NEPRA To Hold Public Hearing Today On Recent Hike In Power Traffic


NEPRA to hold public hearing today on recent hike in power traffic

The Central Power Purchasing Agency has sought increase up to Rs4.75 per unit in its plea before NEPRA.

ISLAMABAD: (UrduPoint/UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News-Nov 30th, 2021) National Electric Power Regulatory Authority (Nepra) will hold public hearing to respond question regarding another hike in power tariff up to Rs4.75 per unit.

NEPRA is holding public hearing after Central Power Purchasing Agency (CPPA) had suggested increase in the power tariff.

According to the latest reports, NEPRA Chairman will review CPPA’s plea for Rs. 4.75 per unit increase in power tariff in terms of fuel price adjustment for the month of October for all of the distribution companies. However, K-Electric is not included in those companies.

CPPA had said in its plea that there was total 11.29 billion units of electricity generation in month of October out of which 10.98 billion units were sold to the distribution companies. The cost of per unit electricity production was Rs 25.

22 and Rs22.22 per unit of electricity from the furnace oil in the month of October. Similarly, the contribution of power generation from hydropower was 23.26 per cent, 16.69 per cent from coal, 10.88 per cent from furnace oil and 0.51 per cent from diesel.

The reports suggest that the recent recommendation of increase in power tariff will cause more burden of Rs61 billion on the consumers.

NEPRA had jacked up electricity tariff under fuel adjustment for the month of September earlier on November 9, and pushed it to Rs2.52 more expensive for the consumers. The reports said that the price hike was applied for November bills as per the notification of the NEPRA, adding that the increase would not be applicable on the lifeline and K-electric consumers. The public collectively will bear the burden of Rs90 billion, they added.