Laying Of New Gas Supply Lines Underway To Overcome Low Pressure: GM SSGCL


Laying of new gas supply lines underway to overcome low pressure: GM SSGCL

HYDERABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 16th Jan, 2020 ) :The General Manager Sui Southern Gas Company Limited Abdul Waheed Jumani said outdated gas supply pipelines were causing low pressure, in this regard various development schemes of laying new supply lines were underway to overcome the issue.

Addressing a reception hosted in his honor by Hyderabad Chamber of Small Traders and Small Industry here at its secretariat on Wednesday, he said that after completion of the schemes of laying new pipelines, the company will be able to ensure gas supply with required pressure.

The supply of gas with low pressure was creating bad impact on company, however, the situation will be brought to normalcy after completion of the schemes, he said and added that in some localities, the company did not receive road cutting permission but the efforts are under way to start schemes of pipelines laying in these areas too.

The government has granted subsidy to domestic consumers but they have permitted to use the gas only for cooking meals and using geysers, he informed and added that the SSGGL withdrew the permission of using generators on gas therefore the gas usage for this purpose is an unlawful act.

He said though the connection of bread oven does not lies in commercial category but many persons are using such type of connection for commercial purpose therefore the company was issuing gas bills to them on commercial rates.

Using equipment for enhancing gas pressure was unethical therefore the domestic consumers should discourage such tendency, he said and added that SSGL cannot use the powers of the Police of conducting raids at such residence however it is up to neighbors to force such persons not to use gas enhancement equipment.

The President HCSTSI Daulat Ram Lohana in his welcome address highlighted the issue being faced by the people of Hyderabad particularly the business community due to gas supply with low pressure and called upon the General Manager SSGL to ensure supply of gas with approved gas pressure.

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