General Elections

The Provincial Assembly of Balochistan

The Provincial Balochistan Assembly is the house of elected representatives of Balochistan Province. There are total 65 seats in the PB, including 51 constituencies, 11 reserved female seats and 3 reserved seats for minorities. The Assembly tenure is 5 years as per the Article 52 of constitution of Pakistan. Election commission of Pakistan (ECP) is responsible for free and fair elections in the province. The assembly building is located in Quetta. The house is presided by the Speaker and assisted by the Deputy Speaker.
Below is the list of Provincial Balochistan Assembly constituencies, you can find all result history of every constituency of Balochistan, including the candidates who participated in the election, winning and losing candidates, registered number of votes and votes polled on the election date including percentage. Complete details and results of Bye-Elections held of Balochistan Assembly constituencies. Also party position and political party symbols allotted during elections is given in details.

List of Balochistan Assembly Constituencies in Pakistan

PB-1 PB-2 PB-3 PB-4 PB-5 PB-6 PB-7 PB-8 PB-9 PB-10 PB-11 PB-12 PB-13 PB-14 PB-15 PB-16 PB-17 PB-18 PB-19 PB-20 PB-21 PB-22 PB-23 PB-24 PB-25 PB-26 PB-27 PB-28 PB-29 PB-30 PB-31 PB-32 PB-33 PB-34 PB-35 PB-36 PB-37 PB-38 PB-39 PB-40 PB-41 PB-42 PB-43 PB-44 PB-45 PB-46 PB-47 PB-48
PB-49 PB-50 PB-51