Awami National Party - ANP

Awami National Party - ANP

Awami National Party is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (ANP) and allotted election symbol is Lantern. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Awami National Party

Awami National Party Leadership

Awami National Party Candidates

Alhaj Ghulam Ahmad BilourAlhaj Ghulam Ahmad BilourMuhammad Daud Khan KhattakMuhammad Daud Khan KhattakRana Mushtaq AhmadRana Mushtaq AhmadMalik Mukhtar Ahmed MohanaMalik Mukhtar Ahmed MohanaEjaz AhmedEjaz AhmedMalik Muhammad Ibrahim KasiMalik Muhammad Ibrahim KasiKhushdil KhanKhushdil KhanImran Qaisar AbbasImran Qaisar AbbasHaji Ghulam Ahmad BilourHaji Ghulam Ahmad BilourArbab Najeeb Ullah Khan KhalilArbab Najeeb Ullah Khan KhalilMuhammad Hashim BabarMuhammad Hashim BabarArbab Muhammad Zahir KhanArbab Muhammad Zahir KhanTariq Hameed KhattakTariq Hameed KhattakMasood Abbas KhattakMasood Abbas KhattakHimayat Ullah MayarHimayat Ullah MayarPerviz Khan AdvocatePerviz Khan AdvocatePir Dilawar ShahPir Dilawar ShahSher Nawaz KhattakSher Nawaz KhattakSyed Haider Ali ShahSyed Haider Ali ShahIstiqbal KhanIstiqbal KhanSyed Amir ZebSyed Amir ZebMohammad Ayub Khan AdvocateMohammad Ayub Khan AdvocateNaveed Anjum KhanNaveed Anjum KhanAhmadullahAhmadullahFaisal Imran Khan NiaziFaisal Imran Khan NiaziMaj(R) Mahr Muhammad RamzanMaj(r) Mahr Muhammad RamzanHaji Muhammad JavaidHaji Muhammad JavaidKamander (R) Ayub KhanKamander (r) Ayub KhanMuhammad Sher Khan KhichiMuhammad Sher Khan KhichiAnwar ZaibAnwar ZaibShahzia BatulShahzia BatulHafiz Zardullah Khan Hassan Zai.Hafiz Zardullah Khan Hassan Zai.Engineer Noor Ahmed KhanEngineer Noor Ahmed KhanAbdul Rasheed NasirAbdul Rasheed NasirMalik Muhammad Usman Achakzai.Malik Muhammad Usman Achakzai.Aurangzeb KhanAurangzeb KhanHaroon BilourHaroon BilourBashir Ahmed BilourBashir Ahmed BilourAteef Ur RehmanAteef Ur RehmanYounas JanYounas JanSaqibullah Khan ChamkaniSaqibullah Khan ChamkaniMian Iftikhar HussainMian Iftikhar HussainAftab Ahmad KhanAftab Ahmad KhanKhalil Abass KhanKhalil Abass KhanBarrister Arshad AbdullahBarrister Arshad AbdullahShakeel Bashir UmerzaiShakeel Bashir UmerzaiMuhammad Taimoor KhanMuhammad Taimoor KhanAhmad Khan BhadarAhmad Khan BhadarTaufeeq Mohammad KhanTaufeeq Mohammad KhanRiaz Ali Khattak AdvocateRiaz Ali Khattak AdvocateSyed Zahid JamalSyed Zahid JamalMuhammad ZarshidMuhammad ZarshidAmir RehmanAmir RehmanMukhtiar Ali AdvocateMukhtiar Ali AdvocateEngineer Amjid Ali KhanEngineer Amjid Ali KhanSikandar IrfanSikandar IrfanSarfaz KhanSarfaz KhanShaukat HabibShaukat HabibShehbaz GulShehbaz GulMuhammad Khurshid KhattakMuhammad Khurshid KhattakTaleem Khan AdvocateTaleem Khan AdvocateNamroz KhanNamroz KhanJaved KhanJaved KhanRiaz Muhammad KhanRiaz Muhammad KhanHaji Rehmat KhanHaji Rehmat KhanBaz Muhammad KhanBaz Muhammad KhanRast Baz KhanRast Baz KhanSadr-ud-DinSadr-ud-dinMuhammad Imran KhanMuhammad Imran KhanSaid RahimSaid RahimWajid Ali KhanWajid Ali KhanSher Shah KhanSher Shah KhanWaqar Ahmad KhanWaqar Ahmad KhanMohammad Ayub KhanMohammad Ayub KhanDr.Haider AliDr.haider AliAnwar AliAnwar AliUbaidullahUbaidullahShamin KhanShamin KhanMohamad Azam KhanMohamad Azam KhanHaji Hidayat Ullah KhanHaji Hidayat Ullah