Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (f) - JUI(F)

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (f) - JUI(F)

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) is a registered political party in Pakistan with Election Commision of Pakistan (ECP). The abbreviation of the party is (JUI(F)) and allotted election symbol is book. Below is the list of all party members including the chairman, president, vice president, secretary etc. A complete profile of every party candidate is also given, which has the past elections records, number of votes, winning status and overall percentage of votes received. The profile also includes the contact details of all party members.

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F)

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) Leadership

Jamiat Ulama-e-islam (F) Candidates

Meer Mohammad Hashim KhanMeer Mohammad Hashim KhanArshad Ud Din ShahArshad Ud Din ShahMir Younus Aziz ZehriMir Younus Aziz ZehriMolana Abdul Saboor MengalMolana Abdul Saboor MengalMolvi Muhammad AttaullahMolvi Muhammad AttaullahAbdul Rahman SasoliAbdul Rahman SasoliHajji Liaquat Ali BangulzaiHajji Liaquat Ali BangulzaiMolvi Mohammad AlimMolvi Mohammad AlimHaji Abdul Qadir MengalHaji Abdul Qadir MengalHafiz Abdul Khaliq BezinjoHafiz Abdul Khaliq BezinjoGhulam JanGhulam JanMuhammad NaeemMuhammad NaeemHafiz Abdul Qayyum RoonjaHafiz Abdul Qayyum RoonjaKhalid Ahmed KubdaniKhalid Ahmed KubdaniMalik Mohammad UmarMalik Mohammad UmarKhalid WaleedKhalid WaleedMohammed Ismail BulediMohammed Ismail BulediManssor Ahmed ShahManssor Ahmed ShahAmjad AliAmjad AliAttaul HaqAttaul HaqAsad MehmoodAsad MehmoodAtta Ur RehmanAtta Ur RehmanIhsan Ul HaqIhsan Ul HaqQari Muhammad Safdar JavedQari Muhammad Safdar JavedAbid HussainAbid HussainZakka Ullah KhanZakka Ullah KhanMuhammad HayatMuhammad HayatMoulvi Abdul Fatah LashariMoulvi Abdul Fatah LashariMalik Zafar Borrana SahabMalik Zafar Borrana SahabAli ShahAli ShahMuhammad Akram AbbasiMuhammad Akram AbbasiIftikhar Ul HassanIftikhar Ul HassanMoulana Abdul Rasheed NomaniMoulana Abdul Rasheed NomaniAhsaanullah HazarviAhsaanullah HazarviSyed Arshad-ud-Din ShahSyed Arshad-ud-din ShahAsif Iqbal Daud ZaiAsif Iqbal Daud ZaiSyed Naeem ShahSyed Naeem ShahDoctor A G AnsariDoctor A G AnsariNasir Mahmood SoomroNasir Mahmood SoomroMolana Akram Shah SheraziMolana Akram Shah SheraziKhalil-ur-RehmanKhalil-ur-rehmanMuhammad Danial GujjarMuhammad Danial GujjarEngineer Muhammad Usman BadiniEngineer Muhammad Usman BadiniHaji Shah NawazHaji Shah NawazMuhammad