Abu Dhabi Big Ticket Draw Schedule 2020

Schedule Big Ticket

Do you have the "Big Ticket" yet? If you do, is it stirring anxiety in you to find out if you are among the lucky winners? Obviously it would and if you are worried about the hassle of going to the duty free to know about the draw dates and ballot draw schedule then do not worry, we just have made it easier for you! Now you can check the draw dates for each month from the comfort of your home, all you need is an internet connection. The Big Ticket draw dates can be duly checked online. Schedule is not only categorized month wise but also according to different prizes like lottery comprising of varying prize money, dream car draws and bike draws. So keep your fingers crossed and look out for the draw schedule because you never know you might be a millionaire tomorrow!

Below is the schedule of Abu Dhabi Big Ticket, Draw date, time, venue, series number and prize amount in AED is given below. The draw is normally held every month, and the prize money is different every time. The jackpot starts from 5 Million AED to 12 Million AED. The draws are held at the Abu Dhabi airport arrivals hall.

3 Jan 2020 07:00 PM Series 211
3 Feb 2020 07:00 PM Series 212
3 Mar 2020 07:30 PM Series 213
3 Apr 2020 07:30 PM Series 214
3 May 2020 07:30 PM Series 215
3 Jun 2020 07:30 PM Series 216
3 Jul 2020 07:30 PM Series 217
3 Aug 2020 07:30 PM Series 218
3 Sep 2020 07:30 PM Series 219
3 Oct 2020 07:30 PM Series 220
3 Nov 2020 07:30 PM Series 221
3 Dec 2020 07:30 PM Series 222