South Korean Ambassador To Moscow Voices Hope For Close Ties With Russia In Next 100 Years

South Korean Ambassador to Moscow Voices Hope for Close Ties With Russia in Next 100 Years

MOSCOW (UrduPoint News / Sputnik - 17th March, 2019) South Korean Ambassador to Moscow Woo Yoon-keun on Sunday expressed hope that Seoul and Moscow would enjoy good great cooperation and close ties during the next 100 years.

Woo made the remarks at a press conference dedicated to the opening ceremony of the year of Korean cinema in Russia, which coincided with the centenary of the establishment of the Korean government-in exile, known as the Korean Provisional Government, in 1919 during the Japanese colonial rule over Korea in 1910-1945.

"Today marks the centenary of the establishment of the Korean Provisional Government on Russia's territory, and it gives us hope [for good ties] in the next 100 years.

As the ambassador plenipotentiary of the Republic of Korea, I have big and strong hopes that Russia and Korea will enjoy peace and cooperation, which will lead to mutual prosperity," Woo said.

The diplomat noted that the year of the Korean cinema was being held in Russia for the fourth time.

"Movies have been a bridge enabling cooperating between our countries," Woo noted.

The ambassador added that the opening ceremony would include a number of events featuring various aspects of Korean culture, including its alphabet and traditional costumes.

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