Saeed JanMuhammad Saeed JanHaji Ghulam AliHaji Ghulam AliARBAB KAMAL AHMADArbab Kamal AhmadMufti Muhammad SajjadMufti Muhammad SajjadMusammir ShahMusammir ShahShuja Ul MulkShuja Ul MulkMualana Muhammad QasimMualana Muhammad QasimImdad Ullah YousafzaiImdad Ullah YousafzaiIshfaq Ullah KhanIshfaq Ullah KhanGohar Mohammad Khan BangeshGohar Mohammad Khan BangeshMuhammad SardarMuhammad SardarTariq SultanTariq SultanSardar Ibrar KhanSardar Ibrar KhanPir Syed Alamzeb ShahPir Syed Alamzeb ShahSyed Qasim ShahSyed Qasim ShahMehboobullah Jan BaqiMehboobullah Jan BaqiMuhammad Hafeezur RahmanMuhammad Hafeezur RahmanMaulana Fazli AzeemMaulana Fazli AzeemFazlullahFazlullahHafiz Muhammad SaeedHafiz Muhammad SaeedGhulam Mohammad SadiqGhulam Mohammad SadiqMulana Ain U Din ShakerMulana Ain U Din ShakerMunir Khan OrakzaiMunir Khan OrakzaiEngineer Tahir Iqbal OrakzaiEngineer Tahir Iqbal OrakzaiPir Muhammad Aqal ShahPir Muhammad Aqal ShahMoulana Abdul MalikMoulana Abdul MalikMuhammad SaddiqMuhammad SaddiqMaulana Abdur RashidMaulana Abdur RashidSaida JanSaida JanShamsuddinShamsuddinMufti Abdul ShakoorMufti Abdul ShakoorMuhammad AbdullahMuhammad AbdullahNoor Muhammad ShahNoor Muhammad ShahSAIF ULLAH SAIFISaif Ullah SaifiMALIK GULFRAZ AHMAD FARAZMalik Gulfraz Ahmad FarazMAULANA ABDUL GHAFAR TAUHADIMaulana Abdul Ghafar TauhadiHakeem Muhammad AsaadHakeem Muhammad AsaadMUHAMMAD AYAZ CHAUDHARYMuhammad Ayaz ChaudharyCH WASEEM AHMEDCh Waseem AhmedMuhammad Zubair AbbasiMuhammad Zubair AbbasiMufti Taj Ud Din RabaniMufti Taj Ud Din RabaniHAFIZ ABDUL QADEERHafiz Abdul QadeerFAROOQ HUSSAIN SHAHFarooq Hussain ShahMUHAMMAD ZIA UL HAQMuhammad Zia Ul HaqABDULLAH AHMEDAbdullah AhmedTipu SultanTipu SultanMAKHDOOM ZADA SYED MUHAMMAD ZAKARIA SHAHMakhdoom Zada Syed Muhammad Zakaria ShahHAFIZ MUHAMMAD JAMEEL AHMEDHafiz Muhammad Jameel AhmedMUHAMMAD SHAH ZAMANMuhammad Shah ZamanHAFIZ MAHMOOD UL HASSANHafiz Mahmood Ul HassanMuhammad Rafique Abid AlwiMuhammad Rafique Abid AlwiHafiz Abdul WadoodHafiz Abdul WadoodHafiz Muhammad ZubairHafiz Muhammad ZubairMoulana Hafiz Sana UllahMoulana Hafiz Sana UllahMIAN MUHAMMAD ASIFMian Muhammad AsifSaad SultanSaad SultanQari Abdul AzizQari Abdul AzizMUHAMMAD LIAQATMuhammad LiaqatHAFIZ MUHAMMAD AFZAALHafiz Muhammad AfzaalMuhammad Naseef AwanMuhammad Naseef AwanMUHAMMAD RAFIQMuhammad RafiqHAFIZ SHAHZAD BASHIRHafiz Shahzad BashirZia Ur Rehman TamimiZia Ur Rehman TamimiAbdul Majeed AnwarAbdul Majeed AnwarAhmad Mujeeb AslamAhmad Mujeeb AslamMolana Muhammad Sabir AarfiMolana Muhammad Sabir AarfiMUHAMMAD TAHIR