Pakistan Muslim League - PML(Q)

Pakistan Muslim League - PML(Q)

Pakistan Muslim League is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (PML(Q)) and allotted election symbol is Tractor. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Pakistan Muslim League

Pakistan Muslim League Leadership

Pakistan Muslim League Candidates

Ghulam Sarwar Siyal Alias BabuGhulam Sarwar Siyal Alias BabuRana Muhammad IstikharRana Muhammad IstikharCh. Hamza Nasir IqbalCh. Hamza Nasir IqbalMalik Najab Gul Khalil Adv:Malik Najab Gul Khalil Adv:Muhammad Intikhab KhanMuhammad Intikhab KhanMian Yahya Shah Kaka KhelMian Yahya Shah Kaka KhelAmanullah Khan JandoonAmanullah Khan JandoonUmar Ayub KhanUmar Ayub KhanSardar Shajehan YousafSardar Shajehan YousafZar Gul KhanZar Gul KhanMuhammad Nawaz KhanMuhammad Nawaz KhanSaranzaib KhanSaranzaib KhanHabibullah Khan KundiHabibullah Khan KundiHamayun Saifullah KhanHamayun Saifullah KhanEng: Amir MuqamEng: Amir MuqamShahzada MuhyuddinShahzada MuhyuddinFarhad Ali KhanFarhad Ali KhanJaved IqbalJaved IqbalRizwan Sadiq KhanRizwan Sadiq KhanMustafa Nawaz KhokharMustafa Nawaz KhokharJaved Iqbal SattiJaved Iqbal SattiRaja Qasim Javaid IkhlasRaja Qasim Javaid IkhlasMuhammad Nasir RajaMuhammad Nasir RajaGhulam Sarwar KhanGhulam Sarwar KhanSheikh Rasheed AhmedSheikh Rasheed AhmedWASEEM GULZARWaseem GulzarSARDAR MUHAMMAD NAWAB KHANSardar Muhammad Nawab KhanChaudhary Shahbaz HussainChaudhary Shahbaz HussainHaroon Ehsan PirachaHaroon Ehsan PirachaCh. Ghais Ahmed MelaCh. Ghais Ahmed MelaBegum Malik Shoaib AwanBegum Malik Shoaib AwanDr.Sher Afghan Khan NiaziDr.sher Afghan Khan NiaziLietutant Col (R)Ghulam Rasul Sahi.Lietutant Col (r)ghulam Rasul Sahi.Zahid NazirZahid NazirMuhammad Asim Nazir.Muhammad Asim Nazir.Mian Rajab Ali Khan Baloch.Mian Rajab Ali Khan Baloch.Muhammad Safdar Shakir.Muhammad Safdar Shakir.Asif Tauseef.Asif Tauseef.Doctor Nisar Ahmad Jat.Doctor Nisar Ahmad Jat.Rana Zahid Mahmood.Rana Zahid Mahmood.Mushtaq Ali Cheema.Mushtaq Ali Cheema.Haji Bilal Noor Ansari.Haji Bilal Noor Ansari.Muhammad Tahir ShahMuhammad Tahir ShahGhulam Bibi BharwanaGhulam Bibi BharwanaMakhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh HayatMakhdoom Syed Faisal Saleh HayatSheikh Waqas AkramSheikh Waqas AkramSahibzada Muhammad Nazir SultanSahibzada Muhammad Nazir SultanMuhammad Mehboob SultanMuhammad Mehboob SultanFarkhanda Amjad WarraichFarkhanda Amjad WarraichMian Muhammad Kashif AshfaqMian Muhammad Kashif AshfaqRiaz FatiyanaRiaz FatiyanaCh. Imran UllahCh. Imran UllahCh. Shahid Akram BhinderCh. Shahid Akram BhinderKhalid Mehmood ManjKhalid Mehmood ManjCh Liaqat Abbas BhattiCh Liaqat Abbas BhattiChaudhary Wajahat HussainChaudhary Wajahat HussainSyed Noor-ul-Hassan ShahSyed Noor-ul-hassan ShahRehman Naseer ChaudharyRehman Naseer ChaudharyZafarullah TararZafarullah TararNasir Iqbal BusalNasir Iqbal BusalMian Muhammad Riaz.Mian Muhammad Riaz.Ch.Amir Hussain.Ch.amir Hussain.Ali Asjad MalhiAli Asjad MalhiCh: Abdul SattarCh: Abdul SattarMuhammad Naseer KhanMuhammad Naseer KhanRifat Javed KahloonRifat Javed KahloonMian Muhammad AzharMian Muhammad AzharKh. Tahir ZiaKh. Tahir ZiaMian Muhammad AsifMian Muhammad AsifMian Muhammad JehangirMian Muhammad JehangirMian Tahir SiddiqueMian Tahir SiddiqueTalib HussainTalib HussainHumayun Akhtar KhanHumayun Akhtar KhanMuhammad IdreesMuhammad IdreesAbdul Aleem KhanAbdul Aleem KhanSardar Aqil OmerSardar Aqil OmerMaj.(R) Habib Ullah WarraichMaj.