Refugees Unable To Leave Idlib De-Escalation Zone As Militants Block Checkpoints- Military

Refugees Unable to Leave Idlib De-Escalation Zone as Militants Block Checkpoints- Military

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 24th February, 2021) Militants are blocking the operation of new checkpoints in Syria's province of Idlib, prohibiting refugees from leaving the de-escalation zone under threat of the use of weapons and arrest, the deputy head of the Russian Defense Ministry's Center for Syrian Reconciliation said on Tuesday.

Three new checkpoints began operating on Monday so that Idlib residents can leave the province.

"Militants from radical armed groups are blocking the work of checkpoints, forbidding local residents to travel to the territory controlled by the Syrian authorities under the threat of the use of weapons, as well as arrest," Rear Adm.

Vyacheslav Sytnik said at a briefing.

According to the senior military official, the Turkish armed forces are unable to guarantee refugees' security at checkpoints in Idlib, which deteriorates the situation of the province's civilian population, suffering from a lack of qualified medical care and a social and economic emergency due to the US sanctions.

Sytnik also called on the command of the Turkish troops controlling the territories in northwestern Syria to show integrity in fulfilling their obligations, as well as to ensure the security of civilians willing to use the checkpoints.