SIDDIQUEMuhammad Tahir SiddiqueMoulana Abdul Naeem NomaniMoulana Abdul Naeem NomaniQari Khalil Ur RehmanQari Khalil Ur RehmanHaji Abdul Rasheed Khan BhattiHaji Abdul Rasheed Khan BhattiMolana Muhammad Iqbal RasheedMolana Muhammad Iqbal RasheedMulana Muhammad Abdul Majeed FarooqeMulana Muhammad Abdul Majeed FarooqeMolana Muhammad Abdul Mabood AzadMolana Muhammad Abdul Mabood AzadMALIK NAVEED AHMED ADVOCATEMalik Naveed Ahmed AdvocateTanveer Rasool QureshiTanveer Rasool QureshiMalik Qadir BukhshMalik Qadir BukhshSAIFULLAH KHALIDSaifullah KhalidShafqat RehmanShafqat RehmanNaveed IqbalNaveed IqbalAllama Abdul Raoof RabbaniAllama Abdul Raoof RabbaniSAHABZADA HAFIZ AZIZ UR REHMAN DARKHUWASTISahabzada Hafiz Aziz Ur Rehman DarkhuwastiMushtaq AhmadMushtaq AhmadABDUL SAMAD SON OF MUHAMMAD YOUSUFAbdul Samad Son Of Muhammad YousufAgha Syed Muhammad AyyoobAgha Syed Muhammad AyyoobAbdul QayoomAbdul QayoomMolvi Mohammad Ishaque LaghariMolvi Mohammad Ishaque LaghariMoulana Muhammad Yakoob MaharMoulana Muhammad Yakoob MaharKhalid MahmoodKhalid MahmoodHafiz Abdul RazzakHafiz Abdul RazzakAijaz AliAijaz AliMOHAMMAD AKRAM KHANMohammad Akram KhanNoor MuhammadNoor MuhammadMufti Nazir Ahmed UmraniMufti Nazir Ahmed UmraniFakharul HassanFakharul HassanMufti Faizul HaqMufti Faizul HaqMisbahul AlamMisbahul AlamMaulana Shirin MuhammadMaulana Shirin MuhammadHafiz HamdullahHafiz HamdullahHaji Manzoor Ahmed MengalHaji Manzoor Ahmed MengalQari Muhammad Sher AliQari Muhammad Sher AliMir Baz Muhammad MarriMir Baz Muhammad MarriMaulvi Mohammad Abdullah JatakMaulvi Mohammad Abdullah JatakHaji Mangey Khan RahijaHaji Mangey Khan RahijaMolana Qamar DinMolana Qamar DinMollana Ghulam Qadir QasmiMollana Ghulam Qadir QasmiHafiz Muhammad AzamHafiz Muhammad AzamAbdul HameedAbdul HameedRAJA TARIQ MEHMOODRaja Tariq MehmoodABDUL MAJEEDAbdul MajeedMuhammad Aftab KayaniMuhammad Aftab KayaniZIA AHMED BASHIRZia Ahmed BashirMAULANA ABDUL GHAFAR TAUHADI GHAFARIMaulana Abdul Ghafar Tauhadi GhafariHafiz Muhammad HaroonHafiz Muhammad HaroonSafeer AlamSafeer AlamGUL AZEEM SHAHGul Azeem ShahMUHAMMAD ZIA UR REHMAN AMAZAIMuhammad Zia Ur Rehman AmazaiQari Kiramat Ur RahmanQari Kiramat Ur RahmanMaulana Shahab Ud Din Ahmed QureshiMaulana Shahab Ud Din Ahmed QureshiSardar Mumtaz KhanSardar Mumtaz KhanHafiz Abdul Ghaffar SulamaniHafiz Abdul Ghaffar SulamaniMuhammad Aslam ArainMuhammad Aslam ArainHafiz Abdul RaufHafiz Abdul RaufMaulana Muhammad Arif RanaMaulana Muhammad Arif RanaABDUR RAZZAQAbdur RazzaqMUHAMMAD YOUSAFMuhammad YousafMolana Muhammad Saffi UllahMolana Muhammad