(r) Habib Ullah WarraichCh. Muhammad Ashiq DyialCh. Muhammad Ashiq DyialBrdg: (R) Zulfiqar Ahmed DhillonBrdg: (r) Zulfiqar Ahmed DhillonCh.Muhammad Saeed VirkCh.muhammad Saeed VirkKhurram Munawar ManjKhurram Munawar ManjMian Shamim HaidarMian Shamim HaidarPeer Tariq Ahmed ShahPeer Tariq Ahmed ShahRai Mansab Ali KhanRai Mansab Ali KhanSardar Tofail Ahmed KhanSardar Tofail Ahmed KhanNiloufer Qasim MahdiNiloufer Qasim MahdiSardar Muhammad Asif NakaiSardar Muhammad Asif NakaiSardar Talib Hassan NakaiSardar Talib Hassan NakaiMuhammad Aslam Khan KharralMuhammad Aslam Khan KharralRao Sikandar IqbalRao Sikandar IqbalSyed Gulzar Sabtain ShahSyed Gulzar Sabtain ShahRao Muhammad Ajmal KhanRao Muhammad Ajmal KhanFazal Ahmad SheikhFazal Ahmad SheikhSyed Mujahid Ali ShahSyed Mujahid Ali ShahDewan Syed Ashiq Hussain BukhariDewan Syed Ashiq Hussain BukhariMuhammad Saddique Khan BaluchMuhammad Saddique Khan BaluchMuhammad Raza Hayat HirajMuhammad Raza Hayat HirajHamid Yar HirajHamid Yar HirajPir Aslam BodlaPir Aslam BodlaMalik Ghulam Murtaza MaitlaMalik Ghulam Murtaza MaitlaCh.Nauraiz Shakoor KhanCh.nauraiz Shakoor KhanRana Tariq JavedRana Tariq JavedMalik Nauman Ahmed LangriyalMalik Nauman Ahmed LangriyalPir Muhammad Shah KhaggaPir Muhammad Shah KhaggaMian Ahmad Raza Khan ManekaMian Ahmad Raza Khan ManekaDr.Junaid Mumtaz JoyaDr.junaid Mumtaz JoyaKhan Aftab Ahmad Khan KhichiKhan Aftab Ahmad Khan KhichiAurangzaib Khan KhichiAurangzaib Khan KhichiKhawja Sheeraz MehmoodKhawja Sheeraz MehmoodSardar Awais Ahmed Khan LaghariSardar Awais Ahmed Khan LaghariSardar Muhammad Jafar Khan LeghariSardar Muhammad Jafar Khan LeghariSardar Nasrullh Khan Dreshak.Sardar Nasrullh Khan Dreshak.Malik Ghulam Qasim HinjraMalik Ghulam Qasim HinjraMakhdom Zada Syed Basit Ahmad Sultan BukhariMakhdom Zada Syed Basit Ahmad Sultan BukhariSardar Ashiq Hussain GopanSardar Ashiq Hussain GopanSardar Bahadar Ahmad Khan SeeharSardar Bahadar Ahmad Khan SeeharMalik Niaz Ahmad JakharMalik Niaz Ahmad JakharMukhdoom Syed Sami-ul-Hassan GilaniMukhdoom Syed Sami-ul-hassan GilaniMuhammad Afrooq Anwar AbbasiMuhammad Afrooq Anwar AbbasiMian Riaz Hussain PirzadaMian Riaz Hussain PirzadaMuhammad Akhtar Khadim Alias Khadim Hussain.Muhammad Akhtar Khadim Alias Khadim Hussain.Shahida Sattar LalekaShahida Sattar LalekaTahir Bashir CheemaTahir Bashir CheemaMakhdoom Syed Ahmad Alam AnwarMakhdoom Syed Ahmad Alam AnwarSheikh Muhammad AnwarSheikh Muhammad AnwarMakhdoom Khusru BakhtiarMakhdoom Khusru BakhtiarCh. Zaffar Iqbal WarraichCh. Zaffar Iqbal WarraichRais Munir AhmadRais Munir AhmadTahir Hussain Shah.Tahir Hussain Shah.Taj Mohammad ShaikhTaj Mohammad ShaikhKhalid Ahmed Khan LundKhalid Ahmed Khan LundGhous Bux Khan MaharGhous Bux Khan MaharMr. Ghulam Sarwar Siyal (Babu)Mr. Ghulam Sarwar Siyal (babu)Altaf Hussain UnarAltaf Hussain UnarSardar Khan ChandioSardar Khan ChandioFahad MalikFahad MalikKhan Muhammad DhariKhan Muhammad DhariQari Mushtaque Ahmed FarooquiQari Mushtaque Ahmed FarooquiPir Sajjad Saeed Jan SirhandiPir Sajjad Saeed Jan SirhandiAdeeba Gul MagsiAdeeba Gul MagsiBibi Yasmeen ShahBibi Yasmeen ShahSyed Qurban Ali ShahSyed Qurban Ali ShahArbab ZakaullahArbab ZakaullahDr. Ghulam Hyder SamejoDr. Ghulam Hyder SamejoLiquat Ali Khan JatoiLiquat Ali Khan JatoiIhsan Ali JatoiIhsan Ali JatoiSyed Riaz Hussain Shah SheeraziSyed Riaz Hussain Shah SheeraziSyed Ayaz Ali Shah SheeraziSyed Ayaz Ali Shah SheeraziAmanullah ParachaAmanullah ParachaSultan Shahab JahangirSultan Shahab JahangirMuhammad Urs KheroMuhammad Urs KheroAnwar Ul Haq Alias AnnoAnwar Ul Haq Alias AnnoSardar Fateh Muhammad Muhammad HassaniSardar Fateh Muhammad Muhammad HassaniMuhammad Sarwar Khan KakarMuhammad Sarwar Khan KakarNaseer Ahmed KakarNaseer Ahmed KakarSardar Muhammad Israr TareenSardar Muhammad Israr TareenSardar Yar Muhammad RindSardar Yar Muhammad RindMir Asim KurdMir Asim KurdMir Atta-ur-Rehman MengalMir