Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan - MQM

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan - MQM

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (MQM) and allotted election symbol is kite. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan Leadership

Muttahida Qaumi Movement Pakistan Candidates

Jan Muhammad AbroJan Muhammad AbroGhulam FarooqGhulam FarooqAshiq AliAshiq AliJameel AhmedJameel AhmedManzoor JooriManzoor JooriDildar Ahmed KhaskheliDildar Ahmed KhaskheliMuhammad Ali RashidMuhammad Ali RashidZafar Iqbal ZafarZafar Iqbal ZafarMuhammad Imran ChaudhryMuhammad Imran ChaudhrySyed Qammar Abbas KazmiSyed Qammar Abbas KazmiKanwar Naveed JamilKanwar Naveed JamilMian Muhammad Bashir HussainMian Muhammad Bashir HussainMuhammad KamalMuhammad KamalWaseem AhmedWaseem AhmedMumtaz Ali ImraniMumtaz Ali ImraniMuhammad Kamran Khan TisoriMuhammad Kamran Khan TisoriMuhammad Zunbair AnjumMuhammad Zunbair AnjumZair Ullah KhanZair Ullah KhanShahid Khan AdvocateShahid Khan AdvocateShahinshah KhuddarShahinshah KhuddarGhulam Mustafa Sumsam QureshiGhulam Mustafa Sumsam QureshiNisar Ahmed Sultan TanoliNisar Ahmed Sultan TanoliMohammad Zubair AnjumMohammad Zubair AnjumMuhammad Roshan KhanMuhammad Roshan KhanMaryam BibiMaryam BibiCh. Hamid Ali WahlaCh. Hamid Ali WahlaKashif Ali KhanKashif Ali KhanProf. Mushtaq Hussain MughalProf. Mushtaq Hussain MughalAziz Ullah MarwatAziz Ullah MarwatSYED MUNIR UL HAQ ADVOCATE ATTOCKSyed Munir Ul Haq Advocate AttockMalik Subhoh SaddiqMalik Subhoh SaddiqSarwar Khan Lashri Advocate High Court.Sarwar Khan Lashri Advocate High Court.Muhammad Amin Wattoo.Muhammad Amin Wattoo.Arshad Mahmood RabbaniArshad Mahmood RabbaniKokab BukhariKokab BukhariRana Zulqarnain KhanRana Zulqarnain KhanProf.Muhammad Sagheer Choudhary.Prof.muhammad Sagheer Choudhary.Rana Farhat Ali AdvocateRana Farhat Ali AdvocateMaqsood Ahmed AwanMaqsood Ahmed AwanAgha Muhammad NavedAgha Muhammad NavedBegum Tahira AsifBegum Tahira AsifMuhammad Ali JawadMuhammad Ali JawadAlambardar Hussain RizviAlambardar Hussain RizviChoudhary Anwar Ali Gill AdvocateChoudhary Anwar Ali Gill AdvocateMajor(R) Habib Ur Rehman Khan Myo AdvocateMajor(r) Habib Ur Rehman Khan Myo AdvocateNaeem Ajmal Khan Lashari BedarNaeem Ajmal Khan Lashari BedarDr. Lala Rukh MustafaDr. Lala Rukh MustafaRana Muhammad Arif RazaRana Muhammad Arif RazaFarkhanda KhalidFarkhanda KhalidMuhammad Tufail Thakar AdvocateMuhammad Tufail Thakar AdvocateWing Commander(R) Muhammad Nawaz AsimWing Commander(r) Muhammad Nawaz AsimMuhammad Hafeez TabassumMuhammad Hafeez TabassumMuhammad Sarwar AlviMuhammad Sarwar AlviSyed Iqbal HussainSyed Iqbal HussainRao Muhammad Farman Uarf Chotu ChachaRao Muhammad Farman Uarf Chotu ChachaDr. Taj Hussain FaniDr. Taj Hussain FaniSardar Afzaal Ahmed Madahar AdvocateSardar Afzaal Ahmed Madahar AdvocateIftikhar MughalIftikhar MughalMuhammad Talib BhattiMuhammad Talib BhattiWaheed Ahmed MughalWaheed Ahmed MughalPir Bux SolangiPir Bux SolangiDr.Imam Bux KhiljiDr.imam Bux KhiljiSyed Jehan Shah (Retd)Syed Jehan Shah (retd)Shah Nawaz MaharShah Nawaz MaharMr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Durrani (Advocate)Mr. Ghulam Mohiuddin Durrani (advocate)Suhail Ahmed Abbasi Advocate.Suhail Ahmed Abbasi Advocate.Gulzar Ahmed MughariGulzar Ahmed MughariNadeem Brohi BhaiNadeem Brohi BhaiAnwer Siyal Bhai.Anwer Siyal Bhai.Rana Nisar AhmedRana Nisar AhmedMuhammad Aslam (Retired)Muhammad Aslam (retired)Muhammad Mureed BrohiMuhammad Mureed BrohiAli Asghar RindAli Asghar RindAbdul Qadir SolangiAbdul Qadir SolangiNoor Mohammad SahitoNoor Mohammad SahitoIrshad BanoIrshad BanoMr. Rana Fateh Muhammad RajputMr. Rana Fateh Muhammad RajputSyed Tayyab HussainSyed Tayyab HussainDr. Mumtaz Ali ChandioDr. Mumtaz Ali ChandioGhulam Akber MallahGhulam Akber MallahMehmood Qadir KhanzadaMehmood Qadir KhanzadaMuhammad AleemMuhammad AleemAsghar Ali Parhiar AdvocateAsghar Ali Parhiar AdvocateProfessor Khursheed Ahmed SiddiquiProfessor Khursheed Ahmed SiddiquiShabbir Ahmed QaimkhaniShabbir Ahmed QaimkhaniPoonjo