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Vasagar: Enna Unga Paper La Uppu Sappe Illa?

Vasagar: Enna unga paper la uppu sappe illa?Writer: padikka sonna.....ungala yaru nakkipakka sonnathu.....

Of All The Friends I Have Ever Met.

Of all the friends I have ever met.Your the one I would not forget.And if I die before you doI’ll go to heaven and wait for you.

Love: Why Does It Hurt?

Love: Why does it hurt?y does it pain?may be because we love someonetoo much & too deep that sometime,we forget to keep a little for ourselves !!!

Dont Forget Me,

Dont forget me,forget me never,When u forget me,then forget me for ever.

Never Say Ur Happy When Ur Sad ,

Never say ur happy when ur sad ,Never say ur fine when ur not ok ,Never say u feel good when u feel bad,And never say ur alone when I’m still alive…

Life Is About Moving Forward...

Life is about moving forward...just forget your pastbe in mind presentand work for future

I Wonder How Many Times..

I wonder how many times...we forgive becOz we don’t...want 2 lose someone even...if they don’t deserve forgiveness…

Since The Day I Met You ……..

Since The Day I Met You ……..I’ve Been Thinking About You Non Stop ..!!On The Time Right Time , I Want You To Know I LIKE YOU A LOTSo remember me ..

Under The Sea

Under the seaUnder the sea, there lays a rock.In the rock, there is an envelope.In the envelope, there is a paper.On the paper, there are 3 words…‘Forget ..

Some Says Its Difficult To Remember,

Some says its difficult to remember,Some says its difficult to forget,So remember not to forget me &don’t forget to remember me.


Tolove without condition,totalk without intention,togive without reason &tocare without expectationis dheart of true friend!

If You

If You Get Less Messages From Me.. Never Think That I Dont Care For You But I’m Searching For a Best SMS For A Best PerSON

Staying Far Never Breaks Relation,

Staying far never breaks relation, Staying near never builds relation, Its a link between hearts, Which never allows us to forget each other.!!

Only Eyes Speaks Truth

Only Eyes speaks truthNeither the mirror,Nor the lips;The person who loves ucan c pain In ur eyes while every1 else still believes In your Smile

People Meet By Chance !!

People Meet By Chance !! Dey Spend Sweet Times 2gether. Den God Apart Them Not 2 End The Story, But 2 C How Much Dey Need Each Othe

Smile Ever Udas Never

Smile ever udas neverSpeak ever gumsum neverShare ever hide neverCare ever left me neverThink me ever forget me neve

Jo Chala Gya Mujhe Chor Kr

Jo chala gya mujhe chor kr Main kabi na usko bhula saka Wohi dorian wohi faslay Main kabi na enko mita saka

“Near Ones R Not Dear”

“Near ones r not dear” “Dear ones r not near” It is easy to remember the near ones, But…. Very dificult to forget the dear ones….!

Sabab Judai Ka Kuch To Batao Mujhe,

Sabab judai ka kuch to batao mujhe, phir chahe dil-0-jaan se satao mujhe, chalo ye mana k tumhe fursat hi nahi, magar ye lazim to nahi k bhool jao mujhe..

Waqt Mile Tab Yaad Karte Ho

Waqt mile tab yaad karte ho mood ho tab baat karte ho Ek zamana tha jab har pal msg karte the ab to RAIGISTHAN KI BARISH ki trh yaad karte ho.

A Walk As Strong As Walk Could Have Been,

A walk as strong as walk could have been,Your smile as beautiful as ever can be.Our times went by, we had our laughs,Please don’t forget our valuable ..

Wo Jo Badla Tu Roobroo Hum Bhi Badal Gy

Wo jo badla tu roobroo hum bhi badal gy Wafa ki the us se bandgi tu nahi Zindgi tu faqt u he kut jay ge, Hasrt-e-zindgi tha wo Shart-e-zindgi tu nahi.

Someday You’ll Forget About Me,

Someday you’ll forget about me, …my name, …my voice, who I am & who I am to you… But even if you forget about me, I just wan u to know… I’ll ..

Under The Sea, There Lays A Rock.

Under the sea, there lays a rock.In the rock, there is an envelope.In the envelope, there is a paper.On the paper, there are 3 words…‘Forget me not’

Of All The Friends I’ve Ever Met. Your The One I Won’t Forget.

Of All The Friends I’ve Ever Met. Your The One I Won’t Forget.And If I Die Before You Do I’ll Go To Heaven And Wait For You



My Promise Of Friendship Won’t Be Broken

I may have forgotten to say that I care. I may have failed to open up and share, but though no words have been spoken, my promise of friendship won’t ..

Distances Never Separate Any Relation

Distances never separate any relation, time never breaks any relation.

Never Abandon Old Friends

Never abandon old friends. They are hard 2 replace. Friendships is like wine: it gets BETTER as it grows OLDER. Just like us… i get BETTER, u get OLDER.

Forget It

I can 4 get a face, I can 4 get a home, I can 4 get a place, I can 4 get a name, I can 4 get a game, I can 4 get even myself, But 4getting u ? 4 get it.

Some Portion Of Ur Life

The greatest gift u can give to sumone is ur TIME, bcoz wen u giv sum1 ur time, u r givin him a portion of ur life dat u’ll never get back. dont ..

Forget This

Forgettin you is hard to do


Every tear is a sign of broken heart, every silence is a sign of loneliness, every smile is a sign of happiness, every SMS is a Symbol of Remembrance.

The Day I Met You

Once Upon a Time, Something happened to me. It was the sweetest thing that ever could be. It was a fantasy, a dream come true, it was the day I met you.

Forever Always Wait

So, I will stand here forever, If forever’s what it takes, because you are my forever, and forever always waits.

A Million Reasons

Knowing a person like u, has made me happy in a million ways and if ever I have to let forget you… I would find a million reasons to make u stay.