Rescue 1122 Provided First Aid To 2132 Injured Mourners During Ashura


Rescue 1122 provided first aid to 2132 injured mourners during Ashura

RAWALPINDI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 10th Sep, 2019 ) :The Punjab Emergency Service, Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi remained on high alert and provided first aid to 2132 injured mourners and 19 hospitalized on Muharram-ul-Haram, while providing 24 hours Emergency Medical Cover to mourning processions in District Rawalpindi.

All mourners have been provided emergency medical treatment during hospitalization by the trained medical staff of Rescue 1122. Over 300 Rescuers equipped with their Emergency Kits deputed at Rescue Stations, Mobile Posts and Rescue Key Points provided medical cover to different mourning processions.

Mourners who sustained injuries owing flagellate were provided with bulky dressing, bandages and appropriate medication by trained emergency medical technicians, while out of 2132 injured mourners having severe injuries and deep cuts, 19 injured mourners have been shifted to different hospital of Rawalpindi after provision of first aid by Rescue1122 professionals.

The leaves of the rescuers had been cancelled and special emergency duties on ambulances and mobile posts assigned to them to efficiently and effectively manage any emergency situation during Ashura. Besides that Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi dealt 35 different emergencies during Aushara included 11 road traffic accidents, 18 medical emergencies, 01 fire incidents and 03 Other Emergencies.

The District Emergency Officer, Rescue 1122 Rawalpindi, Dr Abdur Rahman said that Rescuers are working on missionary basis to save human lives and reduce sufferings of victims of emergencies. Keeping in view the preparedness and prevention such arrangements are essential for mass gatherings so that maximum precious lives can be saved with minimum response time and all emergencies can be responded in an efficient manner.

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