Exchequer Faces Additional Burden Of Rs 5 Million Of CDA's Vehicles Expenditure


Exchequer faces additional burden of Rs 5 million of CDA's vehicles expenditure

Islamabad (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News / Online - 17th March, 2019) Country national exchequer was facing additional burden of Rs 5 million of CDA's vehicles expenditure.The inner sources stated that department board members were receiving heavy amount in the capacity on conveyance allowance despite of fact that they all have personal vehicles.On the other hand ad-hocism is the order of the day at the Capital Development Authority (CDA).

A large number of other deputationists also hold key posts. Sources stated that deputation officers of grade-20 and 21 have badly violated the civil servant rules.

They were allegedly receiving rupees one lekh and Rs 75000 respectively in the cover of conveyance amount.

CDA Board members included estate; finance and administration were involved in it.Officers from various government departments are working in the CDA on deputation. Many of them are working on higher posts than their original grades. Some have even occupied technical positions without having any relevant expertise.

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