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Purchasing a prize bond in Pakistan might be the right decision for you if you are looking to secure your money, or if you like making an investment without the troubles of giving taxes or government subsidies. After purchase the next step is to search prize bond winning numbers, which was not easy in the past. However now the results are published online for the convenience of people.

In Pakistan, National Prize Bond Scheme has made many people millionaires overnight and if you think you are lucky enough, you might be the next one! National Saving Scheme of Pakistan initiated the Prize Bond Scheme as a legalized form of money making. You put your money in buying a prize bond and then you are handed back twice or even thrice the amount via lucky draws. In case you win nothing through the draw, there is an option of getting a refund or further selling the bond to someone else. Mostly, business men and well off people purchase a lot of different amount bonds so their chances of winning get high but still, what’s bad at giving your luck a shot at least? Though there are at the minimum, 5 saving schemes running in Pakistan, National Savings Scheme is the most popular and easy on the pocket sort of a scheme. Each year 32 draws are held, 2 to 4 times per month in different cities of Pakistan.

If you are planning on actually purchasing a prize bond, you can invest in prize bonds that are available in varying amounts like Rs. 100, Rs. 750, Rs. 1500, Rs. 7500, Rs. 15,000, Rs. 25,000 and Rs. 40,000. On the other hand if you already have one and want to keep an eye on the results, you can locate your result in the following ways;

Prize Bond Search

Draw for a same amount of prize bond is held after every three months, and the complete list of result is published online on UrduPoint, you can search the prize bond numbers by entering them below.

Locating by Draw Number

Each amount of bond is allocated a draw number. Choose the draw from the selection and the results will appear on the page.

AmountDraw #Draw DateHeld At
Rs. 40000 Premium 7 10-12-2018 Muzaffarabad
Rs. 40000 76 03-12-2018 Quetta
Rs. 100 24 15-11-2018 Multan
Rs. 1500 76 15-11-2018 Faisalabad
Rs. 25000 27 01-11-2018 Karachi
Rs. 7500 76 01-11-2018 Rawalpindi

Sr. Bond Price Draw Date Draw City
1 200 Rs. 17-12-2018 Hyderabad
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