Bheel AdvocatePoonjo Bheel AdvocateMuhammad JavedMuhammad JavedGhulam Murtza SolangiGhulam Murtza SolangiSyed Zahid Ali ShahSyed Zahid Ali ShahRiaz SharRiaz SharMuhammad Hanif AnsariMuhammad Hanif AnsariIrfan Ali BikakIrfan Ali BikakDr. K.S. Mujahid Khan BalochDr. K.s. Mujahid Khan BalochKhawaja Sohail MansoorKhawaja Sohail MansoorS.A.Iqbal QadiriS.a.iqbal QadiriDR. ABDUL QADIR KHANZADADr. Abdul Qadir KhanzadaAbdul WaseemAbdul WaseemFarhat Muhammad KhanFarhat Muhammad KhanSufyan YousufSufyan YousufDr.Nadeem EhsanDr.nadeem EhsanWasiullah LakhooWasiullah LakhooKhush Bakhat ShujaatKhush Bakhat ShujaatWaseem AkhterWaseem AkhterAbdul Rasheed GodilAbdul Rasheed GodilSyed Haider Abbas RizviSyed Haider Abbas RizviDr. Muhammad Ayoub ShaikhDr. Muhammad Ayoub ShaikhIqbal Muhammad Ali KhanIqbal Muhammad Ali KhanSajid AhmedSajid AhmedNisar Ahmed SharNisar Ahmed SharArbab Abdul Ghani KasiArbab Abdul Ghani KasiMalik Abdul Rehman DehwarMalik Abdul Rehman DehwarSiraj-ud-DinSiraj-ud-dinMuhammad Jan RindMuhammad Jan RindMuhammad Ali RodeniMuhammad Ali RodeniMalik Abdul Sattar Amar AdvocateMalik Abdul Sattar Amar AdvocateHaji Imran Khan Punnu KhelHaji Imran Khan Punnu KhelHaji Muhammad ShahidHaji Muhammad ShahidMuhammad Arshad FaqirMuhammad Arshad FaqirNaeem Mohy Ud Din SiddiquiNaeem Mohy Ud Din SiddiquiM.Shafqat RanaM.shafqat RanaZahid Hussain ShahZahid Hussain ShahMuhammad Rizwan Khan BalochMuhammad Rizwan Khan BalochNazia Ghafar WahlaNazia Ghafar WahlaSarfraz Ahmad KhanSarfraz Ahmad KhanSajid AbdullahSajid AbdullahChudhary Khalid MehmoodChudhary Khalid MehmoodAmjad Hussain LodhiAmjad Hussain LodhiCh.Zafar Iqbal RanjhaCh.zafar Iqbal RanjhaMuhammad Waqar AhmadMuhammad Waqar AhmadJamshaid Sadiq Alvi, AdvocateJamshaid Sadiq Alvi, AdvocateBashir Ahmad KhanBashir Ahmad KhanAgha Muhammad Ali Khan Alias Agha JaniAgha Muhammad Ali Khan Alias Agha JaniMian Riaz Ul Haq ChandoorMian Riaz Ul Haq ChandoorMian Mubarak Ali BhattiMian Mubarak Ali BhattiRana Nasir Ali Karnali AdvocateRana Nasir Ali Karnali AdvocateFarooq Ahmed Khan Malay ZaiFarooq Ahmed Khan Malay ZaiMuhammad Ashiq GillMuhammad Ashiq GillJamil Hussain HanjraJamil Hussain HanjraCh.Tanveer Ahmad AdvocateCh.tanveer Ahmad AdvocateBadar Siddique ShaheenBadar Siddique ShaheenHabib UllahHabib UllahMian Aamir Sultan GorayaMian Aamir Sultan GorayaAbdul Saleem Khan GurmaniAbdul Saleem Khan GurmaniSyed Moeen-ud-Din KhalidSyed Moeen-ud-din KhalidMuhammad Younis Khan MiraniMuhammad Younis Khan MiraniDr.Akhtar Nawaz MalikDr.akhtar Nawaz MalikMuhammad Masood AhmedMuhammad Masood AhmedRiaz Ahmed Khan NajiRiaz Ahmed Khan NajiDr.Rao Abu Bakar AbdullahDr.rao Abu Bakar AbdullahSyed Qasim MaiwatiSyed Qasim MaiwatiMuhammad Naveed BhattiMuhammad Naveed BhattiMuhammad Tariq Wattu AdvocateMuhammad Tariq Wattu AdvocateMuhammad Ashraf Joyia QasimkaMuhammad Ashraf Joyia QasimkaCh.Muhammad Ashraf KamboohCh.muhammad Ashraf KamboohMuhammad Arshad Qureshi AdvocateMuhammad Arshad Qureshi AdvocateMuhammad Akram KhilgiMuhammad Akram KhilgiMuhammad Shafique Khan AbbasiMuhammad Shafique Khan AbbasiEng. Syed Muhammad HussainEng. Syed Muhammad HussainShahid Iqbal SiddiquiShahid Iqbal SiddiquiMushtaq Ahmad Khan Mughal AdvocateMushtaq Ahmad Khan Mughal AdvocateKhalida Nasreen AdvocateKhalida Nasreen AdvocateRasheed Ahmad Khan MomandRasheed Ahmad Khan MomandZafar Ali Khan Adv:Zafar Ali Khan Adv:Kifayat UllahKifayat UllahHamayun Khan JadoonHamayun Khan JadoonMian Hamid RehmanMian Hamid RehmanGulnaz Shah GillaniGulnaz Shah GillaniRaja Khalid Nawaz KhanRaja Khalid Nawaz KhanNaveed Akhtar KhanNaveed Akhtar KhanDr. Muhammad Younis QureshiDr. Muhammad Younis QureshiJunaid Tariq QuaraishiJunaid Tariq QuaraishiSadiq NawazSadiq NawazSaeed IqbalSaeed IqbalMunawar Ali ChohanMunawar Ali ChohanMuhammad Younis JalaliMuhammad Younis JalaliFaheem Akhtar JagiraniFaheem Akhtar JagiraniMuhammad HanifMuhammad HanifRana Mehboob AlamRana Mehboob AlamKirori Ram (K.K)Kirori Ram (k.k)Amanullah Qazi WakeelAmanullah Qazi WakeelAijaz Ali AbroAijaz Ali AbroAgha Sher KhanAgha Sher KhanAsghar Ali