Atta-ur-rehman MengalJam Mir Muhammad YousufJam Mir Muhammad YousufEhsanullah RekiEhsanullah RekiSardar Muhammad Sajid KhanSardar Muhammad Sajid KhanRaja Nosherwan AkhtarRaja Nosherwan AkhtarCh. Javaid Kausar AdvocateCh. Javaid Kausar AdvocateShaukat Aziz BhattiShaukat Aziz BhattiEngineer Raja Qamar-ul-IslamEngineer Raja Qamar-ul-islamMuhammad Shafiq KhanMuhammad Shafiq KhanMalik Taimoor Masood AkbarMalik Taimoor Masood AkbarRaja Moeen SultanRaja Moeen SultanZohaib Ali Khan AfridiZohaib Ali Khan AfridiCh. Muhammad AdnanCh. Muhammad AdnanFayyaz Ul Hassan ChohanFayyaz Ul Hassan ChohanSYED EJAZ HUSSAIN BUKHARISyed Ejaz Hussain BukhariSHER ALI KHANSher Ali KhanIJAZ HUSSAIN FARHATIjaz Hussain FarhatPIR SHAUKAT HUSSAIN SHAHPir Shaukat Hussain ShahKhuram NawabKhuram NawabMalik Muhammad Zahoor AnwarMalik Muhammad Zahoor AnwarDr. Abdul Qayyum ChaudharyDr. Abdul Qayyum ChaudharyQurban HussainQurban HussainMuhammad ArifMuhammad ArifChaudhry Nazar Hussain GondalChaudhry Nazar Hussain GondalDr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed BharathDr. Malik Mukhtar Ahmed BharathMehar Ghulam Dstagir Khan LakMehar Ghulam Dstagir Khan LakMian Abdul QadeerMian Abdul QadeerManazar Hussain RanjahManazar Hussain RanjahCh. Aamar Sultan CheemaCh. Aamar Sultan CheemaCh.Faisal Farooq CheemaCh.faisal Farooq CheemaCh.Faisal Javaid GhumanCh.faisal Javaid GhumanMaj. (Retired)Asghar Hayat KalyarMaj. (retired)asghar Hayat KalyarFaisal AzizFaisal AzizMuhammad Iqbal UtraMuhammad Iqbal UtraMuhammad Sibtain KhanMuhammad Sibtain KhanMuhammad Afzal SahiMuhammad Afzal SahiZafar Zulkarnain SahiZafar Zulkarnain SahiGhulam Haider BariGhulam Haider BariRai Muhammad Sohena Khan Kharal AdvocateRai Muhammad Sohena Khan Kharal AdvocateZahir Ud DinZahir Ud DinKhalid Mahmood Wattoo AdvocateKhalid Mahmood Wattoo AdvocateShahid Khalil NoorShahid Khalil NoorChaudhry Arif Mehmood GillChaudhry Arif Mehmood GillCh.Khalid Mahmood AdvocateCh.khalid Mahmood AdvocateSardar Dildar Ahmad CheemaSardar Dildar Ahmad CheemaRai Ahsan Raza KharalRai Ahsan Raza KharalCh. Khalid Saddique DhillonCh. Khalid Saddique DhillonHaji Bisharat Ali ManjHaji Bisharat Ali ManjShakeel Ahmad AwanShakeel Ahmad AwanArif TauseefArif TauseefZulfiqar AnayatZulfiqar AnayatMumtaz Ali CheemaMumtaz Ali CheemaDilshad ParahDilshad ParahMuhammad Faisal Anwar KastroMuhammad Faisal Anwar KastroRaja Adnan TariqRaja Adnan TariqHaji Muhammad Yaqub SheikhHaji Muhammad Yaqub SheikhKhalid Mehmood SarganaKhalid Mehmood SarganaGhulam Muhammad LaliGhulam Muhammad LaliChiragh AkbarChiragh AkbarNajaf Abbas Khan SialNajaf Abbas Khan SialCh. Bilal Asghar WarraichCh. Bilal Asghar WarraichDr. Ashfaq-ur-RehmanDr. Ashfaq-ur-rehmanJaved AkramJaved AkramAshifa Riaz FatyanaAshifa Riaz FatyanaSyed Assad Abbas ShahSyed Assad Abbas ShahCh. Saeed Ahmad SaeediCh. Saeed Ahmad SaeediAmir Farooq KhanAmir Farooq KhanLala Zahid Usman AnsariLala Zahid Usman AnsariMian Sajjad MehmoodMian Sajjad MehmoodEngineer Muhammad Ashraf AbuttEngineer Muhammad Ashraf AbuttCh. Muhammad Nasir CheemaCh. Muhammad Nasir CheemaCh. Muhammad IqbalCh. Muhammad IqbalDoctor Sohail Zafar CheemaDoctor Sohail Zafar CheemaCh. Khalid Parvaiz VirkCh. Khalid Parvaiz VirkCh. Irfan Bashir GujjarCh. Irfan Bashir GujjarHamid Nasir ChatthaHamid Nasir ChatthaChohdary Muhammad Azam AkbarChohdary Muhammad Azam AkbarHaji Rai Riasat AliHaji Rai Riasat AliCh. Shaukat Ali BhattiCh. Shaukat Ali BhattiCh. Mushtaq Ahmed MonaCh. Mushtaq Ahmed MonaKhalid Javed Asghar GhuralKhalid Javed Asghar GhuralChaudhary Abdullah YousafChaudhary Abdullah YousafCh. Liaqat Ali BhaddarCh. Liaqat Ali BhaddarCh. Muhammad ArshadCh. Muhammad ArshadCh. Muhamad Naseer AbbasCh. Muhamad