This Emotional Video On Social Media Brings World Attention To Atrocities Of Muslims


This emotional video on social media brings world attention to atrocities of Muslims

The video shows a Muslim kid going to the powerful world leaders and inviting them for Iftar with him in Ramzan

Lahore (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – 18th May, 2018) Special ads and commercials are made for the holy month of Ramzan and many of these ads are widely appreciated by social media users. These ads usually give a message of peace and compassion. However, another video was posted on social media last night, making people break down into tears as they watched it.

The video shows a Muslim kid who goes to the powerful leaders of the world and invites them for Iftar with him in Ramzan. Signalling towards Syria and Burma, the child points out to the debris of his house and the drowning boats where thousands of Muslims are killed.

The child says that he cannot sleep at night seeing this destruction and misery as whenever he closes his eyes, he hears the bangs of bombardment. He sees his bed going into the clouds of smoke and fire. This frightens the children as nobody is able to escape.

Even their toys get covered in blood.

The video attempts to bring world attention to the atrocities being faced by Burma and Syrian Muslims. The video says that we try to escape but we are finished and we ourselves are responsible for this because we are alleged of having faith in islam. We are killed for this very reason and our voices are suppressed for being Muslims.

US President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin, South Korean President Kim Jong Un and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have been addressed in the video.

This video of a duration of 3:30 minutes has got millions of views so far. This video has been made by renowned mobile and data service operator of middle East, Zain.

Watch the video here:

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