UK Adds Pakistan To Red List Of Travel Ban Countries Amid Fear Of COVID-19


UK adds Pakistan to red list of travel ban countries amid fear of COVID-19

British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner says decision of travel ban will be effective from April 9th amid  measures to control spread of COVID-19.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-April 2, 2021) Pakistan has been added to the United Kingdom’s red list of travel ban countries amid measures to control spread of COVID-19, British High Commissioner to Pakistan Christian Turner says.

The High Commissioner says red list means that the UK and Irish national and those with residency rights in the UK can travel to the UK if they had been in Pakistan before they arrive.

He says that they will have to pay to stay in mandatory quarantine for 10 days after they arrive.

“These measures will come into effect in a week’s time at 4’ O clock in the morning on Friday, April 9th,” says Christian Turner.

He further says the UK government has been taking its border measures under close review because of COVID-19.

Christian Turner says that there will be direct flights but schedule could change.

“Please check your airline before you travel to the UK,” he says while strongly advising the travelers. The British High Commissioner has also made it clear that 10-day quarantine is mandatory after arrival in the UK, so booking of the hotel must be ensured before travel.

He says that it may be an-unwelcome news for many Pakistanis as British Pakistani community is bedrock for our relationship.

He has asked the travelers from Pakistan to keep checking updates about travel to the UK as well as the procedure of booking hotels on travel pages of the embassy. He has also asked the people to strictly follow the COVID-19 measures to stay safe.