Naseer AbbasHameeda Waheed-Ud-DinHameeda Waheed-ud-dinBasma ChaudhryBasma ChaudhryAhmad Khan BhattiAhmad Khan BhattiMajor(R) Ehsan Elahi Ch.Major(r) Ehsan Elahi Ch.Mohammad Ajmal Cheema.Mohammad Ajmal Cheema.Mehr Arshad Mahmood.Mehr Arshad Mahmood.Zulfiqar Ali GhumanZulfiqar Ali GhumanCh. Khush Akhtar Subhani.Ch. Khush Akhtar Subhani.Syed Akhtar Hussain RizviSyed Akhtar Hussain RizviArmghan SubhaniArmghan SubhaniMuhammad RizwanMuhammad RizwanCh. Umer Iqbal HeryarCh. Umer Iqbal HeryarCh.Mumtaz AliCh.mumtaz AliSyed Saeed Ul Hassan ShahSyed Saeed Ul Hassan ShahCh. Umer Sharif AhmedCh. Umer Sharif AhmedMuhammad Abbas ChaudharyMuhammad Abbas ChaudharyKhizar Ilyas VirkKhizar Ilyas VirkLt. Col(R) Shujait Ahmed KhanLt. Col(r) Shujait Ahmed KhanHafiz Abdul GhaffarHafiz Abdul GhaffarZaheer Ahmad Ch.Zaheer Ahmad Ch.Arif Sana BajwaArif Sana BajwaNazeer Ahmed ChuhanNazeer Ahmed ChuhanMuhammad Azeem HaneefMuhammad Azeem HaneefMalik Mohammad Asghar KhanMalik Mohammad Asghar KhanHaji Imdad HussainHaji Imdad HussainMian Muhammad Aslam IqbalMian Muhammad Aslam IqbalMalik Habib UllahMalik Habib UllahHaji Muhammad Arshad DogharHaji Muhammad Arshad DogharMohammad Fayyaz KhalidMohammad Fayyaz KhalidWaris Ali MehmoodWaris Ali MehmoodWaheed RajaWaheed RajaCh. Nasir Mahmood JatCh. Nasir Mahmood JatMuhammad Shaoib SiddiquiMuhammad Shaoib SiddiquiNaveed Ashiq DyialNaveed Ashiq DyialShehzad YousafShehzad YousafChaudhry Muhammad Mansha SindhuChaudhry Muhammad Mansha SindhuAbdur Rasheed BhattiAbdur Rasheed BhattiSajid Bashir Butter.Sajid Bashir Butter.Rana Ijaz Hussain.Rana Ijaz Hussain.Rao Jahanzaib Qavi Khan.Rao Jahanzaib Qavi Khan.Munawar Hussain MunjMunawar Hussain MunjMian Khalid MehmoodMian Khalid MehmoodAbid Hussain ChathaAbid Hussain ChathaRana Waheed Ahmad KhanRana Waheed Ahmad KhanMalik Muhammad AzamMalik Muhammad AzamSardar Iftikhar Ahmed DogarSardar Iftikhar Ahmed DogarMalik Zulqarnain DogarMalik Zulqarnain DogarJaved Manzoor GillJaved Manzoor GillAgha Ali HaidarAgha Ali HaidarCh. Muhammad Ilyas KhanCh. Muhammad Ilyas KhanSadar Shaukat Ali DogarSadar Shaukat Ali DogarMaqbool Sabir AnsariMaqbool Sabir AnsariMalik Ahmad Saeed Khan AdvocateMalik Ahmad Saeed Khan AdvocateMilk Muhammad Ahmad Khan AdvocateMilk Muhammad Ahmad Khan AdvocateMuhammad Javed IqbalMuhammad Javed IqbalSheikh Alaud DinSheikh Alaud DinMajor(R) Peer Ijaz AhmadMajor(r) Peer Ijaz AhmadRana Sarfraz Ahmed KhanRana Sarfraz Ahmed KhanMehmood-ur-Rehman LashariMehmood-ur-rehman LashariDr. Azhar Mahmood ChaudharyDr. Azhar Mahmood ChaudharySyed Raza Ali GillaniSyed Raza Ali GillaniMian Muhammad Fayyaz Khan WattooMian Muhammad Fayyaz Khan WattooCh.Nadeem Abbas Rabera KharralCh.nadeem Abbas Rabera KharralMuhammad AfzalMuhammad AfzalKhalil Akhtar RaoKhalil Akhtar RaoMalik Nazar Farid KhokharMalik Nazar Farid KhokharDewan Akhlaq AhmadDewan Akhlaq AhmadAbbas Ali AnsariAbbas Ali AnsariMirza Furqan Ali MughalMirza Furqan Ali MughalMuhammad Aqeel Ijaz AnsariMuhammad Aqeel Ijaz AnsariMuhammad Muzaffar YaseenMuhammad Muzaffar YaseenMakhdoom Syed Abbas AkbarMakhdoom Syed Abbas AkbarMuhammad Husnain Khan BosanMuhammad Husnain Khan BosanMalik Mazhar Abbas RaanMalik Mazhar Abbas RaanRai Mansab AliRai Mansab AliMian Tariq AbdullahMian Tariq AbdullahRana Ejaz Ahmad NoonRana Ejaz Ahmad NoonMehdi Abbas KhanMehdi Abbas KhanPirzada Mian Muhammad Kamal BhuttaPirzada Mian Muhammad Kamal BhuttaMalik Muhammad Ajmal JoyiaMalik Muhammad Ajmal JoyiaSyed Muhammad Rafi-ul-Din BukhariSyed Muhammad Rafi-ul-din BukhariAhmed Khan BalouchAhmed Khan BalouchHaji Ghulam Jaffar SarganaHaji Ghulam Jaffar SarganaHussain Jahanian GardeziHussain Jahanian GardeziImran Perviaz DhoolImran