Residents Protest Against Construction Of Waste Collection Point Near Mosque

Residents protest against construction of waste collection point near mosque

KARACHI, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 29th Jan, 2021 ) :The residents of Shah Faisal Colony Friday staged a protest demonstration outside Jamia Masjid Taj Centre over the shifting of a 'kachra kundi' (waste collection point) close to a mosque.

The residents in large numbers, which gathered outside the mosque after Friday prayers voiced their serious concerns over the issue, fearing a foul smell from rotting garbage and smoke billowing from burning trash would make worship awfully difficult.

The dwellers of the surrounding localities of Jamia Masjid Taj Centre called for immediate halt to the construction of waste collection point near the mosque.

An area resident, attending the protest demonstration, expressed his annoyance over the move. He urged municipal authorities to instead place makeshift garbage bins in the locality, as being practiced in other parts of the city, to ensure effective waste collection, or at least find another suitable place for the kachra kundi, where it does not cause inconvenience to residents and worshipers.

A representative of the mosque, Maulana Sultan, expressed his confidence that the Commissioner Karachi and other relevant authorities would solve the problem. However, he added, if the problem persists they would have no other option but to consider a legal action for the redressal of their grievance.

Earlier, the mosque's administration had also written to the Commissioner Karachi and municipal authorities seeking their intervention. They apprised the Commissioner in a letter that the kachra kundi was being moved from outside Sangam Cinema to the KMC office premises in the area. It stated that all the mosque's windows were situated towards the side of the KMC office where the waste collection point was being built, so it would badly affect the mosque's ventilation.

A copy of the letter had also been sent to the Administrator Karachi, Deputy Commissioner Shah Faisal Zone and Municipal Officer KMC Shah Faisal Zone.