Sohindro (Retired)Asghar Ali Sohindro (retired)Irfan Ahmed LashariIrfan Ahmed LashariDr.Sher Muhammad BrohiDr.sher Muhammad BrohiAbdul Hakeem BakhraniAbdul Hakeem BakhraniLal Bux MeeraniLal Bux MeeraniKhan Muhammad RajputKhan Muhammad RajputAshfaque Hussain SolangiAshfaque Hussain SolangiGhulam AliGhulam AliNajam-e-AalamNajam-e-aalamAbdul Rasheed (Rasheed Bhiya)Abdul Rasheed (rasheed Bhiya)Dr. Syed Habib Ahmed Shah JillaniDr. Syed Habib Ahmed Shah JillaniShabbir Ahmed KeerioShabbir Ahmed KeerioGhullam Hyder RahuGhullam Hyder RahuNadeem SoomroNadeem SoomroQamaruddin SahitoQamaruddin SahitoHubdar Ali PanhwarHubdar Ali PanhwarAli Ghulam SharAli Ghulam SharIzhar Shabir MangiIzhar Shabir MangiMuhtarma Irshad Begum KalhoroMuhtarma Irshad Begum KalhoroMr.Javed Ali Mithani.Mr.javed Ali Mithani.Ghulamullah BhuttoGhulamullah BhuttoSharafuddin TunioSharafuddin TunioZulfqar Ali ShaikhZulfqar Ali ShaikhAsadullahAsadullahGhulam Yaseen Mirani.Ghulam Yaseen Mirani.Hamid Ali JalbaniHamid Ali JalbaniMr. Allah Warayo BhuttoMr. Allah Warayo BhuttoMuhammad AkramMuhammad AkramEngineer Aziz Ahmed SoomroEngineer Aziz Ahmed SoomroSuhail Yousuf KhanSuhail Yousuf KhanAbdul Moeed RajputAbdul Moeed RajputAbdul Sattar KaimkhaniAbdul Sattar KaimkhaniMuhammad Saleh KumbharMuhammad Saleh KumbharRaja Muhammad SaleemRaja Muhammad SaleemMuhammad Hassan Jamali Alias Lakhi JamaliMuhammad Hassan Jamali Alias Lakhi JamaliGhulam Murtaza MemonGhulam Murtaza MemonFaheem AhmedFaheem AhmedSyed Muhammad Mubeen AdvocateSyed Muhammad Mubeen AdvocateMuhammad AsgharMuhammad AsgharFaqir Muhammad ArainFaqir Muhammad ArainRao Sakhawat AliRao Sakhawat AliDr. Partab SinghDr. Partab SinghAli Nawaz ShoroAli Nawaz ShoroRoshan Ali DaudaniRoshan Ali DaudaniManzoor Ali BabarManzoor Ali BabarBuxial PanhwarBuxial PanhwarFerozuddin NarejoFerozuddin NarejoTalib Hussain AdvocateTalib Hussain AdvocateAtta Muhammad Shaikh AdvocateAtta Muhammad Shaikh AdvocateDevdasDevdasMuhammad Umer QureshiMuhammad Umer QureshiDr.Dildar KhaskheliDr.dildar KhaskheliDr.Dildar Ahmed KhaskheliDr.dildar Ahmed KhaskheliShaikh Muhammad FerozeShaikh Muhammad FerozeIshfaq Ahmed MangiIshfaq Ahmed MangiMuhammad Hanif ShaikhMuhammad Hanif ShaikhSYED MANZAR IMAMSyed Manzar ImamMUHAMMAD ADIL KHANMuhammad Adil KhanMuhammed Moin KhanMuhammed Moin KhanAbdul Moid SiddiquiAbdul Moid SiddiquiImam-Ud-din ShahzadImam-ud-din ShahzadDoctor Syed Muhammad Ali Shah.Doctor Syed Muhammad Ali Shah.Khalid Bin Waliyat AdvocateKhalid Bin Waliyat AdvocateAnwar AlamAnwar AlamSyed Sohaib Ahmed Bukhari AdvocateSyed Sohaib Ahmed Bukhari AdvocateMuhammad Hanif Chhattani AdvocateMuhammad Hanif Chhattani AdvocateNadya GabolNadya GabolMuhmmad ShoaibMuhmmad ShoaibMuhammad Tahir QureshiMuhammad Tahir QureshiMoqueem AlamMoqueem AlamAskari TaqviAskari TaqviMUHAMMAD RAZA HAROONMuhammad Raza HaroonMuhammad Muzammil QureshiMuhammad Muzammil QureshiDr. Nadeem MaqboolDr. Nadeem MaqboolShaikh Mohammad Afzal (Khalid Umar)Shaikh Mohammad Afzal (khalid Umar)Muhammad Alim Ur RehmanMuhammad Alim Ur RehmanSyed Faisal Ali SabzwariSyed Faisal Ali SabzwariNisar Ahmed PanhwarNisar Ahmed PanhwarSardar KhanSardar KhanYousuf Munir ShaikhYousuf Munir ShaikhGhulam Hassan AdvocateGhulam Hassan AdvocateMuhamamd Anwar Khan TareenMuhamamd Anwar Khan TareenDr.Siraj Ahmed YousafzaiDr.siraj Ahmed YousafzaiArbab Abdul ShakurArbab Abdul ShakurAbdul Majeed Khilji.Abdul Majeed Khilji.Muhammad JanMuhammad JanMoria Khan KatoharMoria Khan KatoharJansar KhanJansar KhanMir Salah-ud-Din ZehriMir Salah-ud-din ZehriBilal Ahmed Rahi GungoBilal Ahmed Rahi GungoPir BakhshPir BakhshBashir Ahmad AfridiBashir Ahmad AfridiMalik Javed KhanMalik Javed KhanFAIZ MUHAMMADFaiz MuhammadQayum KhanQayum KhanMaulana Noor Ul HaqMaulana Noor Ul HaqAbdul Qadeer KhanAbdul Qadeer KhanAsad Ullah ShahAsad Ullah ShahSarfaraz KhanSarfaraz KhanShahid AkramShahid AkramHabibullah KhanHabibullah KhanMuhammad YaqoobMuhammad YaqoobMulana Abdul Baqi TorkhelMulana Abdul Baqi TorkhelJunaid Tariq Qureshi AdvocateJunaid Tariq Qureshi AdvocateMOHSIN BADSHAH ADVOCATEMohsin