UAE Dirham Rate in Pakistan - AED to PKR Exchange Rate History

Today Dirham Rate in Pakistan is Rs: 43.85

Date Symbol Buying Selling
17-07-2019 AED 43.4 PKR 43.85 PKR
16-07-2019 AED 43.5 PKR 43.95 PKR
15-07-2019 AED 43.35 PKR 43.95 PKR
13-07-2019 AED 43.3 PKR 43.9 PKR
12-07-2019 AED 43.25 PKR 43.8 PKR
11-07-2019 AED 43.1 PKR 43.7 PKR
10-07-2019 AED 42.8 PKR 43.3 PKR
09-07-2019 AED 42.5 PKR 43.1 PKR
08-07-2019 AED 42.35 PKR 43 PKR
06-07-2019 AED 42.2 PKR 42.9 PKR
05-07-2019 AED 42.25 PKR 43 PKR
04-07-2019 AED 42 PKR 42.7 PKR
03-07-2019 AED 42.6 PKR 43.2 PKR
02-07-2019 AED 42.7 PKR 43.2 PKR
01-07-2019 AED 42.85 PKR 43.4 PKR
29-06-2019 AED 42.4 PKR 43.2 PKR
28-06-2019 AED 42.5 PKR 43.5 PKR
27-06-2019 AED 42.9 PKR 43.9 PKR
26-06-2019 AED 42.8 PKR 43.8 PKR
25-06-2019 AED 42.4 PKR 42.8 PKR
24-06-2019 AED 42.25 PKR 42.65 PKR
22-06-2019 AED 42.05 PKR 42.5 PKR
21-06-2019 AED 42.1 PKR 42.55 PKR
20-06-2019 AED 42.05 PKR 42.5 PKR
19-06-2019 AED 41.95 PKR 42.45 PKR
18-06-2019 AED 41.9 PKR 42.4 PKR
17-06-2019 AED 41.8 PKR 42.3 PKR
15-06-2019 AED 41.75 PKR 42.25 PKR
14-06-2019 AED 41.1 PKR 41.8 PKR
13-06-2019 AED 40.7 PKR 41.5 PKR
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Dirham is the official currency of United Arab Emirates, Morocco and Armenia. In the old times, Dirham was referred to as a unit of mass in the Persian States and the Ottoman Empire. Now- a-days when tourism rate of United Arab Emirates is skyrocketing, the name ‘Dirham’ is heard a lot, either from foreign exchange dealers or from frequent travelers who visit UAE a lot.

Exchange Rate Dirham to PKR

Considering the factor that the value of Emirati Dirham has remained pegged to US Dollar, the exchange rate between AED and PKR has always remained high. Being a neighbor and having close connections with UAE has never had any positive impact on the exchange rate so far. Precisely 9 years ago the exchange rate for AED was 22.66 PKR and instead of remaining stable it has kept on rising to the point that exchange rates have become extremely unreasonable. Today AED to PKR Rate is Rs. 43.85.

United Arab Emirates’ total population consists of 12.5% Pakistanis who make the second largest group in UAE with around 1.2 million population. Pondering upon the aspect that Pakistanis living in UAE provide a lot of revenue to the government of UAE and that the trade relations between Pakistan and UAE are good as well, the exchange rates of AED and PKR should be made reasonable which would not only benefit the Pakistanis traveling across UAE but also boost economic and financial relations between United Arab Emirates and Pakistan.

Today Dirham Rate in Pakistan is Rs. 43.85, yesterday rate was Rs. 43.95. The AED rate in Pakistan is dependent on USD conversions, that is why it changes every hour. You can see the history of UAE Dirhams to Pakistan Rupee of last 30 days on this page.

AED Currency Profile

The Dirham is commonly referred to as ‘Emirati Dirham’. 100 fils make up one Dirham. The currency code used worldwide for Dirham is AED. The symbol for the currency is إ.د. Reflecting on the fact that most of the population of United Arab Emirates is made up of Indians, it is no surprise that the top conversion for Emirati Dirham is AED to INR. It is the most popular and the most sought after exchange rate in the foreign exchange market of UAE. The inflation rate of Emirati Dirham is 2.10%. The bank dealing with regulation and exchange of Emirati Dirham in the international foreign exchange market is Central Bank of the UAE. AED Bank notes frequently used by the locals, the tourists and the currency exchange dealers are 5 إ.د, 10 إ.د, 20 إ.د, 50 إ.د, 100 إ.د, 200 إ.د and 500 إ.د. Coins mostly regulated are 1 إ.د and 50 فلس.

History of Emirati Dirham

In ancient times, Dirham used to be a unit of weight used in Middle East, Persia and across North Africa. By the end of 7th century, Dirham the ‘coin’ was being used as an Islamic currency by a few of the Mediterranean countries like Moorish Spain and the Byzantine Empire,

In the beginning of 20th century, foreign currencies like Indian Rupee and British gold coins were being disseminated in the country. In 1959, the Persian Gulf Rupee became equal in value to the Indian Rupee and since it was being circulated freely by the central bank of India, United Arab Emirates adopted the Persian Gulf. In 1966, the value of Indian Rupee went down and consequently the value of the Persian Gulf. That was the time when the government of UAE thought of introducing the currency of their own. For the time period that Emirati Dirham was being developed, Saudi Riyal was being used as an interim currency, immediately replaced by Qatari Riyal and then followed by Dubai Riyal. In 1973, the Emirati Dirham finally came into existence and was immediately adopted by all the emirates. In 1978, the Dirham had a fixed exchange rate in the international exchange market but in 1997, it was again tied to the value of US Dollar at 1 USD equaled 3.67 AED.

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