Brazil Presidential Battle Enters Home Stretch With Lula In The Lead

Brazil presidential battle enters home stretch with Lula in the lead

Rio de Janeiro, Sept 29 (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 30th Sep, 2022 ) :Brazil's deeply polarized election campaign entered the home stretch Thursday with incumbent President Jair Bolsonaro and leftist rival Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva preparing to square off in what could be a bellicose final debate.

The confrontation will happen in a late-night, live broadcast on tv Globo just hours after a fresh opinion poll signaled a persistent strong lead for Lula ahead of Sunday's first election round.

Far-right Bolsonaro, 67, is seeking reelection after a controversial first term, but lags behind ex-president Lula, 76, who left office in 2010 with an unprecedented 87-percent approval rating.

On Thursday, a poll by Datafolha showed Lula maintaining a 14-point lead over Bolsonaro with the stated support of 50 percent of respondents who said they intended to cast a valid ballot and not a blank or spoiled one.

To avoid a runoff round on October 30 and win outright on Sunday, a candidate must garner 50 percent of valid votes, plus one.

Bolsonaro's stated support remained in a distant second place with 36 percent, Datafolha found.

The incumbent is counting on his evangelical and business-centric support base, while Lula -- who served two consecutive terms from 2003 -- is appealing to poor, minority and anti-Bolsonaro voters.

Thursday's TV Globo debate, traditionally the most-watched pre-electoral program in Brazil, will be the last chance for candidates to sway undecided voters, who, polls suggest, number just 13 percent of the electorate.