Badshah AdvocateHameed HussainHameed HussainMumtaz BhaiMumtaz BhaiAurang Zaib MalikAurang Zaib MalikChoudhary Muhammad IlyasChoudhary Muhammad IlyasENGINEER MUHAMMAD ZAKIREngineer Muhammad ZakirMUHAMMAD PERVAIZMuhammad PervaizMALIK TARIQ MEHMOODMalik Tariq MehmoodZahid Mehmood KianiZahid Mehmood KianiMIAN MUHAMMAD ATEEQ SHEIKHMian Muhammad Ateeq SheikhRAJA AJAZ HUSSAINRaja Ajaz HussainMalik Aurang Zaib AwanMalik Aurang Zaib AwanMalik Mazhar HussainMalik Mazhar HussainZAFAR IQBALZafar IqbalArshad IqbalArshad IqbalMIRZA MUHAMMAD JAMEEL RAZAMirza Muhammad Jameel RazaSyed Farzand Ali ShahSyed Farzand Ali ShahCHAUDHARY SHAFIQUE UR REHMAN GUJARChaudhary Shafique Ur Rehman GujarSYED IMRAN HYDER SHAHSyed Imran Hyder ShahAbdul Hameed KhanAbdul Hameed KhanMuhammad IlyasMuhammad IlyasMUHAMMAD NAWAZMuhammad NawazAlama Syed Farman Raza AbidiAlama Syed Farman Raza AbidiMuhammad AfzalMuhammad AfzalShahid SultanShahid SultanSajid AliSajid AliM AMEEN WATOOM Ameen WatooIMTIAZ ALIImtiaz AliMakhdoom Syyed Zawar HussainMakhdoom Syyed Zawar HussainANWAR ALI KHANAnwar Ali KhanMalik Tanveer HussainMalik Tanveer HussainGHULAM MUHAMMAD RAJOKAGhulam Muhammad RajokaArif JamalArif JamalSYED RIFFAT HUSSAIN SHAHSyed Riffat Hussain ShahMujahid Abbas KhanMujahid Abbas KhanZEESHAN HASAN SIDHU ADVOCATEZeeshan Hasan Sidhu AdvocateCHAUDHRY IFTIKHAR AHMED SIDDHU ADVOCATEChaudhry Iftikhar Ahmed Siddhu AdvocateAbdul Waseem Khan GhouriAbdul Waseem Khan GhouriABDUL KAREEMAbdul KareemRANA ABDUL REHMAN SULTANIRana Abdul Rehman SultaniMUHAMMAD YASEENMuhammad YaseenMalik Abdul Hameed AwanMalik Abdul Hameed AwanNazir HussainNazir HussainMuhammad ArshadMuhammad ArshadMuhammad Akram Arain AdvocateMuhammad Akram Arain AdvocateNasir Ayyub Awan AdvocateNasir Ayyub Awan AdvocateJahan Khan TarrarJahan Khan TarrarCh. Muhammad Safdar JamnaCh. Muhammad Safdar JamnaCh Khalid Hussain Bhatti AdvocateCh Khalid Hussain Bhatti AdvocateCh. Zafar IqbalCh. Zafar IqbalRazia IqbalRazia IqbalCh Abdul Qayyum Bajwa AdvocateCh Abdul Qayyum Bajwa AdvocateMIAN TARIQ MEHMOODMian Tariq MehmoodSYED ALI ABBAS SHAHSyed Ali Abbas ShahRANA ZAFAR ALI KHANRana Zafar Ali KhanMian Sarfraz WattoMian Sarfraz WattoMuhammad AzamMuhammad AzamDoctor Asif RafiqueDoctor Asif RafiqueSAMIA NAZSamia NazRizwan ZafarRizwan ZafarMunir AhmadMunir AhmadDr Zaib Un NisaDr Zaib Un NisaBisma AsifBisma AsifKarim KhanKarim KhanNASIR GILLNasir GillNAZLI IFAT TABASUMNazli Ifat TabasumMAZHAR ALI ALVIMazhar Ali AlviMalik Muhammad Asif AwanMalik Muhammad Asif AwanSyed Imran Abdullah SO Syed Muhammd Abdullah ShahSyed Imran Abdullah So Syed Muhammd Abdullah ShahMuhammad MalikMuhammad MalikHamid MehmoodHamid MehmoodMuhammad Imran Ijaz ButtMuhammad Imran Ijaz ButtSAFDAR ALISafdar AliRai Muhammad YounasRai Muhammad YounasNAZIR AHMEDNazir AhmedMUDASSAR EJAZMudassar EjazFayyaz AliFayyaz AliMuzammil Hussain JoyiaMuzammil Hussain JoyiaMuhammad Tariq PacharMuhammad Tariq PacharSYED BAQAR AHSANSyed Baqar AhsanHafiz Muhammad HanifHafiz Muhammad HanifMuhammad Asif JahMuhammad Asif JahMuhammad Shafique BhattiMuhammad Shafique BhattiKhursheed AbbasKhursheed AbbasMuhammad AdreesMuhammad AdreesMuhammad Meraj AhmedMuhammad Meraj AhmedSyed Murtaza Hussain ShahSyed Murtaza Hussain ShahKhalid MehmoodKhalid MehmoodABDUL SATTAR CHAUDHARYAbdul Sattar ChaudharyAftikhar Akbar RandhawaAftikhar Akbar RandhawaMUHAMMAD SALEEM LANGAHMuhammad Saleem LangahMUHAMMAD IMRAN GILLMuhammad Imran GillMEHAR TAJAMAL HUSSAIN LUCKMehar Tajamal Hussain LuckNOOR AHMADNoor AhmadMIAN TARIQ ALI BODLAMian Tariq Ali BodlaMOHAMMAD UMER AGHA AWAANMohammad Umer Agha AwaanMehr Tariq Maqsood AdvocateMehr Tariq Maqsood AdvocateRana Zahoor Ul Haq AdvocateRana Zahoor Ul Haq AdvocateIzhar Ul Haq Qureshi SiddiquiIzhar Ul Haq Qureshi SiddiquiSyed Ashraf Hussain ShahSyed Ashraf Hussain ShahSaifullah KhanSaifullah KhanRana Muhammad Arshad KhanRana Muhammad Arshad KhanRana Muhammad Abu BakarRana Muhammad Abu BakarMuhammad Nasrullah AlmaniMuhammad Nasrullah AlmaniRAO ABDUL QAYOUM KHAN ADVOCATERao Abdul Qayoum Khan AdvocateRiaz AhmedRiaz AhmedBILAL