A Beautiful Saying!

A Beautiful Saying!
Achy Dost Banao
Q K Insan Ki Pehchan
Us Se Nahin
Us K Doston Se Hoti Hai.
Isi Liye Tm Ne Mjhe Dost Bnaya Na.
So value me always

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Na Saathi Hai Koi Na Hamsafar Hai Koi,

Na saathi hai koi na hamsafar hai koi,Na ham kisi ke na hamara hai koi,Par aapko dekh kar keh sakte hai,Ki dost hamara bhi hai koi.

Happiness Kill Hungry,

Happiness kill hungry,Sadness kill peace,Faith kill enemy,Friends kill your stress.

Reminding You Of What You Mean To Me

Just a small reminder of what you mean to me! You mean all of what a person could ask for. I wish for our friendship forever to be, living on, blossoming, ..

A Friends Character Should Be Like SALT,

A friends character should be like SALT,It’s Presence is not feltbutIt’s ABSENCE makes all the things‘!TASTELESS’.LIKE YOU............

I Always Thought Loving Some 1 Was The Greatest Feeling,

I always thought loving some 1 was the greatest feeling, but I realised tat loving a friend is even better, we lose ppl we love but we never ..



Friendship Is Like A Anti Virus

love is like a virus killing u from past, present & future friendship is like a anti virus saving u from from past, present & future

'dosti Wo'

'dosti wo'jis me sachi har bat hojis me har bat ka ehsas hojis me har ada pay naz hojis me ek dosre pe aetmad hojo dor reh kar bhi pas ho

Bhej Kar Scrap Dil Se Yaad Kiya,

Bhej kar Scrap dil se yaad kiya,phir na kehna aapko yaad na kiya.ab na koi bahana hoga,Dekh kar humara Msgaapko muskurana hi hoga.

Vacancy In My Heart 4 A True Friend

Vacancy in my Heart 4 a True FriendEligibility: Loving & Caring,Duty: To Luv,Experience: Not required,Salary: Never Ending Luv,Joining: ASAP,R U interested?

There Is A Big Ship

there is a big ship and there is a small ship but there is no ship bigger then friend ship


FRIENDSHIP is vast like UNIVERSE. Deep like OCEAN. High like SKY. Strong like IRON. Kind like MOTHER. & cute like ME.

Tumse Doori Ka Ehsaas Jab Satane Laga

Tumse doori ka ehsaas jab satane lagaTere saath guzra har lamha yaad aane lagaJab bhi tumhe bhulne ki koshish kiAe dost tu dil ke aur paas aane laga

Sub Kuch Maang Lia Khuda Se Tujh Ko Maang Kr

Sub kuch maang lia khuda se tujh ko maang krUthtay nahi hate mere is dau k baad

Khamoshiyo Me 1 Ada

Khamoshiyo me 1 ada itni pyari lagi, Apki dosti hame sabse nyari lagi, Ye na tute kabhi yahi dua hai meri, Kyoki duniya me yahi 1 chiz hame hamari lagi...

Dosti Ak Nazukh Khilona Hai

Dosti ak nazukh khilona haijisse mil jae wo to sona hai

Zaban K Kehnay Say Sirf Dosti Nhi Hoti

Zaban k kehnay say Sirf Dosti nhi hotiAur Dosti k beech koi Doulat nahi hotiKoi Rasam koi Qanoon na rooke mujayAb k Sache Dost se Koi Gherat nhi hotiHar ..

Dosti Ek Piyaz Ki Tarha Hai

Dosti ek piyaz ki tarha hai iska ek ek parda dosray k sath Mohabbat se jurra hota haiAgar isko kaato ge to Aanso k siwa kuch nahi nikle ga...!

Keeping A Friend Is As Difficult

Keeping a friend is as difficultas losing one. U sacrifice a lot toKeep Them. I may not have sacrificedenough 4 u… But in my heart i sweari’m Keeping ..

What Is A Friend?

What is a friend? He looks out for you, inspires you, laughs with you, cries with you, understands you, guides you and walks with you. That’s what a ..