JI Lambastes Sindh Govt Over Alleged Mishandling Covid Vaccination, Lockdown


JI lambastes Sindh govt over alleged mishandling Covid vaccination, lockdown

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Aug, 2021 ) :Jamaat e Islami (JI) Karachi chief Engineer Hafiz Naeemur Rehman Sunday strongly condemned the Sindh government over what he called mishandling of coronavirus vaccination and its failure in maintaining standard operating procedures (SOPs) for coronavirus pandemic.

Engr Naeemur Rehman expressed his concerns after visiting coronavirus vaccination center established here at Expo Center, said a statement.

Speaking on the occasion, the JI leader said the Sindh government was taking measures over the situation without any deliberations.

He said at one hand the Sindh government talks about SOPs implementation, while on the other it failed in maintaining SOPs right outside the vaccination center.

He further said that thousands of people gathered outside the center but the provincial government did not make any arrangements to handle the situation.

The Sindh government, he said, had reportedly announced some 250 centers across the metropolis but did not properly spread the information and location of centers, forcing the masses to rush to the expo center.

The JI leader also condemned the Sindh government for the abruptly imposed lockdown without taking any measures to ensure the livelihood of laborers and daily wagers.

He said the PPP government imposed the lockdown just to enjoy and reaffirm its writ without taking ground realities into consideration.

He also demanded of the Sindh government to control the price of oxygen cylinders in Karachi. Further expressing his concern, he said that the prices have been increased by four times due to the negligence of the provincial government.