't mean we're violent people. This means that we are willing to describe what is important to us, despite the consequences we would have to face,”.

Omar went on to say that some might be disappointed for what they saw him doing in the video and some others might be angry or feeling disgusting but those who are close to him knew that those seconds could not define him who he was.

“There are people who now believe that I am violent, is something I have to live with. But I am not violent,” said Omar, adding that “we fled a country drowning in violence ( Syria) . We fled to a land of peace. Because it is a land of peace we want to live in,”.

He recalled the whole incident while analyzing it with the situation took place in Germany in early 1930s.

“That was the period when racism went from being a booming turmoil that boiled beneath the surface, to a firm foothold in society. It didn't start with gas chambers. It began with hateful speeches against minorities, and it began with book burnings,” he remembered.

He also said: “ I love freedom of speech in Norway. But, where is the limit for what should be protected by freedom of expression? Where does the border between religious criticism and mockery go? What is going to enlighten the people and what are hateful statements? It is impossible to define,”. He said he believed in open discussion on religions but it should productive and healthy discussion and not the hate and provocation.