Tamgha-e-imtiaz Conferred Upon Two Diplomats Of Pakistan Embassy Beijing


Tamgha-e-imtiaz conferred upon two diplomats of Pakistan Embassy Beijing

Two officers of Pakistan Embassy Beijing were conferred upon Tamgha-e-imtiaz at a special investiture ceremony held at Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing on Tuesday

BEIJING, (APP - UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News - 15th Jun, 2021 ) :Two officers of Pakistan Embassy Beijing were conferred upon Tamgha-e-imtiaz at a special investiture ceremony held at Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing on Tuesday.

Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque, on behalf of the President of Pakistan, conferred the civil award upon Second Secretary Muhammad Junaid and education Attache, Muhammad Suleman Mahsud in recognition of their outstanding services for Pakistani students and community stranded in Wuhan during the lockdown imposed in wake of COVID-19 pandemic in early last year.

The two officers led a special solidarity mission to the epicenter of pandemic and spent 53 days in the locked down in Hubei province. They provided support and reassurance to the members of Pakistani community particularly students during the lockdown.

During their stay in Wuhan, they maintained a close contact with the Embassy and concerned Chinese local authorities to provide immediate assistance to Pakistanis in need, thereby renewing the confidence of overseas Pakistanis in the Pakistan government through realizing the policy of according top priority to expatriate countrymen.

Speaking on the occasion Pakistan Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque called the two officials as unsung heroes of Pakistan who served the Pakistani community in difficult situation.

He mentioned that two officers maintained the close collaboration between city officials, emergency institutions, and the students in different universities of Hebei province, enabling them to go through the challenge when everybody wanted to leave to city.

Ambassador Moin said that through their self-sacrifice, the two officers not only showed solidarity with the people of Hubei and back home, but also looked after Pakistani students who were stranded at the time due to lockdown.

He congratulated the two heroes and said that their stay in Wuhan to express solidarity with the people of China in difficult time, also solidified the China-Pakistan friendship which is very important.

He also dedicated today's ceremony to the celebrations of 70 years of establishment of diplomatic ties and wonderful and exemplary friendship between Pakistan and China.

One of the recipients of the award Junaid Raza is an officer of the Foreign Service of Pakistan and posted as Second Secretary at the Pakistan Embassy in Beijing,China.

Junaid Raza is a lifelong student of Pakistan's foreign policy and particularly, the exemplary Pakistan-China all weather strategic cooperative partnership. Following the COVID-19 outbreak centered in the Chinese city of Wuhan, he was the part of the core team of the Embassy to provide relief to more than 1200 Pakistani nationals in the locked down areas.

Mr. Suleman is currently serving as Education Attache at Pakistan's Embassy in Beijing, Peoples Republic of China and he was the member of the core team constituted to facilitate Pakistani students living under lock down in several provinces of China.

Talking to APP, Junaid Raza said he is very happy to receive this award and added while going to Wuhan only think in mind was to server for my people and express solidarity with Chinese brothers and sisters and to provide assistance to my countrymen who were in distress.

Muhammad Suleman Mahsud also expressed happiness over receiving one of the highest Civil Award of Pakistan and thanked Allah Almighty who guided and helped him to fulfill this difficult task.

He also thanked the Pakistan Embassy, Chinese authorizes and cooperation of Pakistani Community in Wuhan especially students.

The event was attended by officials of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Hubei FAO, China Foreign Affairs University and officers of Pakistan Embassy.