Perviaz DhoolMuhammad Yar HirajMuhammad Yar HirajAmir Hiyat HirajAmir Hiyat HirajPir Zahoor Hussain QureshiPir Zahoor Hussain QureshiNawabzada Abdul Razzaq Khan NiaziNawabzada Abdul Razzaq Khan NiaziAftab Ahmed KhanAftab Ahmed KhanMalik Jalal Ud Din DhakkuMalik Jalal Ud Din DhakkuMuhammad Arshad Khan LodhiMuhammad Arshad Khan LodhiCh.Muhammad Arshad S/o Wali MuhammadCh.muhammad Arshad S/o Wali MuhammadNaseem IqbalNaseem IqbalMian Atta Muhammad Khan ManekaMian Atta Muhammad Khan ManekaRao Umer Hasham KhanRao Umer Hasham KhanMuhammad Naeem IbrahimMuhammad Naeem IbrahimPir Kashif Ali ChishtyPir Kashif Ali ChishtyPeer Ghulam Mohy-Ud-Din ChishtiPeer Ghulam Mohy-ud-din ChishtiCh. Nazir AhmadCh. Nazir AhmadMuhammad Afzal Karim BaituMuhammad Afzal Karim BaituCh. Nazar Muhammad DughalCh. Nazar Muhammad DughalTahir Iqbal ChaudhryTahir Iqbal ChaudhryJaved Iqbal KhanJaved Iqbal KhanSardar Fatah Muhammad Khan BuzdarSardar Fatah Muhammad Khan BuzdarSardar Javaid Akhtar Khan LundSardar Javaid Akhtar Khan LundSyed Abdul Aleem ShahSyed Abdul Aleem ShahSardar Muhammad Khan LeghariSardar Muhammad Khan LeghariSardar Muhammad Yousaf Khan LeghariSardar Muhammad Yousaf Khan LeghariGhazali Rahim KhanGhazali Rahim KhanMalik Ahmed Yar HinjraMalik Ahmed Yar HinjraMalik Ghulam Murtaza Raheem KharMalik Ghulam Murtaza Raheem KharBegum Tehmina DastiBegum Tehmina DastiMalik Jawad Kamran KharMalik Jawad Kamran KharMuhammad Imran QureshiMuhammad Imran QureshiSardar Muhammad Aoun Hameed DogarSardar Muhammad Aoun Hameed DogarAfzaal Mustafa ShahAfzaal Mustafa ShahSardar Aamir Talal GopangSardar Aamir Talal GopangChoudhary Muhammad Athar Maqbool.Choudhary Muhammad Athar Maqbool.Malik Allah Bakhsh SamtiaMalik Allah Bakhsh SamtiaSardar Shahab-ub-Din KhanSardar Shahab-ub-din KhanMalik Noor Nabi JakharMalik Noor Nabi JakharRazia BegumRazia BegumMakhdoom Syed Iftikhar Hussain GillaniMakhdoom Syed Iftikhar Hussain GillaniSyed Sardar HussainSyed Sardar HussainMalik Khalid Mahmood Baber WarnMalik Khalid Mahmood Baber WarnMian Saif Ullah AwasiMian Saif Ullah AwasiSyed Tabish AlwariSyed Tabish AlwariEjaz SafdarEjaz SafdarSyed Irfan Ahmed GardeziSyed Irfan Ahmed GardeziKhalil AhmedKhalil AhmedMehboob Nasir ChaudhryMehboob Nasir ChaudhryDr.Muhammad AfzalDr.muhammad AfzalSyed Nazar Mehmood ShahSyed Nazar Mehmood ShahSyed Muhammad Rasheed Ahmed ShahSyed Muhammad Rasheed Ahmed ShahMian Zia Ahkmed MatianaMian Zia Ahkmed MatianaMuhammad AsgharMuhammad AsgharGhulam MurtazaGhulam MurtazaMuhammad Abdullah WainsMuhammad Abdullah WainsMahmood AhmedMahmood AhmedMian Shafi MuhammadMian Shafi MuhammadShahid HabibShahid HabibMakhdoom Musharraf HussainMakhdoom Musharraf HussainMakhdoom Syed Ali Akbar MehmoodMakhdoom Syed Ali Akbar MehmoodMian Ahmad BilalMian Ahmad BilalCh. Naveed AkhtarCh. Naveed AkhtarShaukat DawoodShaukat DawoodSardar Arsalan Haider KhanSardar Arsalan Haider KhanAbdul Wali KhanAbdul Wali KhanArif BashirArif BashirSafeer Ullah Khan KhalilSafeer Ullah Khan KhalilDr.Simin Mohmood JanDr.simin Mohmood JanMuhammad Naeem KhanMuhammad Naeem KhanShah Hussain AfridiShah Hussain AfridiMehmood JanMehmood JanArbab Akbar HayatArbab Akbar HayatAkhtar Ali Khan NahqiAkhtar Ali Khan NahqiEngineer Amir MukaamEngineer Amir MukaamKhaliq Ur RehmanKhaliq Ur RehmanFayaz Khan KheshgiFayaz Khan KheshgiMian Rahim Shah KakaKhelMian Rahim Shah KakakhelFazal Mohammad KhanFazal Mohammad KhanZahid Shah MohmandZahid Shah MohmandAmraish KhanAmraish KhanAlam Zeb KhanAlam Zeb KhanNaseem Mohammad KhanNaseem Mohammad KhanAmir HabibAmir HabibGul Nawaz KhanGul Nawaz KhanSajjad AhmadSajjad AhmadMohammad Ayub Khan KhattakMohammad Ayub Khan KhattakMushtaq Ahmed GhaniMushtaq Ahmed