Police Guides Appointed At Police Stations To Smoothly Resolve Public Complaints


Police Guides appointed at police stations to smoothly resolve public complaints

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 6th Apr, 2021 ) :Islamabad police have taken a unique initiative to smoothly resolve the public complaints and deployed `Police Guides' to properly guide those visiting police stations.

Police Guides have been appointed at 22 police stations of Islamabad who would properly guide the visitors and ensure every possible assistance to them in police related matters.

The police constables are initially entrusted responsibilities as police guides who would lead the visitors to resolve their complaints.

The IGP Islamabad Qazi Jamil ur Rehman has termed the appointment of `Police Guides' as an important step towards changing the typical `thana culture'.

He said that interaction with visitors at police stations in a decent manner would help to improve the image of police and attitude of Police Guides and men at Front Desk would be of utmost importance in this regard.

The decent attitude with complainants would be helpful in inculcating friendly police ecology, the IGP said and urged the policemen to make best possible efforts to resolve the problems of citizens with honesty and efficient manner.

He said that complainants should feel secure themselves during visit of police stations rather than getting frightened.

The IGP said that 65 percent people visit police stations to get resolved their issues of minor nature.

He said that Station House Officers and Muharrars at police stations were also appointed after tests and interviews with an aim to change `thana culture' and ensure sobriety during dealing with public. Such steps, he said, would help to bridge gap between community and police.


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