MQM-P Secures 20 PA Seats From Karachi; Independents Beg 10, PPPP 9


MQM-P secures 20 PA seats from Karachi; independents beg 10, PPPP 9

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 9th Feb, 2024) With 20 provincial assembly seats from the Karachi Division, the Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan (MQM-P) was leading, followed by independent candidates who bagged 10 seats of the Sindh Assembly from the megapolis.

Thr Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians (PPPP) also managed to secure nine seats from the provincial capital to further strengthen its position in the Sindh Assembly while the Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan got only 2 of its candidates returned successful, according to the unofficial results of 41 out of 47 seats of Karachi division announced so far by the returning officers.

The PPPP clinched five of the six provincial assembly seats of District Malir, while independent Ijaz Khan returned successful on PS-88 Malir V by securing 17580 votes.

PPPP's Muhammad Yousaf Baloch won from PS-84, Malir-I by securing 25,348 votes, Muhammad Sajid PS-85 Malir-II by 27,791 votes, Abdur Razzaq Raja PS-86 Malir-III by 15,017 votes, Mehmood Alam Jamote PS-87 Malir-IV by 19,220 votes and Muhammad Saleem PS-89 Malir-VI by 25,326 votes.

Out of the seven provincial assembly seats of District Korangi, three were won by independent candidates, two by MQM-P and one each by the PPPP and and the JI.

MQM's Shariq Jamal won PS-90 Korangi-I by securing 35,609 votes; JI's Muhammad Farooq PS-91, Korangi-II by 23,499 votes; independent candidate Wajid Hussain Khan PS-92, Korangi-III by 28,276 votes; independent candidate Sajid Hussain PS-93 Korangi IV by 2,0372 votes;

MQM-P's Najam Mirza PS-94, Korangi-V by 24,161 votes; PPPP's Muhammad Farooq Awan PS-95 Korangi-VI by 16,386 votes; and independent candidate Muhammad Awais PS-96 Korangi-VII by 16,997 votes.

Out of nine provincial assembly seats of District East, six were clinched by the MQM-P and one by the PPPP while the result was two was awaited.

MQM-P''s Shoukat Ali won PS-97 Karachi East-I, by securing 4,997 votes; Arslan Pervaiz PS-98 Karachi East-II by 13,903 votes; Syed Farhan Ansari PS-99 Karachi East-III by 26,658 votes, Syed Muhammad Usman PS-100 Karachi East-IV by 21,970 votes; Moeed Anwar PS-101 Karachi East-V by 43,080 votes and Faisal Rafiq PS-103 Karachi East-VII by 15,870 votes.

Similarly, PPPP's Saeed Ghani won PS-105 Karachi East IX by securing 26,168 votes while the results of PS-102 Karachi East-VI and PS-104 Karachi East-VIII were not yet announced.

Of the five PA seats of District South, three were secured by independent candidates and one each as clinched by the PPPP and the MQM-P.

Independent candidate Sajjad Ali won PS-106 Karachi South-I by getting 20658 votes, PPPP's Muhammad Yousuf PS-107 Karachi South-II by 26,902 votes, MQM-P's Muhammad Dilawar PS-108 Karachi South-III by 20,014 votes, independent candidate Bilal Hussain Khan Jadoon PS-109 Karachi South-IV by 27,854 votes and independent candidate Rehan Bandukra PS-110 Karachi South-V by 47,450 votes.

Out of five Sindh Assembly seats of Keamari District, three were captured by independent candidates, and one each was secured by the PPPP and the MQM-P.

PPPP's Liaqat Ali Aaskani won PS-111, Keamari-I by gaining 29,396 votes, independent candidate Sarbuland Khan PS-112, Keamari-II by 16,287 votes; MQM-P's Faheem Ahmed PS-113 Keamari-III by 24,465 votes, independent candidate Muhammad Shabbir PS-114, Keamari-IV by 21,531 votes and independent candidate Shah Nawaz Jadoon PS-115 Keamari-V by 20,609 votes.

The results of only two PA seats of the District West have been announced. MQM-P's Shaikh Abdullah won from PS-117 Karachi West-II by securing 11,154 votes and Naseer Ahmed from PS-118 Karachi West-III by 9,740 votes.

The results of PS-116 Karachi West-I, PS-119, Karachi West-IV, PS-120, Karachi West-V and PS-121, Karachi West-VI were yet awaited.

Out of nine PA seat of District Central, the MQM-P claimed eight and one by the JI.

MQM-P's Reehan Akram won from PS-122 Karachi Central-I by securing 48,170 votes, Abdul Waseem PS-123 Karachi Central-II by 17,526 votes, Abdul Basit PS-124, Karachi Central-III by 31,035 votes, Syed Adil Askari PS-125 Karachi Central-IV by 63,807 votes, Muhammad Iftikhar Alam PS-126 Karachi Central-V by 38,789 votes, Muhammad Muaz Mehboob PS-127 Karachi Central-VI by 23,389 votes, Taha Ahmed Khan PS-128 Karachi Central-VII by 34,417 votes, and Jamal Ahmed PS-130 Karachi Central-IX 38,334 by votes.

JI's Naeem ur Rehman Khan returned successful on PS-129 Karachi Central-VIII by getting 26,296 votes.