Under Construction Dams To Increase Water Storage Capacity By 21.837 Mln Acre-feet


Under construction dams to increase water storage capacity by 21.837 mln  acre-feet

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 28th Oct, 2021 ) :The under-construction dams will increase country's total water storage capacity by 21.837 million acre-feet after completion.

The under construction dams including Garuk Dam, Winder Dam, Papin Dam, and Pelar Dam having combined water storage capacity of 0.142 million acre-feet are all set to start functioning in the coming days, said offical source of ministry of water resources.

While, Diamer-Bhasha Dam, Naulong Dam, Kurram Tangi Dam, Nai Gaj Dam, and Dawarat Dam having combined storage capacity of around 7.747 million acre-feet, were in the initial stages of development.

Similarly, the Government is also planning to build seven more dams including Hingol dam, Akhori dam, Shyok dam, Munda dam (Mohmand Dam), Tank Zam dam and Chiniot dam in the country.

These seven dams will add 13.948 million acres of storage capacity to the current water reservoirs in the country.