Iran-Pak Wind Power Seeks Generation License For 50 MW Wind Project

Iran-Pak Wind power seeks generation license for 50 MW wind project

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 19th August, 2016) : Iran-Pak Wind Power Pvt Limited has submitted an application to National Electric Power Regulator Authority (NEPRA) for power generation license for its 50 MW wind power project.

Sources told APP here that the Company obtained first Letter of Intent (LOI) from Alternative Energy Development board (AEDB) in August, 2006 to setup 50 MW Wind power project at Jhimpir.

Sindh government had allocated the land for the project through an "Agreement to lease". A fresh LOI to the company was issued by Sindh Energy Board in March 2016, they said.

The Project would have an installed capacity of 49.5 MW with 15 wind turbine generators (WTG)of 3.3 MW each.

The company also sought the Upfront Tariff for the project simultaneously with generation license. Upon issuance of the Generation License and Upfront tariff, the company would execute the Energy Purchase Agreement with the power purchaser and reach financial close by August 2016.

The project would cost $110.28 million and its expected commercial operation date is Oct 2017.