Rescue 1122 Responded 2,456 Emergency Calls During August

Rescue 1122 responded 2,456 emergency calls during August

DG KHAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -7th Sept,2016) : Punjab Emergency Service Rescue 1122 DG Khan rescued 2,543 people by responding 2,456 emergency calls during August. This was disclosed by District Emergency Officer Dr Natiq while presiding a meeting at central station Rescue 1122 on Wednesday.

The official said that 482 calls of road accidents, seven about fire, 17 bullet injuries, five poison consumption, 31 torture incidents, 51 suicide attempt, one building collapse, seven of drowning and 454 others were received during the last month.

He said that rescue 1122 rescued 2,543 people, gave first aid to 705 patients and 1,780 were shifted to hospitals. He said that Rescue 1122's average response time remained seven minutes.