Stone Splinters Injure Another Women During Blasting For Stone Crushing Plants In Khanpur


Stone splinters injure another women during blasting for stone crushing plants in Khanpur

KHANPUR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 26th Sep, 2021 ) :At least one women Sunday injured by the splinters of the stones owing to blast mining for the stone crushing plant at Mohallah Eid Ghah Khanpur.

Most of the people including children and women of Mohallah Eid Ghah escaped from the stone splinters by hiding in the houses but 22 years old wife of Shamariz could not manage to escape and a heavy stone splinter injured her.

During the period of last few years, the residents of Khanpur city and surrounding villages particularly the union council of Pahar Pur was the affectees of the blast mining and stone crushing plants. Owing to yesterday's unprecedented small splinters to huge boulders damaged rooftops, walls and glass windows of the houses and other buildings are badly damaged.

The residents of Mohallah Eid Ghah Khanpur have staged a protest against the stone-crushing plant's illegal blast mining and injury of a woman. The affectees also tried to lodge an FIR against the stone-crushing plant owner but Khanpur police only accepted their application.

Despite the supreme court of Pakistan's verdict against blast mining, many people have been injured and houses have been damaged by the blasting in the same area of Khanpur during the last couple of years whereas many localities of Abbottabad district have also been protested against the blasting mining including the famous mining area of Tarhanna where buildings of the whole village have been damaged by the blasting and precious forests have vanished.

Three years back residents have blamed the Assistant Director (AD) Mining Department and SHO Khanpur for maintaining a false report on the losses of the residents and mentioned the cracks in the buildings by the earthquake not by the blasting mining.

Victims of the blast mining in both districts Abbottabad and Haripur have tried all means but nothing happened for the safety of the people.