NAB Recovers Rs 723,148 From Mepco Official


NAB recovers Rs 723,148 from Mepco official

MULTAN, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 03rd Jan, 2017 ) : Director General, National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Multan, has handed over pay order worth Rs 723,148 to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mepco, an amount recovered from a former general manager of the company under plea bargain in a corruption case.

According to details, in year 2010, village electrification work was carried out in the constituency of PP-206 Jalalpur Pirwala by the construction division of Mepco Multan. For the purpose, 6,221 PCC poles were allocated by Mepco stores, out of which 5,350 poles were lifted from the plant for installation at the site.

However, 1,797 PCC poles worth Rs 17.9 million did not reach at the sites. On receipt of a complaint, an investigation was carried out and a reference was filed with the Accountability Court Multan against Engineer Iqbal Hussain, the then manager project (construction) Mepco Multan, Munawar Iqbal (line superintendent-I, RRE Mepco Multan and Muhammad Iqbal, son of Niamat Ali, of Chak No 109 P/O Khas Tehsil Jadanwala for an amount of Rs 17.

9 million.

A sum of Rs 10.6 million was recovered from the contractor, Rs 0.72 million were recovered through plea bargain from ex-GM Technical Mepco Multan Pervaiz Akhtar Shah Khagga, after he opted for plea bargain for his share of liability.

A sum of Rs 6.8 million is still outstanding, pending trial at Accountability Court Multan. CEO Mepco thanked DG NAB Multan for effecting the recovery from accused persons.