Masood Khan Is The Best Choice For AJK President Office: AJK PM


Masood Khan is the best choice for AJK President office: AJK PM

MIRPUR (AJK) , (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point news - 11th Augst,2016) AJK Prime Minister, Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that AJK Presidential candidate of PML (N) Muhammad Masood Khan is the best choice as he himself chose the name of Sardar Masood khan for the top slot. Addressing a reception hosted by local residents in the Muzaffarabad "Plat area" the AJK PM said those criticizing the candidature of Masood Khan for President's office will fail in their designs.

Mr.Masood is the most suitable person for this post, he declared. It may be added that election to the office of AJK President is scheduled to be held on August 16. Members of both houses of the AJK Parliament, AJK Legislative Assembly and AJK Council will elect the President of AJK state for next five year constitutional term.

The seasoned retired diplomat Masood Khan has been nominated as candidate of PML (N) in the scheduled election to the office. AJK PM reiterated his determination that such a kind of governance would be established that would end the feeling of deprivation of last five years in AJK. By establishing good governance justice would be provided to general people and masses would get modern facilities of life, he said. Raja Farooq Haider said self respect of political workers would be restored on any cost.

PML (N) has the agenda of development where as its opponents have not such agenda. The Premier assured the people that Muzaffarabad would be developed and beatified. Minister for education Syed Iftikhar Gillani were also present on the occasion.