APHC Terms Indian Delegation's Visit Ploy To Discredit Leadership

APHC terms Indian delegation's visit ploy to discredit leadership

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News -6th Sept,2016) : All Parties Hurriyet Conference has said that the intention behind the attempt made by some Indian parliamentarians to meet the illegally-detained Hurriyet leaders was only a ploy aimed at discrediting the Hurriyet leadership.

The APHC was reacting to Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh's remarks that by closing doors on the parliamentarians, the Hurriyet leadership had defied `insaniyat' and `Kashmiriyat', KMS reported.

Rajnath led the delegation of 28 Indian parliamentarians that visited Srinagar on Sunday and met pro-India politicians. Having failed to meet Hurriyet leaders, Rajnath Singh addressed a press conference, in which he once again reiterated Indian claim over Jammu and Kashmir.

He also criticized the Hurriyet leadership for not meeting the delegation. APHC in its statement said, "Rajnath's press conference as always is full of lies, deceit, denial and contradictions.

They never officially invited us and at the same time blame us for rejecting it.

It is not only shameful but speaks volumes about their truthfulness, sincerity and clarity." "They (delegation members) just wanted to discredit us whether we accepted their dialogue offer that never came or we ignored their casual personal gestures," the statement added.

The statement added that India was scared of any meaningful dialogue with Hurriyet and Pakistan, as they had occupied this land illegally and forcefully by their military might using repeated lies and unabated surplus violence.

"We don't need lectures and sermons on democracy and humanity from those killers whose hands are drenched in the blood of our innocent people. The visiting delegation should have gone around the length and breadth of Jammu and Kashmir to witness themselves the gifts of Indian democracy by their killer forces for the last so many decades," the statement said.