Saffi UllahAllama Moulana Muhammad Sajid FarooqiAllama Moulana Muhammad Sajid FarooqiIhsan Ullah TahirIhsan Ullah TahirMUFTI HAMID ZIA MADNIMufti Hamid Zia MadniShahbaz Ahmad Gujjar AdvocateShahbaz Ahmad Gujjar AdvocateSARDAR MUHAMMAD ASLAM DOGARSardar Muhammad Aslam DogarMian Farooq AhmedMian Farooq AhmedMOULANA DOCTOR MUHAMMAD RAFIQUEMoulana Doctor Muhammad RafiqueHaji Shiekh Abdul AzizHaji Shiekh Abdul AzizAHMAD ULLAHAhmad UllahMUHAMMAD AKMALMuhammad AkmalHAFIZ MAHMOOD UL HASSAN KHATANAHafiz Mahmood Ul Hassan KhatanaRANA IFRAN FAROOQRana Ifran FarooqHafiz Muhammad NaeemHafiz Muhammad NaeemImtiaz Ahmad ButtImtiaz Ahmad ButtMUHAMMAD IQBALMuhammad IqbalQARI MUHAMMMAD TUFAILQari Muhammmad TufailMuhammad Asad UllahMuhammad Asad UllahShiekh Muhammad MudassarShiekh Muhammad MudassarCH BASHARAT ALICh Basharat AliMuhammad Qadeer AliMuhammad Qadeer AliMuhammad AjmalMuhammad AjmalSheikh Ul Hadees Moulana Naeem Ul DinSheikh Ul Hadees Moulana Naeem Ul DinSaleem Ullah QaddriSaleem Ullah QaddriMuhammad Afzal KhanMuhammad Afzal KhanIjaz Ahmad AwanIjaz Ahmad AwanNaveed Ahmad KhanNaveed Ahmad KhanNaseer Ahmad AhrarNaseer Ahmad AhrarMIAN WAHEED AHMADMian Waheed AhmadMolana Fasee Ud DinMolana Fasee Ud DinMaulana Ahmad YarMaulana Ahmad YarHafiz Irfan HaiderHafiz Irfan HaiderMolana Muhammad MushtaqMolana Muhammad MushtaqMuhammad Khalil RanaMuhammad Khalil RanaAKBAR ALIAkbar AliMUHAMMAD RAFIQUEMuhammad RafiqueSYED MUHAMMAD ZOHAIR SHAH HAMDANISyed Muhammad Zohair Shah HamdaniMUNIR HAMZAMunir HamzaMujahid Ali AwanMujahid Ali AwanMALIK MUHAMMAD UMAR KAMBOHMalik Muhammad Umar KambohMalik Abdul KhaliqMalik Abdul KhaliqMuhammad Sajid IqbalMuhammad Sajid IqbalRana Muhammad Shafiq Tahir JhakkarRana Muhammad Shafiq Tahir JhakkarMuhammad SaleemMuhammad SaleemMalik Ejaz AhmadMalik Ejaz AhmadNoor Ullah FarooqiNoor Ullah FarooqiMuhammad Ikram Ul QadriMuhammad Ikram Ul QadriMuhammad Ekram Ul HaqMuhammad Ekram Ul HaqMuhammad Asif GhumanMuhammad Asif GhumanMuhammad TahirMuhammad TahirCh Irfan Saleem GillCh Irfan Saleem GillSARDAR MEER BADASHA KHAN QAISRAANISardar Meer Badasha Khan QaisraaniDr Hussain Bakhsh BadoiDr Hussain Bakhsh BadoiDr Muhammad Younis RajDr Muhammad Younis RajMoulana Muhammad IqbalMoulana Muhammad IqbalZafar Ullah KhanZafar Ullah KhanMuhammad Sharif Sudawani MazariMuhammad Sharif Sudawani MazariMuhammad Arashad SiddquiMuhammad Arashad SiddquiMuhammad Iqbal HaneefMuhammad Iqbal HaneefMolana Muhammad Abdul Maboob AzadMolana Muhammad Abdul Maboob AzadMian Khalid Mustafa MakwalMian Khalid Mustafa MakwalRao Atif Ali KhanRao