KPT Ships Movement, Cargo Handling Report


KPT ships movement, cargo handling report

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 14th Jun, 2021 ) :Following were the movements of ships and cargo handling at the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) during the last 48 hours, ending at 0700 hours on Monday.

SHIPS BERTHED: Hyundai PrivilegeContainer ship Al MahboobahTanker YM EternityContainer ship As SiciliaContainer ship Uacc ShamsTanker Sea ElegantTanker Northern DiscoveryContainer ship Yantian ExpressContainer ship M.T ShalmarTanker GailFertilizer MSC SamuContainer ship SHIPS SAILED: Ever Ursula Cape Manila Pacific Knight KMTC Mundra Cornelia I Hanyu Camellia IVS Swinley Forest Hyundai Privilege Uacc Shams EXPECTED SAILING: date Neptune14-06-2021 As Sicilia14-06-2021 Northern Discovery14-06-2021 EXPECTED ARRIVAL: PVT Dawn14-06-2021D/5000 Base oil Venus Leader14-06-2021D/1309 Vehicle Silvia Ambition14-06-2021D/16020 General Cargo M.

T Quetta15-06-2021D/70000 Crude oil Jag Pooja15-06-2021D/35000 Mogas Cargo Handling Turnover: The total cargo handled at Karachi Port during the last 48 hours closed at 306,892 Metric Tons The breakup shows that the port has handled 113,515 Metric Tons of export cargo and 193,377 Metric Tons of import cargo during the said period.

Commodity wise handling in metric tons is given below.

COMMODITY IMPORT EXPORTTOTAL Containers127,83671,626199,462 Bulk Cargo 13,200---- 13,200 Bartie Lumps-----20,026 20,026 Clinkers----- 3,037 3,037 DAP10,057----- 10,057 Soya Bean Seeds15,650----- 15,650 Talc Powder----- 7,726 7,726 Oil Liquid Cargo26,63411,100 37,734