HUSSAINBilal HussainAlam Dar Hussain ShahAlam Dar Hussain ShahSardar Ameer Qalam AwanSardar Ameer Qalam AwanMalik Muhammad AsimMalik Muhammad AsimMALIK AMEER ABDULLAH AWANMalik Ameer Abdullah AwanMalik Ejaz Ahmad ChannarMalik Ejaz Ahmad ChannarMalik Zafar Iqbal BoorhMalik Zafar Iqbal BoorhSyed Sajjad Hussain ShahSyed Sajjad Hussain ShahSAJJAD AHMAD NASEEMSajjad Ahmad NaseemDOCTOR HAFIZ MOHAMMAD SARWAR JOYIADoctor Hafiz Mohammad Sarwar JoyiaCh. Muahmmad Shabbir KambohCh. Muahmmad Shabbir KambohDr MUHAMMAD MUSA AdvocateDr Muhammad Musa AdvocateSyed Zafar Iqbal BukhariSyed Zafar Iqbal BukhariAMINAminMuhammad YousafMuhammad YousafWaheed Ud DinWaheed Ud DinMian Nadeem AnwarMian Nadeem AnwarKALEEM KHANKaleem KhanZaheer AhmedZaheer AhmedSyed Nadeem Hyder Shah AdvocateSyed Nadeem Hyder Shah AdvocateNiaz MuhammadNiaz MuhammadSakhi Dad MariSakhi Dad MariAbdul Sattar JatoiAbdul Sattar JatoiSohail Ahmed AbbasiSohail Ahmed AbbasiAli Muhammad MemonAli Muhammad MemonImtiaz Ali LakhoImtiaz Ali LakhoUbedullahUbedullahMuhammad Arif BrohiMuhammad Arif BrohiMunir Ahmed PathanMunir Ahmed PathanAdvocate Zulfiqar Ali QaziAdvocate Zulfiqar Ali QaziAftab Ahmed RajputAftab Ahmed RajputNazir Ahmed AbbasiNazir Ahmed AbbasiInayat Ali RindInayat Ali RindAdvocate Sikandar Ali KeerioAdvocate Sikandar Ali KeerioGhulam Asghar RindGhulam Asghar RindPir Syed Farzand Ali ShahPir Syed Farzand Ali ShahZahid Ali UjjanZahid Ali UjjanSyed Ghulam Shabbir ShahSyed Ghulam Shabbir ShahKhalid Maqbool SiddiquiKhalid Maqbool SiddiquiSyed Waseem HussainSyed Waseem HussainGhazi SalahuddinGhazi SalahuddinMUHAMMAD ANWARMuhammad AnwarSajid Wahab KhanzadaSajid Wahab KhanzadaMuhammad IsmailMuhammad IsmailAsghar Ali ParhiarAsghar Ali ParhiarMuhammad ShafiqueMuhammad ShafiqueSuhenoSuhenoMangharamMangharamSher Muhammad NohriSher Muhammad NohriPir Zaman ShahPir Zaman ShahJunaid Ahmed SamejoJunaid Ahmed SamejoMR.Ferozuddin NarejoMr.ferozuddin NarejoAtta Shaikh AdvocateAtta Shaikh AdvocateMuhammad AyoubMuhammad AyoubGhulam Mohammed KhushikGhulam Mohammed KhushikFahmida Shah BukhariFahmida Shah BukhariMohammad Salman Khan BalochMohammad Salman Khan BalochSohail Mansoor KhawajaSohail Mansoor KhawajaSyed Akhter Ul Iqbal QadriSyed Akhter Ul Iqbal QadriMehboob AlamMehboob AlamSheikh SalahuddinSheikh SalahuddinMuhammad Rehan HashmiMuhammad Rehan HashmiSardar Nabeel Ahmed GabolSardar Nabeel Ahmed GabolNabeel Ahmed GabolNabeel Ahmed GabolSyed Ali Raza AbidiSyed Ali Raza AbidiAdbul Rashid GodilAdbul Rashid GodilSyed Asif HasnainSyed Asif HasnainAhmed GabolAhmed GabolMuhammad Jumma ChangaziMuhammad Jumma ChangaziAbdul BaqiAbdul BaqiMir Sanaullah Khan MurghazaniMir Sanaullah Khan MurghazaniShehbaz Khan UmraniShehbaz Khan UmraniDr Abdul Razaque LashariDr Abdul Razaque LashariGhulam Farooq ShahwaniGhulam Farooq ShahwaniMIRZA MUHAMMAD BASHIRMirza Muhammad BashirArshad MehmoodArshad MehmoodSHOAIB SADIQ KIYANIShoaib Sadiq KiyaniREHANA KHANRehana KhanNAVEED YOUNASNaveed YounasFARAH ASIFFarah AsifJEHANGIR HASSAN MINHASJehangir Hassan MinhasSheikh Khizar HayatSheikh Khizar HayatSheikh Muhammad IbrarSheikh Muhammad IbrarMalik Muhammad Azam KhanMalik Muhammad Azam KhanShehzada Khuram Khan Alias Laki Khan Of AkhoriShehzada Khuram Khan Alias Laki Khan Of AkhoriMalik Ghulam MustafaMalik Ghulam MustafaNiaz Ali MalikNiaz Ali MalikRashid GillRashid GillAmir Nazar AwanAmir Nazar AwanMuhammad ImranMuhammad ImranFateh KhanFateh KhanMUNIR HUSAIN SHAHMunir Husain ShahRaja Muhammad Mazhar Ali KhanRaja Muhammad Mazhar Ali KhanChaudhry Muhammad Arshad GadhiChaudhry Muhammad Arshad GadhiHaji Bashir Hussain BalochHaji Bashir Hussain BalochDOCTOR SYED AHMAD MUKHTAR SHAHDoctor Syed Ahmad Mukhtar ShahCh Muhammad Yaseen GujjarCh Muhammad Yaseen GujjarSheikh Azhar Amin AdvocateSheikh Azhar Amin AdvocateZulifqar Ali Chisti SabriZulifqar Ali Chisti SabriMalik Zafar Iqbal AwanMalik Zafar Iqbal AwanCh. Muhammad Suleman GujjarCh. Muhammad Suleman GujjarRANA MUHAMMAD AKRAM RAJPOOTRana Muhammad Akram RajpootMalik Muhammad Abdullaha NaichMalik Muhammad Abdullaha NaichMuhammad