General Elections 2008

General Elections 2008

General Election 2008 were held in Pakistan on 18th February 2008. Total 34980069 votes were casted for National Assembly, the turnout was 43.65%, and 97.52% valid votes were registered. Total 78008783 votes were registered for all all four Provincial assemblies, 34530797 votes were casted, the turnout was 44.27% and valid votes were 97.20%.
The votes were casted for 272 National Assembly NA seats, 297 Provincial Punjab (PA), 130 Provincial Sindh (PS), 51 Provincial Balochistan (PB) and 99 Provincial Khyber Pakhtunkhwa KPK (PK) Assemblies. Around 35.2 million people cast their vote and the voter turnout was 44.01%.
Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) got majority in National assembly with 91 general seats, and 10,666,548 votes, Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN) got second majority with 69 seats and 6,805,324 votes and Pakistan Muslim League (Q) (PMLQ) got third position with 38 general seats and 8,007,218 votes
The complete results of 2008 General Elections are given below according to the assemblies, along with details of every constituency (halqa) and every candidate participated, details of votes casted, and the percentage on the voting day is also available.
Winner Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Opposition Pakistan Muslim League (N)

2008 Election Results By Constituency Type

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