KU VC For Serious Efforts To Make Plantation Drive Successful

KU VC for serious efforts to make plantation drive successful

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 25th Aug, 2019 ) :Vice Chancellor of Karachi University, Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi here on Sunday said serious efforts were required to make the ongoing plantation drive successful across the country.

He urged masses to adopt young plants and ensure their protection and growth as their personal responsibility.

Addressing the students at Aiwan-e-Liaquat Girls Hostel, KU,he said the university known for its diversity is equally fortunate to have faculty members and experts who are authority in their respective subjects and it is with their help the tree plantation drive in the campus has been launched as part of national efforts for the cause.

He said that the tree plantation drive is a great initiative and very necessary for the environmental system as it would help in reducing the effect of global warming besides beautifying the surroundings and thus should be turned into a continuous process.

Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on the occasion also mentioned that KU has also launched first phase of "Landscape Project" under which around 1000 sapling will be planted from Silver Jubilee Gate to Azadi Chowk.

KU Registrar Professor Dr Shahzad Saleem and Dean, Faculty of Islamic Studies, Professor Dr Shahnaz Ghazi, Provost Girls Hostel Professor Dr Samina Saeed,Dr Sana Mughal and Aamir Iqbal Khan from Aspiration Clean Wave Pakistan and Feroz Khan and Daniyal Hussain from Pakistani Youth Organization, students and others attended the ceremony of tree plantation at girls hostel.

Emphasizing the importance of "Adopt a Plant or a Tree" exercise, Dr. Iraqi said he had seen and witnesses lot of plantation drive in the city during last 20 years but never saw any of them turning successful mainly because most of them were restricted to photo sessions and no serious efforts were made to make the metropolitan city as clean, green and beautiful.

He advised students to adopt young plants and also focus on protection of trees through proper vigilance and collective wisdom for which equal attention was needed to create public awareness about importance of trees and vegetation for their quality and healthy survival.

KU Registrar, Dr. Shahzad Saleem regretted that trees were frequently reported being chopped down from various locations and also that thousands of saplings were planted but due to poor planning and lack of care majority of them failed to survive hence causing absolute loss of resources and efforts.

Other speakers, attending the ceremony,urged the government to immediately ban tree cutting in order to promote healthy environment adding that plantation drives could only succeeded if there was seriousness on part of the authorities concerned.

It was unanimously agreed that every member of the society needed to play his/her role in advocating plantation and also owing the campaign so as to help achieve the goal of an environmental friendly society.

This would also benefit the coming generations as trees were signs of life and support the living system on earth.

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