Atif Ali KhanMuhammad Yahaya AbbasiMuhammad Yahaya AbbasiMaher Ahmad Ali WandarMaher Ahmad Ali WandarMalik Muhammad AleemMalik Muhammad AleemHAFIZ ALTAF HUSSAIN ANJAM DHILONHafiz Altaf Hussain Anjam DhilonMuhammad Sajjad Akram RamaiMuhammad Sajjad Akram RamaiMufti UMAIR AHMADMufti Umair AhmadMIAN ABDUL LATIF MOHALMian Abdul Latif MohalMolana Abdul Khaliq MoharMolana Abdul Khaliq MoharQari Noor Ahmad RahimiQari Noor Ahmad RahimiMuhammad IsmailMuhammad IsmailAbdul Raoof RabbaniAbdul Raoof RabbaniRANA MUHAMMAD ISHTIAQRana Muhammad IshtiaqMuhammad TayyabMuhammad TayyabAziz Ur Rehman DarkhawastiAziz Ur Rehman DarkhawastiAbdul HakeemAbdul HakeemHafiz Hussain AhmedHafiz Hussain AhmedAKHUNZADA IRFAN ULLAH SHAHAkhunzada Irfan Ullah ShahMaulana Khair Rul BasharMaulana Khair Rul BasharAl Hajj Abdul Jalil JanAl Hajj Abdul Jalil JanArbab Muhammad Farooq JanArbab Muhammad Farooq JanMaulana Amanullah HaqqaniMaulana Amanullah HaqqaniMuhammad Zubair KhanMuhammad Zubair KhanRafiq Ahmad KhalilRafiq Ahmad KhalilMohammad SharifMohammad SharifMuhammad SadeeqMuhammad SadeeqKhalid WaqarKhalid WaqarAjmal KhanAjmal KhanMufti Imtiaz AliMufti Imtiaz AliMUFTI HAKIM ALI KHELMufti Hakim Ali KhelMufti Shaukat Ullah KhattakMufti Shaukat Ullah KhattakHafiz Sulaiman UL HaqHafiz Sulaiman Ul HaqMoulana Elahi JanMoulana Elahi JanSahibzada Mufti Gohar Ali ShahSahibzada Mufti Gohar Ali ShahFakhre AlamFakhre AlamMohammad Ishfaq KhanMohammad Ishfaq KhanMulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniMulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniMulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniMulana Amanat Shah HaqqaniAllama Muhammad SaddiqueAllama Muhammad SaddiqueShahid KhanShahid KhanMolana Hafiz Akhtar Ali AziziMolana Hafiz Akhtar Ali AziziMolana Sakhi BahadarMolana Sakhi BahadarTaj Ul AminTaj Ul AminMuhammad IdreesMuhammad IdreesMolana Fazal AliMolana Fazal AliSajjad Khan JadoonSajjad Khan JadoonGhulam HabibGhulam HabibMoulana Abdul HaiMoulana Abdul HaiShah Dad KhanShah Dad KhanJaved IqbalJaved IqbalMuhammad Ayub Khan KhattakMuhammad Ayub Khan KhattakAtiqur RehmanAtiqur RehmanAURANGZEB KHANAurangzeb KhanMufti Hashim KhanMufti Hashim KhanAnees Ur RehmanAnees Ur RehmanSaleem Akhter AwanSaleem Akhter AwanSyed Ahsan Ali ShahSyed Ahsan Ali ShahMuhammad FarooqMuhammad FarooqSyed Mazhar Ali QasimSyed Mazhar Ali QasimMufti Kafyat UllahMufti Kafyat UllahMolana Nasir MehmoodMolana Nasir MehmoodKhan MuhammadKhan MuhammadSajjadullah BaqiSajjadullah BaqiMehboob Ur RahmanMehboob Ur RahmanQari Gul Azim KhanQari Gul Azim