News Agencies in Pakistan

News Agencies are a major source of news for Newspapers, radio and TV channels. These wire services have network of correspondents across the world, and sell the subscriptions to their subscribers, who pay them a monthly subscription fees. To register a News agency in Pakistan, the process is not easy, all of the agencies must get an accreditation from Press Information Dept (PID) and register them self with APNS. There are many registered News Agencies in Pakistan, including APP Associated Press Of Pakistan, Online International News Network, NNI Network News International, INP Independent News Pakistan, AFP Agency France Press, BBC British Broadcasting Corporation, INN International News Network, IRNA Islamic Republic News Agency, Kyodo News agency Japan, PPI Pakistan Press International, Reuters, AP The Associated Press, VOA Voice of America and Sharp Eye. You can find complete contact details of every news agency in Pakistan at this page, including contact details, phone number, website address and email address.
NameShort NamePhone
Agency France Press AFP +92-51-2822738
AsianFactBulletin AFB 0515530114
Associated Press Of Pakistan APP +92-51-2203064
Bizmen News Network BNN +92-42-6314043
British Broadcasting Corporation BBC 2651146-7
Eastern Tv News E.T.N +92-21-35836892
Independent News Pakistan INP +92-51-2273176 / 2271047
International News Network INN +92-21-7767810
Islamic Republic News Agency IRNA +92-51-2827954
News Network International (Pvt) Ltd NNI +92-51-2204760/61
Online International News Network Online News Network +92-51-2204719
Pakistan International Press Agency PPA +92-51-2874225
Pakistan Press International PPI +92-21-35686910
Reuters Limited Reuters +92-51-2810017
Sabah News Pakistan Sabah +92-51-8730055-8
Sharp Eye Sharp Eye +92-42-7313401
The Associated Press AP +92-51-2260957
United Press Of Pakistan Ltd UPP +92-21-35855628
VOA Voice Of America VOA +92-51-2278784