State Department Spokesperson Ned Price Says Tested Positive For COVID-19

State Department Spokesperson Ned Price Says Tested Positive for COVID-19

WASHINGTON (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 28th September, 2021) US State Department spokesperson Ned price announced on Monday that he was tested positive for COVID-19 and added that he would be in quarantine for 10 days.

"After experiencing symptoms for the first time this morning, I tested positive for COVID-19 shortly thereafter, & will now quarantine for the next 10 days.

I'm feeling under the weather but am grateful for the protection from severe illness offered by safe and effective vaccines," Price tweeted.

State Secretary Anthony Blinken tested negative for COVID-19 just this morning, while no other member of his immediate surrounding is showing symptoms, Deputy spokesperson, Jalina Porter, later said.

Price assumed the post of the department's spokesman in the administration of Joe Biden on January 20. He served in the Central Intelligence Agency from 2006-2017 and resigned when Donald Trump, came to power.

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