Tribal Districts Remain Stronghold Of PTI With 367,818 Votes

Tribal districts remain stronghold of PTI with 367,818 votes

The tribal districts of erstwhile Fata has proved a stronghold of Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf (PTI) as it achieved highest number of around 367,818 votes in its 12 national assembly constituencies during July 25 general election.

PESHAWAR, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 1st Aug, 2018 ) :The tribal districts of erstwhile Fata has proved a stronghold of Pakistan Tahrik-e-Insaf (PTI) as it achieved highest number of around 367,818 votes in its 12 national assembly Constituencies during July 25 general election.

Former Fata has proved an election base camp for PTI where it emerged single largest political party by clinching around six national assembly seats out of 12 from here, paving the way for PTI Chief Imran Khan to form government in the Centre.

PTI has broken all previous record in seven tribal districts by clinching six national assembly seats, defeating strong political heavyweights of rival political parties and independents in their strongholds and the tribal voters have expressed full confidence in the policies of PTI Chief Imran Khan.

Scores of political heavyweights of different political parties and independents like former Governor Shuakat Ullah Khan, his brother senator Hidyatullah Khan, former MNAs Shah Gul Afridi, Abdur Rasheed, Shahabuddin Khan and former Federal Minister Hameedullah Jan Afridi defeated at the hands of PTI on July 25 election.

The six national assembly seats won by PTI from tribal regions are NA-40, NA-41 from Bajaur tribal district, NA-42 Mohmand, NA-43, NA-44 Khyber and NA-47 from Orakzai tribal region.

MMA has secured three national assembly seats NA-45, NA-49 and NA-51 whereas PPPP has clinched one seat from NA-46 Kurram and two independents were also elected.

PTI MNA-elect Gul Dad Khan has outclassed all rival candidates in NA-40 Bajaur after securing 34,616 votes followed by PPPP Syed Akunzada Chattan 12,906 votes and ANP's Gul Afzal Khan 14,304 votes respectively.

Likewise, in NA-41 Tribal Areas-II Bajaur, Gul Zafar Khan of PTI clinched victory after obtaining 22730 votes followed by MMA's Abdul Rashid Khan 11415 votes, Gulazada Khan of ANP 4765 votes and PPPP's 4016 votes respectively.

On NA-42 Mohmand district, Sajid Khan of PTI emerged victorious with 22717 votes followed by independent Bilal Rehman 21076 votes and MMA's Gul Muhammad Sadiq 10109 votes.

PTI MNA elect Noorul Haq Qadri has clinched victory from NA-43 Khyber after securing 33243 votes followed by Shahgee Gul Afridi 30,151 votes, Hazrat Wali of PPPP 2014 votes and Syed Janan bagged only 346 votes.

In NA-44 tribal areas-V (Bara Khyber Agency), PTI MNA-elect Iqbal Afridi secured victory with 12537 votes against independent Hameedullah Jan Afridi stood runner up with 9042 votes and ANP's Syed Janan 346 votes respectively.

However, PTI's Syed Jamal with 13601 votes had lost to Munior Orakzai of MMA who clinched victory after secured 16353 votes in NA-45 Kurram district.

Sajid Hussain Tori contested election on PPPP ticket and emerged victorious in NA-46 Kurram after obtaining 21461 votes, defeating PTI's Syed Iqbal Mian who bagged 16934 votes and independent Syed Irshad Hussain 16,933 votes.

PTI MNA-elect Jawad Hussain has clinched victory from NA-47 Orakzai tribal district after pocketing 11,102 votes followed by MMA's Qasim Gul 68,98 votes, ANP Bashrat Hussain 1270 and PPPP's 1981 votes.

Similarly in NA-48, PTI candidate's Aurangzaib Gul has obtained highest number of 10,369 votes followed by independent candidate Javed Iqbal who bagged only 1278 votes.

MMA' Jamaluddin Khan with 7794 votes has emerged victorious from NA-49 followed by Dost Muhammad Khan of PTI stood runner up with 6060 votes and ANP's Jahngir Khan 2333 votes respectively.

In NA-50 South Wazirsitan, independent candidate, Muhammad Ali secured victory after obtaining 23,530 votes followed by MMA Mehmood Alam with 7515 votes and independent Naseerullah Khan 2626 votes respectively.

Similarly, NA-51 tribal areas-XII seat (former FR South Wazirstian) was clinched by MMA Abdul Shakoor Khan who secured 21,896 votes followed by independent canddiate Baz Gul with 14,662 votes, ANP Shahi Khan 2399 votes and PPPP AKramullah Khan 1158 votes respectively.

General election was unique in a sense that for the first time in the country's history those only two independents candidates from erstwhile FATA have secured two seats on July 25.

PTI has secured highest number of 2,132,364 votes in KP followed by MMA with 1,126,445 votes, independents 931,989 votes, ANP 803,895 votes, PML-N 655,391, PPPP 604,930 and Qaumi Watan Party 126,642 in 2018 general election.

PTI MNA elect, Nasir Khan Musazai told APP that tribal people had voted in favour of PTI in large number because they had realised that Imran Khan was forward looking and only he (Imran) could end economic backwardness and solve problems of the region.

He said tribal people had fed up with hallow slogans of traditional politicians and therefore, they voted for PTI.

Nasir Khan said voters had rejected traditional electables and gave chance to the PTI to represent them in the National Assembly.

He said PTI would address all problems of tribal people and would bring them into national mainstream.