GhaniHaji Qalandar Khan LodhiHaji Qalandar Khan LodhiNisar Safdar KhanNisar Safdar KhanSardar Ahmad Yar Jang Khan DurraniSardar Ahmad Yar Jang Khan DurraniFaisal ZamanFaisal ZamanMuhammad Tariq Khan SwatiMuhammad Tariq Khan SwatiSyed Mazhar Ali Qasim ShahSyed Mazhar Ali Qasim ShahShahzada Muhammad Gushtasp KhanShahzada Muhammad Gushtasp KhanWaji-Uz-Zaman KhanWaji-uz-zaman KhanMuhammad NaeemMuhammad NaeemZareen Gul KhanZareen Gul KhanZubair KhanZubair KhanMuhammad KhanMuhammad KhanHaji Afreen KhanHaji Afreen KhanAl-Haj Sana Ullah Khan MiankhelAl-haj Sana Ullah Khan MiankhelEkhtesham Javed Akbar KhanEkhtesham Javed Akbar KhanShah Bakht RawanShah Bakht RawanDr.Syed Mahmood Ali ShahDr.syed Mahmood Ali ShahHaji JalatHaji JalatAmeer MuqamAmeer MuqamQamus KhanQamus KhanShokor MuhammadShokor MuhammadGhulam MohammadGhulam MohammadAkhunzada Sikandar HazratAkhunzada Sikandar HazratJaved Akhtar Tajak AdvocateJaved Akhtar Tajak AdvocateDr.Shaukat AliDr.shaukat AliIkram GhaniIkram GhaniGul ZaminGul ZaminMuhammad Ayub KhanMuhammad Ayub KhanSardar Haji Khan ChacharSardar Haji Khan ChacharAhmed Yar Khan Shar BalouchAhmed Yar Khan Shar BalouchAli Nawaz Khan MaharAli Nawaz Khan MaharSardar Nadir Akmal Khan LeghariSardar Nadir Akmal Khan LeghariZulfiqar Ali KamarioZulfiqar Ali KamarioMaqbool Ahmed ShaikhMaqbool Ahmed ShaikhSardar Manzoor Ali KhanSardar Manzoor Ali KhanSardar Mir Ghulam Abid Khan SundraniSardar Mir Ghulam Abid Khan SundraniMir Ghalib Hussain Khan DomkiMir Ghalib Hussain Khan DomkiSayed Hassan Ali ShahSayed Hassan Ali ShahAli Nawaz BrohiAli Nawaz BrohiMumtaz Ali JamaliMumtaz Ali JamaliAbdul Hafeez UnarAbdul Hafeez UnarDr. Bahadur Khan DahriDr. Bahadur Khan DahriMr. Altaf Hussain UnerMr. Altaf Hussain UnerMr. Altaf Hussain Ansari.Mr. Altaf Hussain Ansari.Eng: Rahmatullah AbroEng: Rahmatullah AbroNawabzada Sardar Khan ChandioNawabzada Sardar Khan ChandioMeer Abdul Waheed BrohiMeer Abdul Waheed BrohiAbdul Ghaffar BrohiAbdul Ghaffar BrohiBurhan Khan ChandioBurhan Khan ChandioAbdul Rehman RajputeAbdul Rehman RajputeSyed Khalid JaffriSyed Khalid JaffriJam Khan ShoroJam Khan ShoroMir Sher Muhammad TalpurMir Sher Muhammad TalpurMir Muhammad GhulamMir Muhammad GhulamDr. Irfan Gul MagsiDr. Irfan Gul MagsiSayed Muhammad Kamil ShahSayed Muhammad Kamil ShahMuhammad HalepotoMuhammad HalepotoMir Irfan TalpurMir Irfan TalpurHaji Sain Bux JamaliHaji Sain Bux JamaliMohammad Ismail RahuMohammad Ismail RahuArbab Zulfiqar Ali.Arbab Zulfiqar Ali.Abdul Razak RahimoonAbdul Razak RahimoonSyed Zulfiqar Ali ShahSyed Zulfiqar Ali ShahMir Waqar Ahmed TalpurMir Waqar Ahmed TalpurJamil Ahmed BhurghariJamil Ahmed BhurghariDr. Dost Muhammad MemonDr. Dost Muhammad MemonMalik Changez KhanMalik Changez KhanLiaqat Ali JatoiLiaqat Ali JatoiDr.Bandah Ali LeghariDr.bandah Ali LeghariAmeer Bux JunejoAmeer Bux JunejoSadaqat Ali JatoiSadaqat Ali JatoiSyed Ameer Hyder Shah SheeraziSyed Ameer Hyder Shah SheeraziShah Hussain Shah SheeraziShah Hussain Shah SheeraziSyed Karim Dino Shah SheeraziSyed Karim Dino Shah SheeraziAkhtar PervaizAkhtar PervaizMuhammad Tariq HassanMuhammad Tariq HassanSyed Muhammad Izharul HaqSyed Muhammad Izharul HaqHaleem Adil ShaikhHaleem Adil ShaikhLt. Colonel(R) Muhamamd Younas ChangaziLt. Colonel(r) Muhamamd Younas ChangaziNaseebullahNaseebullahMir Abid Hussain LehriMir Abid Hussain LehriSardar Fateh M. HasaniSardar Fateh M. HasaniKhan Naseer Ahmad Khan KakarKhan Naseer Ahmad Khan KakarNoor Muhammad DumarNoor Muhammad DumarAsmatullah Khan Tareen.Asmatullah Khan Tareen.Syed ObaidullahSyed ObaidullahNaseer Ahmed Bacha Khan Achakzai.Naseer Ahmed Bacha Khan Achakzai.Abdul Ali KhanAbdul Ali KhanMasood Ali KhanMasood Ali KhanMuhammad