Naveed Akhter MughalMuhammad Naveed Akhter MughalMUHAMMAD AKBAR BUTTMuhammad Akbar ButtMalik Shafi UllahMalik Shafi UllahAlam SherAlam SherAsif Hussain SaddiqiAsif Hussain SaddiqiJAVEED IQBALJaveed IqbalMuhammad Asghar AliMuhammad Asghar AliSyed Kashif Ali RizviSyed Kashif Ali RizviHaji Malik Noor Zaman Sabir ChabooraHaji Malik Noor Zaman Sabir ChabooraMuhammad Tofeeq Alam KhanMuhammad Tofeeq Alam KhanMuhammad SarfrazMuhammad SarfrazTahir Latif KambooTahir Latif KambooRai Muhamamd Rauf Khan Sher Ka KharalRai Muhamamd Rauf Khan Sher Ka KharalHAJI ZUHRAY KHAN TOORHaji Zuhray Khan ToorCHOUDHRY SHAKEEL AHMAD RANJHAChoudhry Shakeel Ahmad RanjhaSyed Shehzad Hassan SheraziSyed Shehzad Hassan SheraziSaeed AhmedSaeed AhmedMalik Naveed AhmadMalik Naveed AhmadCHAUDHARY MUNAWAR HAFEEZChaudhary Munawar HafeezMALIK MUHAMMAD NADEEMMalik Muhammad NadeemCH. MUNAWAR HAFEEZCh. Munawar HafeezMIRZA ZULFIQAR ALIMirza Zulfiqar AliAltaf JeelaniAltaf JeelaniSYED AZIZ AHMAD SHAHSyed Aziz Ahmad ShahMuhammad Sadique JorahMuhammad Sadique JorahWaqar HaiderWaqar HaiderMIAN JAVED IQBAL GULFAM QURESHIMian Javed Iqbal Gulfam QureshiRANA MAHMOOD UL HASANRana Mahmood Ul HasanRana Kaleem Ul Rehman KhanRana Kaleem Ul Rehman KhanPIR SYED MUJAHID HUSSAIN SHAH KAZMIPir Syed Mujahid Hussain Shah KazmiMUHAMMAD ABDUL RAOUFMuhammad Abdul RaoufKhizir HayatKhizir HayatMuhammad Abdullah CheemaMuhammad Abdullah CheemaKHURAM TAHIR CHAUDHRYKhuram Tahir ChaudhryRana Shoukat Ali KhanRana Shoukat Ali KhanNoor Al Ann RaziNoor Al Ann RaziAdeel YounasAdeel YounasMohammad SarwarMohammad SarwarADNAN HAMEED BAJWAAdnan Hameed BajwaJAVED MAHMOODJaved MahmoodIMTIAZ HUSSAIN ANSARI ADVOCATEImtiaz Hussain Ansari AdvocateSHAROON THIMOTHEUS NASIRSharoon Thimotheus NasirMIAN ZULFIQAR AHMED MAHERMian Zulfiqar Ahmed MaherMuhammad Shafique Adnan AnsariMuhammad Shafique Adnan AnsariAsghar MasihAsghar MasihUsman NazarUsman NazarMian Muhammad Azam InsariMian Muhammad Azam InsariRana Khalid UmarRana Khalid UmarSheikh Ijaz Pervaiz Adovcate High CourtSheikh Ijaz Pervaiz Adovcate High CourtRana Irfan AhmadRana Irfan AhmadAnsir Abbas BhattiAnsir Abbas BhattiCh. Muhammad Riaz ZiaCh. Muhammad Riaz ZiaIMRAN AHMADImran AhmadShahbaz MughalShahbaz MughalSyed Bilal Hussain NaqviSyed Bilal Hussain NaqviChaudhary Ali Asghar KakraliChaudhary Ali Asghar KakraliNasir MehmoodNasir MehmoodMuhammad Asghar Tarrar So Nazar MohammadMuhammad Asghar Tarrar So Nazar MohammadCH ZAFAR IQBAL AHMAD RANJHACh Zafar Iqbal Ahmad RanjhaMustfa Ahmad KamalMustfa Ahmad KamalAbid Ali SultanAbid Ali SultanChodhary Muhammad Sarwar GujjarChodhary Muhammad Sarwar GujjarYasir Ahmed AwanYasir Ahmed AwanCh Ansar Latif BhindarCh Ansar Latif BhindarSHEHBAZ AKHTERShehbaz AkhterShahid MehmoodShahid MehmoodMohammad TahirMohammad TahirNoor HussainNoor HussainMuhammad ZakriaMuhammad ZakriaParveen AkhtarParveen AkhtarMah BanoMah BanoMuhammad AliMuhammad AliMirza Umar ArifMirza Umar ArifNadeem Akhtar ButtNadeem Akhtar ButtShoukat ShahShoukat ShahMuhammad FayyazMuhammad FayyazSheikh Muhammad Javed ManshaSheikh Muhammad Javed ManshaSalma MunirSalma MunirMuhammad Zahid KhanMuhammad Zahid KhanM SHAHZAD AKBARM Shahzad AkbarRafaqat AliRafaqat AliSyed Afzal Hussain NaqviSyed Afzal Hussain NaqviAmir Sajjad KhanAmir Sajjad KhanRana B Ayub MasihRana B Ayub MasihMuhammad Aamir BalochMuhammad Aamir BalochMian Rashid AliMian Rashid AliAGHA MUHAMMAD ALI KHANAgha Muhammad Ali KhanMUHAMMAD IQBALMuhammad IqbalFozia KhalilFozia KhalilShahid NoorShahid NoorSultan MehmoodSultan MehmoodNiaz Ahmad ChaudhryNiaz Ahmad ChaudhryImran Ali VirkImran Ali VirkLiaquat MasihLiaquat MasihRana Bashir AhmadRana Bashir AhmadMuhammad Zulfiqar Mirza S/O Mirza Allah DittaMuhammad Zulfiqar Mirza S/o Mirza Allah DittaIqbal AnjumIqbal AnjumMuhammad AshfaqMuhammad AshfaqShabbir AhmedShabbir AhmedLiaquat AliLiaquat AliTALHA ADNAN ADOVCATETalha Adnan AdovcateASIF NAEEMAsif NaeemMUHAMMAD NADEEM BABARMuhammad Nadeem BabarIFTIKHAR AHMADIftikhar AhmadAsif AliAsif AliMuhammad Ilyas TahirMuhammad Ilyas TahirALI RAZA RAJUAli Raza RajuSHAGUFTA