Polio Vaccine Safest For Children: Mufti Abdul Shakoor

Polio vaccine safest for children: Mufti Abdul Shakoor

PESHAWAR, Jan 2 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 02nd Jan, 2017 ) : Ameer Jamiata Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) FATA Mufti Abdul Shakoor has categorically termed polio vaccine safe for children. In a statement issued here Monday, Mufti Abdul Shakoor said "I consider polio vaccine safest" and urge the parents not to listen to any rumors about it rather vaccinate their children every time polio vaccine was offered during every campaign.

He said similar was the opinion of all Ulema of stature and medical doctors that polio and all other vaccines were safe and causes no harm whatsoever to our children. He said during his press conference last week, he did ask the government to investigate the unfortunate deaths of kids and also find out why kids were falling sick.

He said that other potential elements having own maligned agendas might be trying to undermine the efforts of the government to eradicate polio from Pakistan and this should be investigated.

He said that parents of the concerned children were rightfully worried and government should satisfy them by conducting a thorough investigation and informing them about the results.

He said that he had also asked the government to pay some compensation to the victim families. He said "our leadership and workers would help the government and front line workers to make every campaign successful".

He said that "if government gives the responsibility to JUI, we will eradicate polio from entire FATA". He reiterated that parents should vaccinate their children to safeguard them against deadly diseases and cooperate with the visiting vaccinators during the next campaigns.