KhanNaeem JanNaeem JanHussain ShahHussain ShahNek Amal KhanNek Amal KhanMuhammad ShoaibMuhammad ShoaibZar Bali SyedZar Bali SyedAbdul HayatAbdul HayatAmeer NawabAmeer NawabRiaz GullRiaz GullMuhammad Aslam MandokhailMuhammad Aslam MandokhailKhalid KhanKhalid KhanMuhammad Farooq BungashMuhammad Farooq BungashSaeed Ahmed Khan KhattakSaeed Ahmed Khan KhattakAmanullah Khan MasoodAmanullah Khan MasoodWaseem Shah MashwaniWaseem Shah MashwaniKhudai-e-DadKhudai-e-dadNaseebullah Khan AdvocateNaseebullah Khan AdvocateMuhamamd Hussain Agha AdvocateMuhamamd Hussain Agha AdvocateDr. HayatullahDr. HayatullahJameel AhmedJameel AhmedHaji NizamuddinHaji NizamuddinHaji Abdul Hadi KakarHaji Abdul Hadi KakarSyed Haji Muhammad HanifSyed Haji Muhammad HanifAsghar Khan Achakzai.Asghar Khan Achakzai.Haji Sahib Jan Kakar.Haji Sahib Jan Kakar.Bismillah Jan.Bismillah Jan.Amanullah Khan HeripalAmanullah Khan HeripalMalik Sheikh Muhamamd Yar KhanMalik Sheikh Muhamamd Yar KhanMamoon Khan Kakar.Mamoon Khan Kakar.Sultan Muhammad Tareen.Sultan Muhammad Tareen.Arbab Najeeb Ullah KhanArbab Najeeb Ullah KhanArbab Inam Ullah KhanArbab Inam Ullah KhanARBAB MOHAMMAD AYUB JANArbab Mohammad Ayub JanMuhammad Daud KhattakMuhammad Daud KhattakMasood AbbasMasood AbbasMuhammad Farooq KhanMuhammad Farooq KhanInayat KhanInayat KhanHaji RehmanullahHaji RehmanullahMuhammad Sarwar KhanMuhammad Sarwar KhanMuhammad Sharif KhattakMuhammad Sharif KhattakALI SARWARAli SarwarAbdul RaufAbdul RaufMUZAFFAR-UL-MULKMuzaffar-ul-mulkKhurshidKhurshidSADID UR RAHMANSadid Ur RahmanSyed Muzafar Ali Shah JanSyed Muzafar Ali Shah JanMuhammad Azam KhanMuhammad Azam KhanRahmat Shah SaelRahmat Shah SaelDoulat AliDoulat AliSyed Basharat HussainSyed Basharat HussainMuhammad Ayaz KhanMuhammad Ayaz KhanGul AfzalGul AfzalMalik Darya KhanMalik Darya KhanShahi KhanShahi KhanShahzad KhanShahzad KhanUmar HayatUmar HayatSHAH MOHAMMADShah MohammadHABIB ULLAH KHANHabib Ullah KhanCh. Ghulam MustafaCh. Ghulam MustafaSyed Muhammad AfzalSyed Muhammad AfzalSarwar KhanSarwar KhanMUHAMMAD SAJID TAHEEM ADVOCATEMuhammad Sajid Taheem AdvocateImtiaz HussainImtiaz HussainQalandar BuxQalandar BuxMajid KhanMajid KhanSarfaraz Khan JadoonSarfaraz Khan JadoonKabir Ahmed SherKabir Ahmed SherSyed Karam DarweshSyed Karam DarweshSyed Muhammad HanifSyed Muhammad HanifIrshad KhanIrshad KhanAbdul Rehman Khan YousufzaiAbdul Rehman Khan YousufzaiMuhammad Younus KhanMuhammad Younus KhanAman MasoodAman MasoodSultan Khan MandokhailSultan Khan MandokhailSyed Abdul QayyumSyed Abdul QayyumNaik Muhammad KakarNaik Muhammad KakarHaji Nizamuddin KakarHaji Nizamuddin KakarAbdul Jabbar Khan KakarAbdul Jabbar Khan KakarBismillah Jan LuniBismillah Jan LuniNawabzada Mohamamd Amin Khan JogezaiNawabzada Mohamamd Amin Khan JogezaiMalik Dad Muhammad TareenMalik Dad Muhammad TareenMUHAMMAD SHERAZMuhammad SherazMUHAMMAD JAVEDMuhammad JavedShaukat Zaman YousafsaiShaukat Zaman YousafsaiMALIK ARSHAD HUSSAIN AWANMalik Arshad Hussain AwanBAHADAR KHANBahadar KhanRana Gull Nawaz KhanRana Gull Nawaz KhanSaeed AhmadSaeed AhmadRana Muhammad JameelRana Muhammad JameelRana Liaqat AliRana Liaqat AliGHAZANFAR BILOURGhazanfar BilourMalik Ghulam MustafaMalik Ghulam MustafaArbab Muhammad Tahir Khan