ED SSDO Stresses Govt To Take Concrete Measures To Implement Civic Education Commission Law 2018


ED SSDO stresses govt to take concrete measures to implement Civic Education Commission Law 2018

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 18th May, 2024) Executive Director of Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO) Syed Kausar Abbas Sunday stressed the

government to take concrete measures to implement Civic Education Commission Law 2018 in all formal and non-formal educational institutions.

Talking to App he said that to promote democratic culture, foster social harmony, and instil a sense of civic responsibility among the youth, civic education should be integrated into the curriculum as a subject.

He urged the government to establish a dedicated National Commission for Civic Education aimed at encouraging democratic values and fostering active participation among youth in national and social matters.

"By integrating civic education into the national curriculum across all educational levels, we can empower upcoming generations with the necessary skills to engage actively in society as responsible citizens, uphold democratic ideals, and contribute positively to national development."

"Civic education equips individuals with knowledge, skills, and ethical foundations crucial for addressing intricate social issues, exercising their rights, and fulfilling civic obligations," he added.

Syed Kausar Abbas, Executive Director of Sustainable Social Development Organization (SSDO), emphasized the urgent necessity of establishing a dedicated commission for civic education in Pakistan.

"A robust civic education curriculum is essential for fostering a culture of democracy, social harmony, and civic responsibility among the younger generation," he highlighted.

"Civic education plays a crucial role in raising citizens' awareness, enabling them to question matters of public significance, and motivating them to take proactive steps toward resolution.


"In Pakistan, the concept of civic education is currently confined to imparting knowledge from social studies books to children," he said.

However, a thorough examination of the current social studies curriculum in Pakistan revealed that it primarily focused on teaching about the government, institutions, and their functions, with minimal emphasis on citizenship education.

"Therefore, it is crucial to introduce civic education as an independent subject in the curriculum."

"This initiative can significantly contribute to nurturing civic consciousness and promoting essential civic values among the populace."

He added, "Over 300 accredited educational institutions, organizations, and NGOs actively participate in civic education initiatives."

"The Federal Agency for Civic Education in Germany plays a crucial role by providing teaching materials tailored for high school students across 16 federal states, facilitating their understanding of intricate social, political, and economic reforms," he said.

"The absence of civic education in Pakistan has contributed to a toxic political culture that undermines democracy. This deficiency in awareness about national issues and interests has led many Pakistanis to blindly align with some specific political party/parties, disregarding rational and logical political engagement. Consequently, this blind allegiance fosters discord and division within the society," he further added.