Khan Toor.Muhammad Khan Toor.Mrs. Nasreen Rehman Khan KhethranMrs. Nasreen Rehman Khan KhethranLal Gul KakarLal Gul KakarSheikh Jaffer Khan MandokhailSheikh Jaffer Khan MandokhailMalik Amanullah MehterzaiMalik Amanullah MehterzaiFateh Khan KhajakFateh Khan KhajakSardar Asad Khan Tareen.Sardar Asad Khan Tareen.Mir Gul Khan MarriMir Gul Khan MarriTariq Hussain Massori BugtiTariq Hussain Massori BugtiMir Saleem Ahmed KhosaMir Saleem Ahmed KhosaIzhar Hussain KhosaIzhar Hussain KhosaSardar Yar Muhammad Khan RindSardar Yar Muhammad Khan RindMir Murad Khan SheikhMir Murad Khan SheikhSardar Hayat Khan SajadiSardar Hayat Khan SajadiMir AmanullahMir AmanullahMuhammad RahimMuhammad RahimAbdul Quddoos BezenjoAbdul Quddoos BezenjoShah HussainShah HussainShah Hussain (R)Shah Hussain (r)Muhamamd Aslam BhootaniMuhamamd Aslam BhootaniMir Shoaib NosherwaniMir Shoaib NosherwaniMir Habib-ur-Rehman Muhammad HasaniMir Habib-ur-rehman Muhammad HasaniGhulam JanGhulam JanMir Hammal KalmatiMir Hammal KalmatiShoukat Ali KhanShoukat Ali KhanKhurshid Ali KhanKhurshid Ali KhanInam KhanInam KhanZardali KhanZardali KhanAlhaaj Malak Aurangzeb KhanAlhaaj Malak Aurangzeb KhanMUHAMMAD JAVED ANWAR KHANMuhammad Javed Anwar KhanSAJAD HUSSAINSajad HussainABDUR RAJ KHANAbdur Raj KhanUmar Zeb KhanUmar Zeb KhanWazir Mohammad SafiWazir Mohammad SafiSuhrab AliSuhrab AliSaid BadshahSaid BadshahChoudhry Farrukh AltafChoudhry Farrukh AltafFAWAD AHMADFawad AhmadGHIAS AHMAD MELAGhias Ahmad MelaCh Anwar Ali CheemaCh Anwar Ali CheemaCHOUDHRY ADIL SABOORChoudhry Adil SaboorRana Asif TouseefRana Asif TouseefCHAUDHRY MUHAMMAD ANWAR BHINDERChaudhry Muhammad Anwar BhinderCh Sajid Hussain ChathaCh Sajid Hussain ChathaCH WAJAHAT HUSSAINCh Wajahat HussainRehman NaseerRehman NaseerMUHTARMA AMNA ZULIFQAR DHILLONMuhtarma Amna Zulifqar DhillonShahid Manzoor GillShahid Manzoor GillAzeem U Deen ZahidAzeem U Deen ZahidRAI MUHAMMAD ASLAM KHARALRai Muhammad Aslam KharalMUHAMMAD SHAH KHAGGAMuhammad Shah KhaggaRAJA TALIA SAEED KHANRaja Talia Saeed KhanSardar Maqsood Khan LeghariSardar Maqsood Khan LeghariTariq Bashir CheemaTariq Bashir CheemaLiaquat Ali QureshiLiaquat Ali QureshiGhulam Sarwar Siyal BabuGhulam Sarwar Siyal BabuMir Zeeshan Ali PanhwarMir Zeeshan Ali PanhwarHaji Mohammad Islam QureshiHaji Mohammad Islam QureshiKhan Amanullah KhanKhan Amanullah KhanProfessor Engineer Rana Saeed Ahmed ZafarProfessor Engineer Rana Saeed Ahmed ZafarRuquiya Saeed HashmiRuquiya Saeed HashmiAbdul WaliAbdul WaliSardar Masood Ali Khan LuniSardar Masood Ali Khan LuniJaffar Khan MandokhelJaffar Khan MandokhelMir Ahmedan Khan BugtiMir Ahmedan Khan BugtiSARDAR MUHAMMAD SALEEM KHANSardar Muhammad Saleem KhanMALIK SOHAIL ASHRAFMalik Sohail AshrafMALIK MEHBOOB ELLAHIMalik Mehboob EllahiSARDAR AMJAD ILYAS KOTEHRASardar Amjad Ilyas KotehraAbdul Qayyum ChoudhryAbdul Qayyum ChoudhryChoudhry Saeed AhmadChoudhry Saeed AhmadChaudhary Muhammad AbidChaudhary Muhammad AbidMehar Rab Nawaz LakMehar Rab Nawaz LakMUHAMMAD ILYAS AWANMuhammad Ilyas AwanMUHAMMAD ISMAILMuhammad IsmailMalik Nazar Abbas KohawarMalik Nazar Abbas KohawarRai Abdul Qadir KharalRai Abdul Qadir KharalFIRDOUS BIBI FATIANAFirdous Bibi FatianaCHOUDHRY NADEEM MUMTAZ MAHUTAChoudhry Nadeem Mumtaz MahutaCHOUDHRY KHALID NABI ADVOCATEChoudhry Khalid Nabi AdvocateCh Khalid Pervaiz GillCh Khalid Pervaiz GillAli AkhtarAli AkhtarIstiqlal Hussain QaisarIstiqlal Hussain QaisarHAFIZ MUHAMMAD QAMAR HAYAT KATHIAHafiz Muhammad Qamar Hayat KathiaKHAWJA WAQAR HASSANKhawja Waqar HassanMuhammad Nasir CheemaMuhammad Nasir CheemaDr Sohail Zafar CheemaDr Sohail Zafar CheemaZuhair Zia ManjZuhair Zia ManjCh Akil Buksh ChathaCh Akil Buksh ChathaShajahat