KhalilArbab Muhammad Tahir Khan KhalilMuhammad Alamgir KhalilMuhammad Alamgir KhalilAziz Ghaffar KhanAziz Ghaffar KhanARBAB NAZIR AHMAD KHANArbab Nazir Ahmad KhanArbab Muhammad Usman KhanArbab Muhammad Usman KhanSaqib UllahSaqib UllahMuhammad ShahidMuhammad ShahidKhalil Abbas KhattakKhalil Abbas KhattakParvez Ahmad KhanParvez Ahmad KhanMohammad Ahmad KhanMohammad Ahmad KhanArshad AbdullahArshad AbdullahKhadim Shah SafiKhadim Shah SafiSyed Masoom ShahSyed Masoom ShahMaqsood AkhtarMaqsood AkhtarAmir Haidar KhanAmir Haidar KhanAli KhanAli KhanGhani Dad KhanGhani Dad KhanMalik Ijaz KhanMalik Ijaz KhanHaji Bahader KhanHaji Bahader KhanMuhammad IdressMuhammad IdressLitaf GulLitaf GulGul Zamin ShahGul Zamin ShahMuhammad Ishfaq KhanMuhammad Ishfaq KhanMuhammad Islam KhanMuhammad Islam KhanSarfaraz KhanSarfaraz KhanSyed Ibn E AliSyed Ibn E AliSyed Shaffi Muhammad ZamanSyed Shaffi Muhammad ZamanNawab Zada Mohsin Ali KhanNawab Zada Mohsin Ali KhanIrshad Nabi BangashIrshad Nabi BangashMuhammad Saeed KhanMuhammad Saeed KhanPir Babar KhanPir Babar KhanAmjid AliAmjid AliShoukat Ur Rehman MashwaniShoukat Ur Rehman MashwaniAman UllahAman UllahNamroz Khan KhankhelNamroz Khan KhankhelMohammad Ayaz KhanMohammad Ayaz KhanMuhammad RiazMuhammad RiazTajan MalakTajan MalakMakhdoom Syed Mureed Kazim ShahMakhdoom Syed Mureed Kazim ShahTaimor BazTaimor BazSadrud Din MarwatSadrud Din MarwatMuhammad IbrahimMuhammad IbrahimHamayun KhanHamayun KhanQaisar Wali KhanQaisar Wali KhanSher ShahSher ShahRehmat AliRehmat AliMuhammad Ayub KhanMuhammad Ayub KhanDoctor Haider Ali KhanDoctor Haider Ali KhanHaji Said FareenHaji Said FareenZafar AhmadZafar AhmadShah Wazir KhanShah Wazir KhanBadshah MuhammadBadshah MuhammadAmir Zaman KhanAmir Zaman KhanHidayat Ullah KhanHidayat Ullah KhanShafi UllahShafi UllahMUHAMMAD ALEEMMuhammad AleemASADULLAH KHANAsadullah KhanHafeezullahHafeezullahGhulam Yaseen MalikGhulam Yaseen MalikSyed Zahid Hussain ShahSyed Zahid Hussain ShahUmer GulUmer GulGul BadshahGul BadshahJawaid Ahmed KhanJawaid Ahmed KhanMuhammed KarimMuhammed KarimChahudry Ayoub ArainChahudry Ayoub ArainSaleem KhanSaleem KhanSaifullah KhanSaifullah KhanMUHAMMAD RAZZAQUEMuhammad RazzaqueKhursheed Ahmed QureshiKhursheed Ahmed QureshiBasheer AhmedBasheer AhmedAamir ShahzadAamir ShahzadKhalid IqbalKhalid IqbalHameeduallah KhanHameeduallah KhanSAMIULLAHSamiullahHAIDER ALIHaider AliHazrat AliHazrat AliBadshah KhanBadshah KhanShamsher KhanShamsher KhanNoor Ullah AchakzaiNoor Ullah AchakzaiMohammed Saeed Khan AfghanMohammed Saeed Khan AfghanSajjad Ahmed KhanSajjad Ahmed KhanMuhammad Ibrahim KasiMuhammad Ibrahim KasiNoor Ud Din TareenNoor Ud Din TareenSyed Zubair Shah AghaSyed Zubair Shah AghaHaji Abdul Sattar KakarHaji Abdul Sattar KakarSardar Fareedullah DumarSardar Fareedullah DumarHaji Abdul Bari KakarHaji Abdul Bari KakarMohammad YarMohammad YarSyed Abdul Bari AghaSyed Abdul Bari AghaAsghar KhanAsghar KhanZmarak KhanZmarak KhanKhan MuhammadKhan MuhammadIzat Khan NasarIzat Khan NasarHaji Jalat Khan EssoteHaji Jalat Khan EssoteAbdul SalamAbdul SalamJuma Khan BabarJuma Khan BabarMuhammad Anwar MandokhailMuhammad Anwar MandokhailNawabzada Mamoon KhanNawabzada Mamoon KhanSardar Asad Khan TareenSardar Asad Khan Tareen