Democratic Lawmakers Attack Trump Over Reaction To Hong Kong Protests


Democratic Lawmakers Attack Trump Over Reaction to Hong Kong Protests

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 14th August, 2019) Several Democratic lawmakers in separate statements characterized US President Donald Trump's reaction to the crisis in Hong Kong as dangerous and insufficient.

Earlier, Trump in a Twitter statement said that "everyone should be calm and safe" after claiming that Chinese troops were headed towards the border with Hong Kong.

"Mr. President - your language on #HongKong is dangerous & invites miscalculation. Support democracy & the rule of law in #HongKong. Warn Beijing of serious consequences if it cracks down on peaceful protesters. Stop US munitions & riot control sales to HK Police," Congressman Jim McGovern said in a tweet on Tuesday.

Local media reported earlier that Hong Kong police used pepper spray to disperse protesters near the city's international airport.

US Senator Chris Murphy warned of the consequences of silence and said Trump's response did not resemble foreign policy.

"It's hard to overstate how meaningful support or backing from the US is to the work of human rights and democracy activists overseas," Murphy said via Twitter. "It's also hard to overstate how devastating it is when they risk it all to speak up for these 'American' values, and America is silent."

In a more indirect shot at Trump, Senator Mark Warren in a tweet said that the United States has a responsibility to make clear a violent crackdown by the Hong Kong or Chinese governments would be unacceptable.

The mass protests in Hong Kong initially started in early June as a reaction to proposed amendments to the city's extradition laws but over the months have grown into a full-blown opposition movement against Beijing's control over the city's affairs.

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