BEGHUMShagufta BeghumRao Abdur Rehman KashifRao Abdur Rehman KashifHABIB UR REHMANHabib Ur RehmanShafique Ur RehmanShafique Ur RehmanMuhammad Waqas KamboMuhammad Waqas KamboARSHAD MASIHArshad MasihIQBAL HUSSAINIqbal HussainMuhammad Ramzan AnsariMuhammad Ramzan AnsariMuhammad Rashid HashmiMuhammad Rashid HashmiMalik Riaz Hussain DharalaMalik Riaz Hussain DharalaSyed Ghulam Mustafa BhukhariSyed Ghulam Mustafa BhukhariMalik Mushahid AliMalik Mushahid AliMalik Nazar Hussain Ran AdvocateMalik Nazar Hussain Ran AdvocateDr Muhammad Ashraf AwanDr Muhammad Ashraf AwanChaudhary Abdul MajeedChaudhary Abdul MajeedChoudhary Abdul Majeed MeoChoudhary Abdul Majeed MeoAamir AbbasAamir AbbasIjaz AhmadIjaz AhmadRao Muhammad Sarwar AliRao Muhammad Sarwar AliAmeer BakhshAmeer BakhshNadeem AslamNadeem AslamMalik Faheem AbbasMalik Faheem AbbasJamshaid MasihJamshaid MasihMuhammad Asif NaeemMuhammad Asif NaeemSHAMOON KESAR BHATTIShamoon Kesar BhattiChoudhary Arshad AftabChoudhary Arshad AftabIftikhar Akbar RandhawaIftikhar Akbar RandhawaCHAUDHRY MUHAMMAD IMRAN UL HAQ ADVOCATEChaudhry Muhammad Imran Ul Haq AdvocateASIM MEHMOOD RANAAsim Mehmood RanaMEHR NAEEM ARSHAD SHAMASMehr Naeem Arshad ShamasBarki MinhasBarki MinhasRAJA TASLEEM ILYAS GAKHARRaja Tasleem Ilyas GakharTALIB HUSSAINTalib HussainJAFAR ALI JAKHARJafar Ali JakharAbdul HameedAbdul HameedMUHAMMAD ASIMMuhammad AsimCh ASIF Jameel GujjarCh Asif Jameel GujjarRubina Saleem Bay JeeRubina Saleem Bay JeeMunazza AbidMunazza AbidZulifqar AliZulifqar AliIftikhar Ahmad BhattiIftikhar Ahmad BhattiZulfiqar Imran PhullarZulfiqar Imran PhullarRana Muhammad SaleemRana Muhammad SaleemCH Muhammad Yasin KambohCh Muhammad Yasin KambohRao Rasheed BhaiRao Rasheed BhaiAltaf Jassain ChandiaAltaf Jassain ChandiaTariq Ismail LangahTariq Ismail LangahGhulam AbbasGhulam AbbasNaheed KhalilNaheed KhalilNaseer Khan LaghariNaseer Khan LaghariSabtain AbbasSabtain AbbasAbdul JabbarAbdul JabbarMalik Shakeel AhmadMalik Shakeel AhmadTanvir Hussain MazariTanvir Hussain MazariAbdullahAbdullahMuhammad Farooq Lashari ChandiaMuhammad Farooq Lashari ChandiaMuhammad TanveerMuhammad TanveerSyed Abdul Ahad HamdaniSyed Abdul Ahad HamdaniAmjad AliAmjad AliMuhammad BilalMuhammad BilalShafqat Ullah KhanShafqat Ullah KhanSYED KARAM ABBAS SHAHSyed Karam Abbas ShahAllah Ditta KhanAllah Ditta KhanKhizar Hayyat KhanKhizar Hayyat KhanGhulam Panjtan ShahGhulam Panjtan ShahDost MuhammadDost MuhammadNasreen KousarNasreen KousarSyed Babar AbbasSyed Babar AbbasMalik Muhammad NawazMalik Muhammad NawazNaseer AhmadNaseer AhmadKHWAJA MUHAMMAD HAMZAKhwaja Muhammad HamzaJAM NAZIR AHMADJam Nazir AhmadMuhammad TariqMuhammad TariqSyed Naubahar Hussain BukhariSyed Naubahar Hussain BukhariRao Shahid MehmoodRao Shahid MehmoodDr Muhammad Ikram Ul HaqDr Muhammad Ikram Ul HaqMuhammad Irtaza BasitMuhammad Irtaza BasitJANSER NAEEMJanser NaeemMUHAMMAD MUJAHIDMuhammad MujahidSAIF ULLAH QURESHISaif Ullah QureshiMian Ghulam Nabi QureshiMian Ghulam Nabi QureshiMuhammad Uzair GillMuhammad Uzair GillMuhammad Abdullah NazirMuhammad Abdullah NazirARIF ALI TAHIR AdvocateArif Ali Tahir AdvocateSHABBIR AHMAD SATTARShabbir Ahmad SattarZia Hussain SaeediZia Hussain SaeediJam Awais Iqbal LarrJam Awais Iqbal LarrSARDAR ZULFIQAR ALI KHAN RINDSardar Zulfiqar Ali Khan RindAllah Nawaz Khan KhosaAllah Nawaz Khan KhosaSYED UMAIR JALIL BUKHARISyed Umair Jalil BukhariNaveed MustafaNaveed MustafaMian Rasheed AhmedMian Rasheed AhmedArif Ali RandhawaArif Ali RandhawaMuhammad ShafiqMuhammad ShafiqABDUL RAHEEMAbdul RaheemFAROOQ HASSAN KAMBOFarooq Hassan KamboMuhammad Ayub KhanMuhammad Ayub KhanZahoor ElahiZahoor ElahiNoor MuhammadNoor MuhammadWahid KhanWahid KhanMuhammad YounisMuhammad YounisDilbaraDilbaraFerad UllahFerad UllahShamas KhanShamas KhanRiazRiazIftikhar HussainIftikhar HussainIqbal Ali ShahIqbal Ali ShahArshid HussainArshid HussainZahid UllahZahid UllahFAISAL KHANFaisal KhanNoreen KazmiNoreen KazmiQaiser AliQaiser AliKhan AfsarKhan AfsarMaqbool Ur RehmanMaqbool Ur RehmanRaja Abdul RaziqRaja Abdul RaziqFarhat Nawaz KhanFarhat