'If I Had Powers I Would Have Killed Noor Mukadam’s Suspect,’ Sheikh Rashid Says


'If I had powers I would have killed Noor Mukadam’s suspect,’ Sheikh Rashid says

The Interior Minister has categorically said that they will not release the suspects in Noor Mukadam case

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-July 31st, 2021) Interior Minister Sheikh Rasheed said that if he had the powers he would have killed the suspect of Noor Mukadam case.

He expressed these words while addressing a ceremony in Islamabad on Saturday.

The Interior Minister said that they would not leave the suspects of Noor Mukadam case.

‘If I had the powers the I would have killed the suspect in Noor Mukadam case,” said Sheikh Rasheed.

“We will not let them [suspects] go in this case,” he added.

The social media reacted after his “irresponsible statement” on Noor Mukadam case.

He said he himself was attacked several times but escaped all these attacks.

“Life and death is in the control of Almighty Allah,” the Interior Minister said.

Talking about the general elections, Sheikh Rasheed said that the general elections would be held on time in 2023. He added that the politicians were talking about early elections but it must be understood that the PTI was appearing in better position.

He went on to say that they would make their government in Sindh in future.

“ I had already predicted that PPP will be second while the PML-N will be the third party in AJK elections,” he stated. He said that PM Khan knew who would be the next PM in AJK. He also said that the drivers whose taxies were used by the Afghan envoy’s daughter were released, because they all were innocent.