China Cultural Center Launches First Episode Of Micro-documentary Series

China Cultural Center launches first episode of micro-documentary series

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th Apr, 2021 ) :China Cultural Center in Pakistan (CCCP) launched the first episode of the micro-documentary series " Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World " on Center's WeChat Official Account and Facebook page.

The micro-documentary is produced by the World Tourism Alliance, the documentary trip spans across multiple provinces and went deep into China's grassroots villages, said a press release.

Finally, eight tourism poverty alleviation case areas were selected and the documentaries were produced. There are total eight episodes and each episode's duration is around 5 minutes.

The entire documentary series is people-oriented. It is filmed from the perspective of individuals and families, paying attention to the interaction between nature and society, focusing on the improvement and development of people's livelihoods in the case areas, restoring reality through lens, and presenting tourism in an international context.

These documentaries also highlight how the natural endowment of "green water and green mountains" has been transformed into "golden and silver mountains", telling vivid stories of local people living a happy prosperous life, interpreting and disseminating the core concept of "tourism makes the world and life better".

This micro documentary series has received highest praise and recognition from the international community.

Starting this week, China Cultural Center in Pakistan is airing weekly two episodes of the micro-documentary series " Better Tourism, Better Life, Better World " on Facebook Official Page and WeChat Official Account.

The Director China Cultural Center in Pakistan's personal official page "zhang he qing" is also premiering the micro documentary at the same time.