Nawaz KhanZia Muhammad ChanZia Muhammad ChanNageen KhanNageen KhanSyed Musaddaq ShahSyed Musaddaq ShahSardar Sabir HussainSardar Sabir HussainZahoor AhmedZahoor AhmedQazi Habib Ur RehmanQazi Habib Ur RehmanDildar Ahmed KhanDildar Ahmed KhanEbadullahEbadullahSyed Noor Ul HaqSyed Noor Ul HaqAbdul Wahab KhanAbdul Wahab KhanGhulam NabiGhulam NabiSaif Ur RahmanSaif Ur RahmanAbdul Qayyum Qureshi AdvocateAbdul Qayyum Qureshi AdvocateMufti Ghulam YahyaMufti Ghulam YahyaNadeem Abbas KhanNadeem Abbas KhanMuhammad Azam KhanMuhammad Azam KhanMohsin BadshahMohsin BadshahSyed JehangirSyed JehangirZia Ullah KhanZia Ullah KhanJehan ZebJehan ZebAbdur RehmanAbdur RehmanSyed Arshad Hussain ShahSyed Arshad Hussain ShahNoor Muhammad SoomroNoor Muhammad SoomroAhsan AhmedAhsan AhmedRizwan AhmedRizwan AhmedSyed Shahid Hussain ShahSyed Shahid Hussain ShahWazeer AhmedWazeer AhmedMir Mohammad Malik BhaiMir Mohammad Malik BhaiIslam KhanIslam KhanMUHAMMAD RAHIMMuhammad RahimMUSHTAQUE AHMED ALIAS GHULAM MUSTAFA KHOSOMushtaque Ahmed Alias Ghulam Mustafa KhosoDR. AGHA MUSBAH HUSSAINDr. Agha Musbah HussainAMANULLAH KHAN PAHOREAmanullah Khan PahoreAnwar Ali MemonAnwar Ali MemonAHMED NAWAZ PECHUHOAhmed Nawaz PechuhoAnees Ur RehmanAnees Ur RehmanGulzar Ahmed BhayoGulzar Ahmed BhayoRahib Ali ChacharRahib Ali ChacharPir Kamal MazharPir Kamal MazharSyed Noor MuhammadSyed Noor MuhammadGhulam Muhammad LashariGhulam Muhammad LashariAbdul Waheed AbbasiAbdul Waheed AbbasiMuhammad Shafique RajputMuhammad Shafique RajputAsim Kabeer KhanzadaAsim Kabeer KhanzadaKhan Muhammad ZardariKhan Muhammad ZardariMuhammad Saeed KhanMuhammad Saeed KhanAbdul Qadir KhiljiAbdul Qadir KhiljiSyeda Talat ZahraSyeda Talat ZahraAbdul Razzak SharAbdul Razzak SharInayatullah KandhiroInayatullah KandhiroGhayoor Ahmed ChannaGhayoor Ahmed ChannaSohrab Ali JunejoSohrab Ali JunejoGhulam Akber JatoiGhulam Akber JatoiSaleem AhmedSaleem AhmedMuhammad Aslam LeghariMuhammad Aslam LeghariMuhammad Ali ShaikhMuhammad Ali ShaikhSyed Asif Ali ShahSyed Asif Ali ShahAijaz Ali SarioAijaz Ali SarioAmeer Hussain KhuhawarAmeer Hussain KhuhawarAhsan Ali AbroAhsan Ali AbroAli Ahmed BrohiAli Ahmed BrohiEngineer Sabir HussainEngineer Sabir HussainHaq NawazHaq NawazMaqbool HussainMaqbool HussainAIJAZ ALIAijaz AliTaro BheelTaro BheelFaqeer Muhammad Ibrahim SoomroFaqeer Muhammad Ibrahim SoomroAbdul QayoomAbdul QayoomHemoon BheelHemoon BheelMevoMevoMathradas BheelMathradas BheelManthar Ali NohriManthar Ali NohriSADIQUE HUSSAINSadique HussainAli Hassan Qaim KhaniAli Hassan Qaim KhaniMuhammad SajidMuhammad SajidMAQSOOD AHMEDMaqsood AhmedPoonjo BheelPoonjo BheelAhmed AliAhmed AliAftabAftabHussain Bux SolangiHussain Bux SolangiKhadim HussainKhadim HussainMr. Barkat Ali ChandioMr. Barkat Ali ChandioMr. Raja Athar Hussain GorarMr. Raja Athar Hussain GorarGhulam Murtaza Papu SharGhulam Murtaza Papu SharGHULAM NABI LALIGhulam Nabi LaliIrfan NawabIrfan NawabMUHAMMAD ILYAS MUGHALMuhammad Ilyas MughalMuhammad IsrarMuhammad IsrarMuhammad SharifMuhammad SharifAbdul Hameed ShaikhAbdul Hameed ShaikhSyed Baquar Ali ShahSyed Baquar Ali ShahAli MohammadAli MohammadShafeeque DadShafeeque DadSYED ANWER RAZA NAQVISyed Anwer Raza NaqviMUHAMMAD SAJID QURESHIMuhammad Sajid QureshiMuhammad Iftikhar AlamMuhammad Iftikhar AlamMuhammad SaleemMuhammad SaleemAZHER SALAMAzher SalamHafiz Mohammad SohailHafiz Mohammad SohailAli RashidAli RashidDr Arshad Abdullah VohraDr Arshad Abdullah VohraDr Sagheer AhmedDr Sagheer AhmedMuhammad Moeen Amir PirzadaMuhammad Moeen Amir PirzadaAshfaque Ahmed MangiAshfaque Ahmed MangiGul Mohammad MengalGul Mohammad MengalAnwar TareenAnwar TareenMuhammad IbrahimMuhammad IbrahimMalik Imranullah KakarMalik Imranullah KakarShah FaisalShah FaisalMuhammad Aslam ShawaniMuhammad Aslam ShawaniNiamatullahNiamatullahBashir AhmadBashir AhmadMuhammad SulemanMuhammad SulemanWali MuhamadWali MuhamadEhsanullah Magsi AdvocateEhsanullah Magsi AdvocateHaji Naseer Ahmed KhosaHaji Naseer Ahmed KhosaMuhammad Hussain KhosaMuhammad Hussain KhosaAbdul MalikAbdul MalikMushtaq AliMushtaq Ali