NawabShajahat NawabCHAUDHARY SHAFAAT HUSSAINChaudhary Shafaat HussainIjaz AhmedIjaz AhmedChaudhary Muhammad ArshadChaudhary Muhammad ArshadNaeem Raza KotlaNaeem Raza KotlaMuhammad Arif Gondal ChhimmoanaMuhammad Arif Gondal ChhimmoanaHafiz Muhammad RazaHafiz Muhammad RazaSYED BILAL MUSTFA SHERAZISyed Bilal Mustfa SheraziBao Muhammad RizwanBao Muhammad RizwanAsad Hafeez GorayaAsad Hafeez GorayaChaudhary Zia Ullah KharaChaudhary Zia Ullah KharaCh Muhammad Azeem Noori GhummanCh Muhammad Azeem Noori GhummanKarnal R Muhammad Abbas ChoudhryKarnal R Muhammad Abbas ChoudhryCHAUDHARY SHAHID MEHMOOD DHAIR ADVOCATEChaudhary Shahid Mehmood Dhair AdvocateMusa RazaMusa RazaM. Yousaf Ahad MalikM. Yousaf Ahad MalikMALIK HABIB ULAAH BHATIMalik Habib Ulaah BhatiCh Sarosh Tahir GujjarCh Sarosh Tahir GujjarCh Mushtaq Ahmad GujjarCh Mushtaq Ahmad GujjarMuhammad Akram RamayMuhammad Akram RamayWaqas Hassan MokalWaqas Hassan MokalZAHID QAYYUM KHANZahid Qayyum KhanMuhammad Mumtaz KhalidMuhammad Mumtaz KhalidSARFRAZ HUSSAIN BHATTISarfraz Hussain BhattiDoctor Azhar Mahmood ChaudhryDoctor Azhar Mahmood ChaudhrySardar Sheharyar MoakkalSardar Sheharyar MoakkalRana Muhammad SaleemRana Muhammad SaleemAhmad Yar HirajAhmad Yar HirajPIR MUHAMMAD MUZAFFAR SHAH KHAGGAPir Muhammad Muzaffar Shah KhaggaSYED SHABBAR MUSTAFA SHIRAZISyed Shabbar Mustafa ShiraziMUHAMMAD JAVED SOHAILMuhammad Javed SohailAMNA NAVEEDAmna NaveedGHULAM QADIR RANA URF MUNAY KHANGhulam Qadir Rana Urf Munay KhanSardar Muhammad Akram KhanSardar Muhammad Akram KhanMalik Muhammad Mudassar Abbas KharMalik Muhammad Mudassar Abbas KharYasir Atta QureshiYasir Atta QureshiChaudhry Altaf HussainChaudhry Altaf HussainSyed Bilal Mustafa GardeziSyed Bilal Mustafa GardeziRiaz Ahmed PML QRiaz Ahmed Pml QAHSAN UL HAQAhsan Ul HaqChoudhry Shahzad JattChoudhry Shahzad JattSAIF ULLAHSaif UllahShahid NoorShahid NoorRobina ShaheenRobina ShaheenAzmat KhanAzmat KhanHIDAYAT UR REHMAN KASHAFHidayat Ur Rehman KashafAllama Muhammad ShoaibAllama Muhammad ShoaibGohar Zaman KhattakGohar Zaman KhattakAjmal KhanAjmal KhanAbdul WahabAbdul WahabMohammad Ibrahim LodhiMohammad Ibrahim LodhiSahaibzada Irfan Ahmad BachaSahaibzada Irfan Ahmad BachaZard AliZard AliSaeed MuhammadSaeed MuhammadFarooq ZamanFarooq ZamanSyed Hamid ShahSyed Hamid ShahBabar KhanBabar KhanSadur Zaman KhanSadur Zaman KhanAlhaj Malik Saran ZebAlhaj Malik Saran ZebMohammad SadiqMohammad SadiqMuhammad IjazMuhammad IjazMalak AhmadMalak AhmadIzzat IqbalIzzat IqbalMUHAMMAD ANEES NASIRMuhammad Anees NasirImam Din KeerioImam Din KeerioLeela Alias KalpanaLeela Alias KalpanaMuhammad Arif ShaikhMuhammad Arif ShaikhMuhammad AurengzaibMuhammad AurengzaibAbdul Latif AbroAbdul Latif AbroSyeda Tasneem ZehraSyeda Tasneem ZehraAbdul SattarAbdul SattarFazal HussainFazal HussainKarim BuxKarim BuxHamid Hussain QureshiHamid Hussain QureshiAMIN NASRA CHOUDRYAmin Nasra ChoudryGhulam Nabi ShoroGhulam Nabi ShoroABDUL LATEEF RINDAbdul Lateef RindPeerzada Muhammad Anwar ShahPeerzada Muhammad Anwar ShahMrs Saify Ali KhanMrs Saify Ali KhanAbdul Qadir SheikhAbdul Qadir SheikhDr Ameer Nawaz Khan Ali ZaiDr Ameer Nawaz Khan Ali ZaiSathi Khan SheikhSathi Khan SheikhJaffarul HassanJaffarul HassanNaeem Adil ShaikhNaeem Adil ShaikhSaeed Ahmed HashmiSaeed Ahmed HashmiMir Muhammad Ismail LehriMir Muhammad Ismail LehriAbdul Samad MaryaniAbdul Samad MaryaniSyed Ubaid Ullah AghaSyed Ubaid Ullah AghaDoctor RafiullahDoctor RafiullahAhmed KhanAhmed KhanMardan KhanMardan KhanSardar Asmatullah KhanSardar Asmatullah KhanMir Tariq Mehmood KhetranMir Tariq Mehmood KhetranTARIQ HUSSAINTariq HussainFarooq JamaliFarooq JamaliMohammad Zaman Khan UmraniMohammad Zaman Khan Umrani