KhanHamid ShahHamid ShahMaulana Mufti SubhanullahMaulana Mufti SubhanullahMulana Shams Ul Arifeen AziziMulana Shams Ul Arifeen AziziHujjat UllahHujjat UllahHabib Ali ShahHabib Ali ShahMulana IrfanullahMulana IrfanullahMolana Qutbuddin AbidMolana Qutbuddin AbidMuhammad YarMuhammad YarSheer Alam KhanSheer Alam KhanMaulana Abdur RehmanMaulana Abdur RehmanHussain AhmedHussain AhmedHaji Inam Ullah KhanHaji Inam Ullah KhanSpeen KhanSpeen KhanHidayat Ullah KhanHidayat Ullah KhanAayaz Ud DinAayaz Ud DinAbdul Rehman KhanAbdul Rehman KhanMuhammad Shakir Ullah KhanMuhammad Shakir Ullah KhanGul Nasib KhanGul Nasib KhanMaulana Javed KhanMaulana Javed KhanAbdul Ghani KhosoAbdul Ghani KhosoAli Gohar IndharAli Gohar IndharGhulam MustafaGhulam MustafaMolvi Bashir Ahmed SharMolvi Bashir Ahmed SharMoulana Abdul Qayoom HalijiviMoulana Abdul Qayoom HalijiviMolvi Mohammad Bachal KhuhawarMolvi Mohammad Bachal KhuhawarMOULANA ILLAHI BUX BROHIMoulana Illahi Bux BrohiMOULANA ABDULLAH MAHARMoulana Abdullah MaharMir Jahangir Khan BanglaniMir Jahangir Khan BanglaniRaja Ghous Bux BijaraniRaja Ghous Bux BijaraniAdvocate Karim Bux RindAdvocate Karim Bux RindMohabat Ali KhuhroMohabat Ali KhuhroDoctor Khalid Mehmood SoomroDoctor Khalid Mehmood SoomroNaseer Muhammad BhuttoNaseer Muhammad BhuttoHumayoon Khan Mando KhelHumayoon Khan Mando KhelAsif RazaAsif RazaMuhammad HashimMuhammad HashimADIL LATIFAdil LatifAbdul RehmanAbdul RehmanMolvi Rehmat UllahMolvi Rehmat UllahMuneer Ahmed PanhwerMuneer Ahmed PanhwerUmer SadiqUmer SadiqSyed Akber Shah HashmiSyed Akber Shah HashmiAbdul QadeemAbdul QadeemMoulana Mufti Shamshad Ur RehmanMoulana Mufti Shamshad Ur RehmanImran TareenImran TareenSahib SyedSahib SyedMaulena Ahsanullah TakarviMaulena Ahsanullah TakarviSyed Iqbal ShahSyed Iqbal ShahMolvi Noor MuhammadMolvi Noor MuhammadAbdul SadiqAbdul SadiqMuhammad Jamal LangoveMuhammad Jamal LangoveMir Ishaq ZakirMir Ishaq ZakirMoulana Khuda-I-DostMoulana Khuda-i-dostSyed Mateeullah AghaSyed Mateeullah AghaMaulana Syed Abdul Bari AghaMaulana Syed Abdul Bari AghaMolvi Juma KhanMolvi Juma KhanMuhammad Nawaz KhanMuhammad Nawaz KhanSARDAR HAIDAR KHAN NASARSardar Haidar Khan NasarMAAZULLAH MUSAKHELMaazullah MusakhelMolvi FaizullahMolvi FaizullahSheikh Ayaz Khan MandokhailSheikh Ayaz Khan MandokhailSyed Khalique ShahSyed Khalique ShahKamaluddinKamaluddinHaji Muhammad Rafique SoomroHaji Muhammad Rafique SoomroMolvi Abdul Ahad QureshiMolvi Abdul Ahad QureshiAli Nawaz GajaniAli Nawaz GajaniMuhammad BakhshMuhammad BakhshMir Hafeezullah JattakMir Hafeezullah Jattak