22K Gold Rate in Pakistan - Today, 24 Apr, 2024, 22 Carat Gold Price

Today gold rate in Pakistan 22K per tola, 24 Apr, 2024, is Rs. 216,336, and today 22K gold rate in Pakistan for 10 grams is Rs. 185,477. 22K gold is the gold used to make jewelry. It is not as precious as 24K gold but is more valuable than 21K, 20K, and 18K gold. Keeping a record of the gold rate in Pakistan 22K per tola is necessary if you trade gold jewelry or want to buy or sell it.

Weight Rate
1 Tola Rs. 216,336
10 Gram Rs. 185,477
1 Gram Rs. 18,548
1 Ounce Rs. 525,818
1 Kilo Rs. 18,547,700
1 Grain Rs. 1,202
1 Ratti Rs. 3,376
1 Masha Rs. 19,104

Gold Purity Units

22K Gold Rate in Pakistan Graph

22K Gold Rate In Pakistan For Last 10 Days

Date Per Tola Per 10 Gram
23 Apr 2024 Rs. 216,336 Rs. 185,477
22 Apr 2024 Rs. 219,266 Rs. 187,989
20 Apr 2024 Rs. 223,392 Rs. 191,527
19 Apr 2024 Rs. 222,376 Rs. 190,656
18 Apr 2024 Rs. 222,291 Rs. 190,583
17 Apr 2024 Rs. 222,751 Rs. 190,977
16 Apr 2024 Rs. 222,889 Rs. 191,096
15 Apr 2024 Rs. 221,468 Rs. 189,877
09 Apr 2024 Rs. 220,826 Rs. 189,327
08 Apr 2024 Rs. 219,169 Rs. 187,906

22K Gold Rate in Pakistan

22K gold is the highly pure gold that can be used to make jewelry. A little bit of impurities are added to it to harden the gold so that the jewelry does not break or reshape easily. In other words, 22K gold has 22 parts of gold mixed with two parts of any other metal, i.e., silver, zinc, copper, etc. 22K gold is also known as 916 gold because it has a 91.67% percentage of pure gold; the rest are other metals or alloys.

It is better to know the gold price in Pakistan today 22K when you want to buy jewelry because most of the jewelry is made of 22K gold. You can learn more about today's gold rate in Pakistan 22 Carat per tola for one tola, one gram, one Ratti, ten grams, and one ounce on this page.

The gold rate today 22K on this page is according to the latest updates by the Karachi Sarafa Association. UrduPoint regularly updates the gold rate in Pakistan 22K so that the real-time information reaches you and you make the right decisions about buying and selling gold. You can also know the 22K gold price trend in Pakistan by looking at the table and graph containing gold rate 22K historical data. These pieces of information make it easy to understand where the prices of 22 Karat gold rate in Pakistan move in the future.

What is the rate of 22K gold today in Pakistan?

The rate of 22K gold today in Pakistan for one tola is Rs. 216,336 and for ten grams is Rs. 185,477.

What does 22K gold mean?

22K gold means the gold mix has 22 parts of gold and two parts of another metal or alloy, i.e., silver, copper, zinc, etc.

What is the 22K gold price in Pakistan?

22K gold price in Pakistan today for one tola is Rs. 216,336.

Which gold is better 18K or 22K?

22K gold has 22 parts of pure gold out of 24, and 18K gold has 18 parts of pure gold out of 24. So, we can say that 22K gold is better in purity than 18K gold.

How can you tell if gold is 22K or 24K?

24K gold is the purest form of gold with a bright yellow color. In contrast, 22K gold has two parts of impurities mixed in it out of 24 parts. These impurities are zinc, copper, or silver, which turn the color of 22K gold to a soft and shiny yellow.

Can I wear 22K gold every day?

Wearing 22K gold every day is safe and does not harm your skin because gold has hypoallergenic properties.

Is 22K gold pure?

22K gold has 91.67 percent of pure gold; the rest are impurities added to harden it, i.e., zinc, silver, copper, nickel, etc.

Does 22k gold fade over time?

22K gold jewelry is less likely to lose color than lower karat gold jewelry. However, if you feel the gold color is fading with time, you can restore its shine by getting it polished again.

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