MHT Discovery By Pak Expert Hailed At S.Asia Scientific Confab


MHT discovery by Pak expert hailed at S.Asia scientific confab

LAHORE, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 8th August, 2016) : The scientists and experts have hailed the discovery of Magnetic Hydro Tropism (MTH)-Magneto Kinetics by the Pakistani discoverer Prof.

Qadhi Aurangzeb Al-Hafi which could contribute to broaden the present knowledge base. According to a press release received here, First South Asian Inter-disciplinary Scientific Confab on MHT Discovery at Colombo, Sri Lanka was organized by inter-disciplinary experts to determine MHT phenomenon impacts.

Academic luminaries in relevant disciplines from around the globe attended the discussion while scientists from US, UK, Puerto Rico were linked via video-link. The demonstrative session was held at a hydro-base in Galle district. In an experiment last month, Pakistani scientist Al-Hafi exposed rabbits and other object testers to a high static magnetic field (SMF) at an altitude of over 4000 feet and it is hoped that the MHT investigative findings will bring about Necrotic Change in the human tissues and blood circulation and are hoped to prevent disabilities among small children.

The experts and the scientists at the Confab on MHT Discovery said the South Asia has triggered a dawn of a New Age Climax in the scientific world through the breakthrough discovery of Magnetic Hydro Tropism. The confab endorsed that the discovery of MHT provides schematic clues and gives answers to hosts of questions for understanding the multi-spheric phenomena of cosmo-genesis while debate is expected on the claim of omniprescence and omni-pervasiveness of the MHT.

But there is no doubt that the discovery by the Pakistani scientists has crossed over the 'take-off phase' and entered the next round of 'test-segments',stated the release. It is believed that the findings of the scientific investigations will open up new vistas of knowledge and prospective avenues of MHT sciences in manifold areas of oncology, embryonic toxicology,neurophysiology,aerospace,medicine, mycology, phytology,plant pathology,interplanetary energy dynamisms and sciences.