Farmers Must Pay Special Attention To Removal Of Weeds


Farmers must pay special attention to removal of weeds

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 12th Aug, 2018 ) :Cotton growers have been advised to pay special attention to removal of weeds from the crop.

A spokesman for the department said on Sunday that flat fan nozzle should be used to carry out anti-weed spray and poisons, which could harm the crop and should be sprayed with the help of shield.

He also suggested to growers to irrigate the crop only if needed. "If attack of whitefly, thrips and other insects is witnessed, growers should carry out spray after consulting the staff of Agriculture Department of their respective area," he added.

Suitable time for cotton picking starts from 9am and workers must follow the guidelines during cotton picking so that farmers could get good price of their commodity.

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