Professional Beggars Throng Busy Thoroughfares Of Twin Cities

Professional beggars throng busy thoroughfares of twin cities

ISLAMABAD, Jun 6 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 6th Jun, 2021 ) :The professional beggars, though proliferating in all mega urban centers across the country, have particularly thronged the busy thoroughfares of the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

The twin cities' residents have expressed concerns over negligence of the quarters concerned to tighten the noose against professional tramps irking masses and robbing the right of deserving masses unable to extend their hands before people for alms.

Azma Pasha told APP that begging has become a formal profession as whole families of beggars have adopted this profession and hoodwinking masses as pretending be marginalized and impoverished beings of the society.

She added that they at times were also creating immense disturbance in the life of common man, they have occupied almost all the public spots and do not let people leave without giving alms to them.

Akram Sai, a school teacher said the professional beggars from rural areas and small cities had moved to the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, they had awash markets, malls, streets and even the main doors of the mosques, they used different tactics to gain sympathy of innocent citizen or people.

"The most common is holding an infant or young probably below 7-year age child partially unconscious condition disguising as a special child. At times these women weep so loudly and ghastly as showing that something very tragic has happened to befool common masses," he added.

Hamad Ahmad, a shopkeeper, said everyday rise in the number of beggars was not only bothersome for the customer or visitors rather equally denting the business of shopkeepers.

"We promote this begging mafia by giving away alms to these professional beggars," he regretted.

Fatima Akmal, a house wife, said during the whole month of Ramadan professional beggars started begging early morning and do not let the people sleep till night. Mostly women beggars caring their child rang the doorbells and asked for fitrana, charity, zaqat and food, she said, adding , "We cannot give them as per their desire, in return, they showed anger and exchanged harsh words." She requested the concerned authority to take a stern action against this mafia.

Muhammad Musa, a student of 8th class, while showing anger on the beggars said they do not even forgive the students at bus stops and kept asking for help till the arrival of the bus. He said, "We are fed up of this mafia as sometimes we ran away after seeing them as we know they will start nagging us by using the oldest phrase, 'God will not let you pass your exams if you won't help us' and take away what we had in our pocket money." When contacted A Rawalpindi Police official told that the police couldn't take very harsh action against these beggars as they pretended to be poor and needy ones, moreover police didn't have enough space and resources to keep them in lockup for long time.

Many times influential segments came to get them freed on bail, beggars knew that they wouldn't get severe penalty for spreading this menace, he mentioned.

It may be mentioned here that the Child Protection and Welfare Bureau in Punjab had initiated a campaign against professional beggars which was supported by the City Traffic Police Lahore