SCCI Demands Uninterrupted Electricity Supply To Bazaars,shopping Markets

SCCI demands uninterrupted electricity supply to bazaars,shopping markets

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Oct, 2021 ) :Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Tuesday urged the Peshawar Electricity Supply Company (PESCO) to ensure uninterrupted power supply for smooth flourishing of business and commercial activities in the province.

The issue of load shedding was discussed in a meeting of presidents' of different bazaars with SCCI Vice President Javed Akhtar here in the chamber.

President Muslim Meena Bazar Sayamul Haq, President Heritage Trail Asif Durrani, President Karimpur No 2 Khurram Shahzad, President Ghanta Ghar Sufi Arshad, Jhanda Bazaar president Shahzad Siddique, Reeti Bazar president Muna Bhai, Shaheen Bazar president Naveed Shaheen and Gulshan Bazaar president Fazal Moula were present in the meeting.

The meeting told that six to eight hours unannounced power outages was affecting business activities and demanded of the Pesco to resolve the issue immediately, otherwise, traders' community will force on protest.

Business activities are adversely affected owing to hours-long electricity load shedding and tripping, they said.Javed Akhtar said there was no justification for carrying out load shedding in winter.KP is producing electricity in surplus quantity, despite the fact that people of the province are facing issue of load shedding, which was unbearable, the SCCI vice president.

SCCI vice president assured the traders to take up the issue of unannounced power outages and tripping with Pesco authorities.